Family Island Mod APK 2024147.0.46712 (Unlimited energy, Rubies)

Icon Family Island Mod APK 2024147.0.46712 (Unlimited energy, Rubies)
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What if you started living your family life in an island? In Family Island Mod APK, you get to make the island your home. Explore areas, survive, build and customize it now!

Information of Family Island

Name Family Island
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Last version 2024147.0.46712
Size 620.33 Mb
Category Casual
Developer Melsoft Games Ltd
Price Free
Google Play Link
MOD Unlimited energy, Rubies


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About Family Island

Usually, we go to different islands for vacations. These are beautiful places surrounded by bodies of water. Islands always have rich natural resources, forests and beautiful beaches for everyone to enjoy. But what if you suddenly move in with your family in an island? In Family Island, you get to live in an island surrounded by mystery and rich natural resources.

family island mod apk

Enjoy this game now from Melsoft Games Ltd as you try to survive and expand your little city. Here, you will need to help the family survive for as long as you can by exploring different areas. Then, you can build different things such as houses, and many more. You can also cook food by gathering meat, fish and other edible ones. Enjoy the primitive life today and expand your little kingdom.

Survive as a Family on an Island

When we go to vacations, we usually go to tropical islands since there are a lot of wonderful beaches there. Aside from that, islands give the best travel experience since we can enjoy a lot of things at once. There’s food, wonderful views, and we can even swim in the waters. But in Family Island, you get to live in the island with your whole family! Enjoy living in the island now and building a little kingdom for yourselves.

family island apk free download

Here, you’ll need to collect many things to survive in the island for lone. Thankfully, the island is blessed with abundant resources such as trees, plants, fruits, grasses, and animals. You can then cook different dishes and potentially survive for a long time. After that, you’ll need to start thinking about shelter and creating one for your whole family. Here, there are different raw materials that you can collect on the island to build your house.


You can also upgrade your house slowly and erect many other structures! But if you plan to live here, you’ll need to have a farm so you can be self-sufficient!

Family Island Features

There are many fun things you can do in an island. But if you plan to live in one, play Family Island today first.

Survive in the Island – There are a lot of islands in the world that we can visit in. These places usually offer the best travel experience for anyone looking to unwind. Islands have plenty of food, materials and beaches for you to enjoy anytime you want. But what if you willingly decide to live in an island today? In the game Family Island, you will get to enjoy living in the island with your whole family.

family island apk latest version

Here, you get to own an entire island and fill it with things that will help you and your family to survive. First, you’ll need to explore the island to get a lot of materials that you can use. Then, you can grab some food so you will survive. After that, you’ll need a house to protect you and your family and have a place to sleep. Overtime, you can also create a farm so you can easily get food!

Explore areas – There are many things to enjoy on an island. In here, you can explore various places so you can survive in the game. As you live in the island, eventually you’ll need to explore other places so you can find more resources. You will enjoy going to new islands as they provide lots of adventure. Here, there are many islands to go to and conquer! You can enjoy a comfortable living in the game today.


Collect food and materials – The island provides many resources for you and your family to collect. Here, you can get food from plants and trees as well as wood and stones. You can then use what you collect to cook various varieties of food such as omelettes, pies, soups, and many more recipes. You can also collect many fruits and vegetables all over the island as you explore it more.

download family island apk for android

Farm – To be self-sufficient, you’ll also need to create farms. You can farm crops and vegetables in the island. You’ll need to survive so you must do everything you can to be self-sufficient. This means planting, harvesting and re-planting again. You can plant various food such as potatoes, corn, tomatoes, bell peppers and many more.

Build and customize – You’re also free to build various structures such as houses, workshops and many more buildings. Most of all, feel free to customize the look of your entire island today.

Download Family Island Mod APK – Unlimited energy and rubies

Make the entire island your home in Family Island! Enjoy surviving and exploring in this game now.

Download Family Island (620.33 Mb)


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