How to Install Specimen Zero on iOS Devices

The Ultimate Guide to Playing Specimen Zero for iOS

Do you have an iOS device and don’t know how to download and install Specimen Zero Game? Relax! With this simple guide, you will be able to download the game today, even though the official Specimen Zero for iOS is not available.

With most interesting games not available on iOS, you can use a special method to work around the installation process. Thankfully, our team has tested a free method you can use to get the Specimen Zero on your iOS device. Without changing your iOS for an Android one, you can join the millions of gamers to enjoy the thrilling and scary gameplay of the Specimen Zero game.

specimen zero ios 2

Notably, there should not be any changes in the game of its features while installed on your iOS device. The game interface remains the same. Additionally, the gameplay remains intact. You will still have to find a way out of a building with the man-eating monsters with tools such as guns, batteries, spotlights, etc. download and install the Specimen Zero game on iOS today and enjoy playing the games with friends!

The Specimen Zero Summary

There are various new games in the Horror Genre. Developers are continually improving the content of gameplay and making the games amazing as much as they are creepy. If you can stomach the fear that comes with these games, it will definitely be interesting playing them. The most popular horror game that is currently being played by millions of games is Specimen Zero. It is an escape game where the character needs to find a way and escape from a building with monsters. The most dazzling part of the game is where the gamer needs to solve puzzles and shoot monsters.


specimen zero ios 1

The Specimen Zero game is developed by Café Studio and is originally meant for Android devices. The storyline is stunning, yet spine-chilling! In this game, the gamer explores various rooms with strange monsters in an endeavor to find the way our alive. One thing that can’t go unnoticed is the horrifying environment in the game. There are also a variety of secrets and objects waiting to be discovered to help the character to escape unharmed.

Movement during gameplay should be fast, swift, and silent! Failure to observe silence will awaken the monsters and you will certainly not like the aftermath! In this game, players enjoy highly realistic 3D graphics and sound effects that offer a breathtaking experience. You have nothing else but to survive or be eaten by ugly and enormous monsters.


How to Get Specimen Zero for iOS

With the series of exciting yet frightening gameplay of Specimen Zero, most gamers around the world want to have it on their devices. The only hurdle for those who use iOS devices is that the official Specimen Zero for iOS is not yet out! However, the good thing is that you can download and play this game on your iOS device today. Just follow our simple five-step procedure below!

specimen zero ios 3
  1. First, go to on your iOS device. (Note that this site works on iOS devices ONLY!)
  2. Select the Games section.
  3. Specimen Zero should appear on the list of games, tap on Install.
  4. You should follow the verification process before the game fully installs on your device.
  5. That’s it, you now have the game on your iOS device!


Specimen Zero for iOS is not yet out. If you want to download and play the Specimen Zero on your iOS device, follow the simple steps we have given above.

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