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Download Storage Master Mod APK Unlimited money Latest version to become the ultimate king of storage. It has simple tasks to relax your mind and give you a sense of accomplishment.

Information of Storage Master

Name Storage Master
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 2.7
Size 259.35 Mb
Category Casual
Developer 周浩
Price Free
Google Play Link
MOD Unlimited money


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MOD Features
  • No ads

About Storage Master

Storage Master APK is a casual game that tests your organizational skills. It challenges you to manage spaces and stack up objects. You will have to interchange items until you find the right storage for them. It requires unrivaled strategic thinking to succeed.

It features lots of levels with different difficulties. You will have to use your brainpower to solve the puzzles and earn stars on each level.

storage master mod apk

Fortunately, you will earn treasures for completing tasks. You can then use them to upgrade your gameplay and unlock new features. This way, you will accelerate your journey to becoming the ultimate storage master!

Simple Challenges to Jog Your Mind

This game's diversity makes it more interesting than other casual games. You will have to figure out how to store objects of varying sizes in the right places.

In the beginning, the game is straightforward. However, it gradually becomes more challenging as you progress. Ensure you put everything in its right place to earn maximum points. This way, you will be crowned the storage master!

Diverse Activities to Undertake

This game offers many activities spread out on different levels. You can play the game at your own pace and take on different tasks as you progress. The activities include:

  • Cleaning of Cat Paws

This is among the first assignment you will undertake in the game. You must take care of some cute cats by cleaning their paws. It is a simple yet enjoyable task that requires you to swipe the screen to get rid of the dirt.

storage master mod apk download

You will also have cleaning and shaving tools to make the job easier. For example, you will have a lint roller to remove the hair from the cats' paws. You can also use a razor to shave the cats' nails.

After completing the task, you will be rewarded with some treats that you can use to upgrade your gameplay. Besides, it will be refreshing to see the once hairy & dirty paws now clean & sleek.

  • Decompress & Wash Carpets


Cleaning and decluttering form the backbone of this game. One of the first things you will do is to decompress and wash carpets. It is a straightforward task that requires you to tap on the carpets to remove the dirt.

You will also have to use a vacuum cleaner to suction out all the dirt from the carpets. After completing the task, you will feel a sense of accomplishment. Moreover, the once dirty carpets will now be clean and fresh.

  • Arrange & Organizer a Freezer

If you have a disorganized freezer, you will know the feeling of frustration when looking for something. This game will help you get rid of that feeling by teaching you how to arrange & organize a freezer.

You will have to think strategically to figure out where to place each item. For example, you will have to put the ice cream at the bottom so that it doesn't melt.

storage master mod apk unimited money

However, most of the areas are segmented to match the size and shape of the items. If they don't fit in, just know that the space isn't meant for that item.

  • Reassemble a Motherboard!

Another task you will undertake is to reassemble a motherboard. It is a challenging task that requires you to have excellent problem-solving skills.

You will be given a broken motherboard and some components. You will then have to put the motherboard back together and connect all the components.

Fortunately, all the parts have a similar shape to the placement on the motherboard. This way, it will be easy to identify where each component goes. However, you will still have to use your problem-solving skills to complete the task.

Other Unique Features of the Game

  • Lots of Challenges. The tasks listed above are just some of the challenges you will face in the game. There are many other unique and interesting challenges. You can also take on different roles such as a mechanic, plumber, or electrician. You can even be required to solve mathematical problems!


storage master mod apk for android
  • Simple Graphics. The unsophisticated graphics might turn off some people. However, it is one of the reasons why the game doesn't require a lot of storage space (138MB). Besides, it makes the game playable on low-end devices (Android 5.0+).
  • Hypnotic Sound Systems. As you complete the tasks, you will be accompanied by some melodious and hypnotic soundtracks. The soundtracks are specially designed to help you focus on the tasks at hand.
  • Simple Controls. The controls are pretty straightforward. You will have to use your finger to complete most of the tasks. Just hold and drag in the right direction to get the job done.
  • Affordable In-App Purchases. The game offers some affordable in-app purchases that can help you progress faster in the game. For example, you can buy a hint for $0.99 to get some assistance with the tasks. You can also purchase other items, including new skins and unlock challenges.

Storage Master MOD APK Download

As mentioned above, this game may require you to make some in-app purchases to progress faster. However, you can use our Storage Master MOD APK 2023 to get some free resources. Here are its features:

storage master mod apk 2022
  • Storage Master MOD APK Unlimited Money. This MOD ensures you afford any in-app purchases you want to make. Just buy any item you want, and the purchase will be completed without deducting any money from your account.
  • All Levels Unlocked. The Storage Master MOD APK for Android allows you to play any level you want. Just select the level from the main menu and start playing.
  • Improved Overall Experience. This game eliminates ads and bugs. This way, you can enjoy a glitch-free gaming experience.


Storage Master is a unique and interesting puzzle game that challenges your creativity, problem-solving skills, and strategic thinking. It tasks you with organizing and managing storage spaces. Download it today and see how organized you can be!

Download Storage Master (259.35 Mb)


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