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Game developers are making new games every day. According to some gamers, some have a huge impact while others remain irrelevant. My Child Lebensborn game is one of the games that will addict players with its vast gameplay and intriguing graphics. The game has an interesting storyline, life lessons, and mechanics has no competition.

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In this game, you need to play a foster parent role and raise a child adopted from a war-torn area. Without a doubt, the plot of this game rouses the interest of players who develop a zeal to open one level after another. You need to select the best answers to questions raised by your adopted child. In addition, you need to take care of the child and provide for every need. Players who own iOS devices can now play this thrilling game.  

What’s My Child Lebensborn?

My Child Lebensborn is a game published by Sarepta Studio that tells a disturbing tale about innocent children that were adopted in the aftermath of World War 2! The Lebensborn program where the Nazis were giving out children to anyone who was willing to adopt them has come to an end. Therefore, you become a foster parent and raise an adopted child in your Norwegian home.

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During the gameplay, parenting will not be a walk in the park. You need to make the child pacified and help him or her cope with the changing environment. Help the child forget the battleground and survive in hostile and hateful surroundings. You need to discover various ways in which you can raise your child in the best way possible. The game now comes with languages such as Korean, Brazilian Portuguese, and Spanish. Download My Child Lebensborn on your iOS device and bring up Klaus/Karin as the beast parent of all time.


My Child Lebensborn For iOS Highlights

There are no changes between the Android and the iOS versions of My Child Lebensborn. The game features a first-person POV that facilitates the best gameplay. To complete various levels in the game, it may take you from 4 to 6 hours. Here are some outstanding features that will help you understand this game properly.

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The Outdoors – as you continue playing this game, you will gradually unlock numerous outdoor places like the forest and lake. You need to take your child outdoors to enjoy activities such as collecting blueberries or mushrooms. Later you can involve your child in making a meal with these ingredients. On the other hand, all work without play will make Klaus/Karin a dull child. Therefore, you can spend one unit of time engaging your child in playing his or her favorite game. For example, you can play ball with your child.

Going to School – you must take your child to school just like other children. You need to select the red building as the school of your child. Remember that school may last up to the afternoon. This implies that you should use your time wisely and engage in other activities. During the gameplay, you should also help your child study with various materials including mail, pictures, and documents that you should collect during the day. You can engage in study at any time by reading many study materials at once may cost you several time units.


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Bathing – taking care of your child also involves keeping your child clean. You need to keep an eye on the cleanliness meter integrated into the interface. You will nota that it will cost a time unit to bathe your child. However, it will positively impact the wellness and health of the child. The gameplay allows you to bathe your child using a sponge. 

Feeding – you’ll need to endure that you feed your child here, just like a real child! Note that your child can eat as much as they want during an entire time unit. You can also choose what to offer like a sandwich, rice porridge, soup, and more.

Storytime – when you take the child to bed, you need to create a little moment and tell bedtime stories to him or her. You need to help your child sleep soundly. To succeed in this, you can read them bedtime stories using a book. Keep on tapping the book until your child falls asleep!

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Time Units – My Child Lebensborn simulation game offers Time Units for players to perform various actions. You can progress through the day by carrying out various actions and activities. Each activity can cost a time unit. So, you should wisely choose what you need to do during the time you have.

Download My Child Lebensborn for Android/ iOS

If you are asking yourself where you can find My Child Lebensborn for iOS, relax! We’ve got you covered! Play this fascinating game now by downloading it from websites that offer the Mod APK. You can also download it here!

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