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Gather allies and hunt vampires that terrorize your city in Vampire the Masquerade out for Blood! Examine and exploit their weaknesses to put them down easily!

Information of Vampire The Masquerade Out For Blood

Name Vampire The Masquerade Out For Blood
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Last version 1.1.8
Size 15.25 Mb
Category Role playing
Developer Choice of Games LLC
Price Free
Google Play Link
MOD Unlimited money


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About Vampire The Masquerade Out For Blood

Vampire thriller action is always frightening and always arouses fear in everyone. You will still get the same daunting experience with the Vampire the Masquerade out for blood. This RPG game published by Choice of Games LLC lets the player become a vampire hunter. Unfortunately, you have bared settled in your new home in Jericho Heights before you discover that vampires live in the neighborhood of this suburb in the outskirts of Chicago.

vampire the masquerade out for blood mod apk

At the beginning of this text-based game, you will only be struggling to begin a new life. However, you notice that your neighbors start to disappear one by one. After a keen investigation, you learn that vampires have been taking them alive and you are forced to take action! You will need to gather your friends and hunt down the vampires that are terrorizing your town. Before then, you will require to study their ways and exploit their weaknesses. Otherwise, you will be turned into a vampire yourself.

The Exclusive Vampire Hunter

"Vampire: The Masquerade - Out for Blood" is an interactive horror game based on a novel by Jim Dattilo, Vampire: The Masquerade. Here, you will set into a shared story of the world of darkness to become the best vampire hunter. Your choices in the responses control the entire story. Note that this is entirely a text-based game, without graphics or even sound effects. It is entirely fueled by the vast power of your imagination.

vampire the masquerade out for blood apk free download

Take on the challenging role of a vampire hunter to protect your town from Chastain, a vampire who is more than 100 years old. You are required to choose sides to hunt the vampires down when a group of young vampires goes up against Chastain. Gather your forces, take back the night, and hunt vampires that terrify your town. It is worthwhile to note that the game is rated for players 12 years and older because it features sexual innuendos and mild swearing.


Features of the Vampire the Masquerade Out For Blood

This is a text-based game that requires the player to read the displayed text describing the happenings and select the best response. There is a possibility that the game may contain excessive descriptions of violence or gore scenes, and therefore not suitable for all ages. Below are some awesome features of the game.

Amazing Gameplay – you will emerge yourself in a world of darkness and start hunting vampires. All the action in this game is in the form of text episodes displayed on the game interface. There are responses that you should select to make the action continue. Here, you are lucky that you will be able to make alliances and face Chastain as a team. However, you should note that you will gang up with young vampires who are capable of transforming you into a vampire! So, choose allies correctly since everyone has hidden agendas. Download this game now and experience the most exciting yet terrifying vampire fantasies!

download vampire the masquerade out for blood apk for android

Several Categories – the game presents various categories that come in form of different chapters. The chapters are displayed on the top of the game interface. In every chapter, you will be able to get into the world of vampires and sail through a variety of experiences. Always pay attention to details to avoid alluring danger lurking in the dark world. The balance of power in the gameplay will keep on changing depending on your choices and schemes. Choose between unflinching, and brutality or seduction or culture to continue with this entertaining action.


Simple Controls – the game has controls that only require you to select the appropriate response on the game interface to continue playing. Even so, the text-based interface brings out the dark world of vampires into a reality. You will have to read the plan of action and select the best response. You determine the next move in the game with your responses. On the top of the interface, you can access your stats and achievements.

Customize Characters – you can choose to play as any of the 17 characters that the game offers. You can play as a female, male, gay, straight, or bisexual character as you attempt to fit into the vampire world. The storyline of the game lets you choose from classic attributes and skills to create a unique character. You will get into romantic action with other characters, humans or vampires.

vampire the masquerade night road mod apk

Free Download – there is no registration or subscription required before you start enjoying the action in this game. Just download the Vampire the Masquerade out for Blood APK and start playing instantly.

PC Compatibility – enjoy the amazing action gameplay on a larger screen. Apart from being compatible with Android devices, the game can also be downloaded and installed on a Windows PC.

Get Vampire the Masquerade Out For Blood Mod APK Free Download – Unlimited Action

Download Vampire the Masquerade out for Blood Mod APK now and enjoy the advanced features that the game has to offer.

Download Vampire The Masquerade Out For Blood (15.25 Mb)


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