Troll Robber Mod APK 4.1 (Unlimited money)

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Steal in unique ways in the Troll Robber Mod APK today. Download the game now and steal different items by stretching your hand! Don’t be caught though!

Information of Troll Robber

Name Troll Robber
Compatible with Android 5.1+
Last version 4.1
Size 148.94 Mb
Category Puzzle
Developer ABI Global LTD
Price Free
Google Play Link
MOD Unlimited money


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About Troll Robber

Troll Robber is an interesting puzzle game featuring a robber character who we have to help swindle his victims by extending out his arm. He has to do that without being caught. In this game by ABI Global LTD, you will play the role of a skillful minor thief, who will mainly perform more pickpocketing and stealing. He has to make literally a very long reach to get away with the targeted item.

troll robber mod apk latest version

This game comes with amazing features that make stand out in its genre. It has simple controls and simplistic 2D graphics. Drag the hand to take it to the targeted items. Release it to snatch the item. It’s that simple! The game interface is very simple to work with. Download the game now and be counted among over 1 million gamers that are enjoying this game now!

Solve Puzzle and Become a Witty Thief

This game is one of the many thrilling puzzle games. Here, we have to drag our thief's hand on the screen and steal all kinds of items. Utilize various places to get a pivot and find the right angles to stretch your arm and steal without being seen. In addition, as is common types of games, the puzzles won't give your mind much of a workout since they are simple. Nonetheless, things will get more challenging as you level up.

troll robber mod apk free download

The interesting part of this game is that there are all sorts of stimulating scenarios that play out with funny and tacky humor. For example, there is a part where you will be grabbing a towel from a girl who is in the shower as well as other kinds of horseplay. So, expect that you are downloading the best puzzle game in history! Enjoy this entertaining and complete various missions you have to accomplish.


Troll Robber Features

This game has various features that make it interesting. Here is a highlight of the different things that make it stand out.

Amazing Stealing Action Game – the Troll Robber game introduces you to the best thief you’ll ever play. The game begins on a rainy day and the thief is struck by a bizarre lighting bolf. Then, everything stops once the thief flips. He discovered that he was also gifted the ability to stretch his arms for as much as he wants.

troll robber mod apk unlocked all

So, in this game, the thief tries to take advantage of his stretchy arms to steal anything as long he desires. What a happy and exciting life to live from now on! However, you should not do things without caution. Ensure you use your brainpower to help the character not to be caught.

Simple Controls – hold, swap, and release to play the game. You only need to stretch the character’s hand to move and steal items. Avoid hitting the obstacles and ensure not to be caught. Observe, learn to be sharp, and steal wisely.

Beautifully Created Graphics – this game is a 2D platformer that brings out the various game items and environment that offers addictive gameplay. The 2D graphics make everything realistic from the actions of the robber to the reaction of the victims. Be on the lookout to be entertained by the many things that this game has to offer courtesy of the outstanding graphics.


troll robber steal it your way

Solve Many Puzzles – as often with this kind of game, the puzzles in the Troll Robber game do not need any great effort that engages the mind. However, the levels will get complicated as the player progresses in the game.

Note that every level is a fun riddle for your brain. If the puzzles prove to be hard, the game provides you with easy hints to get solutions easily. Download the game now and help yourself relax during your spare time.

Many Unique Levels – the Troll Robber game, just like in other puzzle games, has various unique levels. Most of the levels have funny scenarios that excite you with no repetition. Play in the many game levels and boost your brainpower while practicing mind-provoking gameplay.

troll robber mod apk unlimited hints

Affordable In-Game Items – this game contains premium in-game items that you can purchase with real money to make the game more interesting. However, these game items are affordable and you can buy them at any time. There are also unlimited hints to help you solve the many puzzles present in the game.

Download Troll Robber Mod APK – Unlimited money

Unlock all hints and be able to solve various puzzles in the Troll Robber Mod APK. Don’t hesitate to download the troll robber steal it your way and enjoy the action it has to offer!

Download Troll Robber (148.94 Mb)


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