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Download People Playground APK Mod Unlocked Latest version and enjoy an action-adventure sandbox experience. It features cool graphics and sound systems for an immersive experience.

Information of People Playground

Name People Playground
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 2.0
Size 2 MB
Category Entertainment
Developer Mizoxat Studio 2019
Price Free
MOD Unlocked


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MOD Features
  • No ads

About People Playground

People Playground APK 2023 is a sandbox game offered by Mizoxat Studio. The game gives you the freedom to determine your fate as you immerse yourself in its open world. You can explore the world and interact with other players in diverse ways.

Primarily, you will take control of a ragdoll character and proceed to experiment with the various environmental objects around you. You can use these objects to cause different reactions in your ragdoll character. For example, you could place your ragdoll on hot lava and watch it burn.

Overall, you will have many ways to make people suffer or just have fun with the game’s mechanics. The playground provides an excellent way to spend some time if you are looking for a unique gaming experience.

A Unique Gaming Experience

People Playground APK for Android is a one-of-a-kind game that allows you to experiment with ragdoll characters in various ways. The game’s open-world sandbox environment provides the perfect setting to explore the mechanics and discover all the different possibilities.

people playground apk

You will explore your player-generated world and encounter different objects and players. The game encourages you to experiment with the various interactions to discover the different possible outcomes.

You will have explosives, hot lava, electric fences, and many other objects at your disposal. You can use these objects to cause different reactions in your ragdoll character. It will be up to you to determine how you want to use these objects.

The game's world is quite widespread. Each time you play, you will have a different experience. You will never get bored of playing People Playground APK.

Customize Your Ragdoll Character

In People Playground APK, you determine every element of your ragdoll character. You can customize its appearance, clothes, and even its limbs. There are numerous combinations that you can try out to create the perfect ragdoll.

You can also modify your character’s behavior. You can make it aggressive or passive, depending on your preferences. The game provides many different options to make your ragdoll character unique.


people playground apk download

How well you design your character will impact your gameplay experience. To achieve the best results, you need to create the perfect ragdoll.

Explore the Open World Map

After customizing your character, you are ready to enter the game's open-world sandbox environment. The world is procedurally generated, which means that each time you play, you will have a different experience.

You will encounter different players and objects as you explore the map. You can make allies, fight them, or just have some fun!

Also, ensure you explore the world carefully to find all the different secrets it hides. The world is full of surprises, and you will never get bored of exploring it. You can mine different materials and use them to build different structures.

Keep Leveling Up Your Gameplay 

As you keep playing People Playground APK, you will collect rewards to help you level up your gameplay. The game features numerous achievements that you can unlock as you progress. For example, you can unlock more explosives, guns, and other objects as you keep playing.

people playground apk mod

Additionally, you will have more worlds to explore as you keep leveling up. This way, you will enjoy different biomes, animals, and plants. Always ensure that you get the best in-game items, and you will have a blast playing People Playground APK mobile version.

Outstanding Features of People Playground APK

  • Recreate Your Life Experiences. This game allows you to drag & drop objects, spawn characters, add textures, and create the perfect scene from your life experiences. This way, you can relieve old memories or create new ones.
  • Battle Other Players. This game has an incredible sandbox feel. You can craft items, establish friendships, and even engage in battles. Fighting is a significant part of this game, and you need to be strategic to win.
  • Achieve Your Goals. The game features different goals that you must achieve to level up. Achieving these goals will give you a sense of satisfaction and will make the game more exciting.
  • Many Maps to Discover. You will have player-generated with unique elements, including towers, blocks, void, abyss, sea, snow, and slanted blocks. Players can also make their maps more challenging by adding traps and other objects.
  • Diverse Attacking Techniques. This game features dynamic attacking techniques, including mines, dynamites, turrets, and even nukes. You can use these objects to attack other players or destroy their property. You can also electrocute your opponents or set them on fire.


people playground apk mod unlocked
  • Diverse Objects to Use. You can play using wood, rubber, plastic, humans, animals, and even plants. There are also different objects that you can use to interact with your environment, including conveyor belts, pipes, and ladders.
  • Change Game Physics. You can disable collisions, create weightless objects, or modify the game's gravity. You can even create a Gorse that shoots dangerous poison to exterminate humans!

Cool Graphics and Immersive Sound Systems

This game applies relatively unsophisticated graphics. However, the graphics are still quite good and will not affect your gameplay experience. You will see ragdoll characters in the game, and they look quite realistic.

The sound systems also add to the game's immersive feel. You will hear different sounds as you play, including explosions, footsteps, and screams. The soundtracks are also very good, and they will keep you entertained as you play.

People Playground APK MOD Unlocked

The unlocked version features all the in-game items that you need to have a great time playing. You will also have access to all the different levels and worlds.

people playground apk 2022

The unlocked version also has no ads, so you can play without any interruptions. Additionally, you will get unlimited resources, which will give you an edge over other players.


People Playground APK is an excellent sandbox game that tests your creativity. The open-world environment and the ability to interact with different objects make the game very exciting.

You can also battle other players, which adds an extra layer of fun. The unlocked version is even better as it gives unlimited resources and access to all the in-game items. Go ahead and download People Playground APK today!

Download People Playground (2 MB)


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