Rage Mage Mod APK 1.4.7 (Unlimited money and gems)

Icon Rage Mage Mod APK 1.4.7 (Unlimited money and gems)
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Download Rage Mage MOD APK latest version and explore a crisis-stricken island as you unravel complex mysteries. It utilizes a card system to unlock powerful features.

Information of Rage Mage

Name Rage Mage
Compatible with Android 4.1+
Last version 1.4.7
Size 139.72 Mb
Category Role playing
Developer Modo Global
Price Free
Google Play Link
MOD Unlimited money and gems


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MOD Features
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About Rage Mage

Rage Mage APK is an action-packed game offered by Modo Global. It ushers you into a fantasy world where magic and mayhem await. Its card systems will help you form sophisticated strategies to overcome treacherous adventures.

As you navigate the world, you will learn how to activate powerful spells and decimate your enemies fast. Ensure you also forge mysterious equipment, including enchantment of runes and other sacred weapons. These items will come in handy when facing fierce & relentless adversaries.

rage mage mod apk

Overall, it's an ambitious game with many features to explore. You will embark on a journey of epic proportions and participate in thrilling battles against evil forces.

The game's graphics are superbly rendered, creating a mesmerizing atmosphere for players. Download it & start your adventure.

Rage Mage APK - Background History

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to explore a fantasy world? Well, now you can! With Rage Mage MOD APK download, you will witness the secrets of a mysterious island and battle powerful enemies as you unravel its mysteries.

The game begins in a crisis-stricken land where the forces of evil are wreaking havoc. It's up to you to gather your courage & fight against the darkness. You will have numerous enemies with different abilities. As such, you must be strategy-driven to devise the best winning tactics.

rage mage mod apk download

While the game's superficial elements are exciting, its story is even more compelling. As you progress, you'll uncover the true origins of the island and discover the truth behind its secrets. Get ready for a magical & dangerous journey as you play Rage Mage APK.

How to Play Rage Mage APK Game?

Every element of Rage Mage APK is designed to enthrall you. It has a supernatural feel that lets you interact with magical creatures & explore hidden realms. The sense of adventure is further enhanced by the game's card system.

You can collect cards to unlock awesome abilities & bonuses. For example, you can level up your character and add powerful weapons or armor to your arsenal. Each upgrade comes with improved HP & attack damage.


As such, you must consistently upgrade your character to remain competitive. It'll make it easier to vanquish your enemies and progress further into the game.

rage mage mod apk unlimited money

Once you have enough power and weapons, you can start challenging powerful foes. The land is super unpredictable, and the enemies are relentless. Therefore, you must be alert and remain focused to increase your chances of taking over the island.

Outstanding Features of Rage Mage APK

  • Draw Powerful Cards. You can tap to draw cards from your deck and activate powerful abilities and equipment. Every card you get offers different effects that'll help you defeat your enemies in style.
  • Upgrade Your Character. You can upgrade each character to make them stronger & more resilient for battle. This process is essential if looking to unleash devastating attacks against the island's terrible forces. It is the open secret to conquering this world of magic.
  • Star Chart & Matching. Stars are believed to be powerful symbols of luck and fortune. You can use them to match enemies for bonuses & rewards. The game has a unique match system that enables you to win powerful drops and get awesome rewards.
  • Thrilling Music & Immersive Graphics. Rage Mage APK features exciting music & soundscapes that will transport you to an enchanted world of fantasy. The graphics are also stunning, highlighting every detail & bringing life to the game's characters and landscapes.
rage mage mod apk for android
  • Upgrade Mystic Alter & Collect Rune Stones. These are some of the most powerful items in the game. You can use rune stones to upgrade your characters & unlock rare abilities. The mystic altar will also help you craft powerful artifacts and equip yourself with sacred weapons. It will catapult you into the spiritual realm & grant you access to powerful forces.
  • Duel Arena & Legendary Bosses. You can prove your strength by competing in the arena. Here, you can battle powerful opponents and hone your skills to become a feared opponent. You must also defeat legendary bosses to unlock new realms & discover exciting secrets.
  • Responsive Controls. This game has excellent controls that make it easy to maneuver & fight. You can easily perform advanced moves and cast powerful spells without any hassle.


Why You Need to Download Rage APK (Plus Additional Info)

This game weighs approximately 65MB and it’s free to download. It is compatible with Android 4.1+ versions & works flawlessly on smartphones & tablets. Its flexibility & ease of use make it the perfect game for adventure & fantasy fans (with 50,000+ downloads on Play Store).

rage mage mod apk 2023

While it is 100% to download, you can make in-app purchases to unlock extra content & items. If you don't need its extra features, you can play Rage Mage APK for free and still enjoy a thrilling gaming experience.

Exceptional Tips for Playing Rage Mage MOD APK 2023 Like a Pro

  • Collect Cards & Unlock Abilities. The key to unlocking new realms & vanquishing foes is card-collecting. You must collect cards to unlock powerful abilities, armor, and weapons to make your character even more resilient in battle.
  • Upgrade Your Character Regularly. With the right upgrades, you’ll have an easier time taking down enemies & progressing in the game. Upgrade your character’s HP, attack power, and defense as often as possible.
  • Focus on Star Matching. This is a great way to get rewards & bonuses to help you take over the island faster. Focus on matching stars for powerful drops and rare items.
rage mage apk
  • Utilize the Mystic Alter & Rune Stones to Your Advantage. The mystic altar and rune stones can craft powerful artifacts and unlock rare items. Make sure you take advantage of these features as much as possible.


This game is the perfect combination of action, strategy & adventure. It offers a unique gaming experience that you won't find elsewhere.

It has captivating storytelling, outstanding graphics, and immersive music. Additionally, its responsive controls make it easy to battle your enemies. Therefore, Rage Mage MOD APK for Android is a must-have game for all Android device owners.

Download Rage Mage (139.72 Mb)


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