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You should not hesitate to download Naruto Senki Mod APK - Full character no cooldown unlimited money if you love fighting action games. Here, you will become the hero who defeats attackers to save your village.

Information of Naruto Senki

Name Naruto Senki
Compatible with Android 5.0 +
Last version v1.27
Size 97 MB
Category Action
Developer Naruto Senki
Price Free
MOD Full character, unlimited money


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MOD Features
  • Unlocked All Character
  • Unlimited money

About Naruto Senki

If you love action games with lots of fighting scenes, then Naruto Senki is a game you should have! Notably, Naruto Senki is an Android game with a ninja theme. The main character of the game is Naruto, who is required to defeat his village from attacks by the enemies. So many enemies will attempt to come to war in your village but you must use your skills to fend off the attacks. There are 3 available skills but a player can also unlock 2 additional skills.

naruto senki apk free download

Learn martial arts skills and practice the skills of using your limbs to fight your limbs and protect yourself. Without a doubt, this RPG videogame has tons of lessons to teach players and entertainment as well. Here you will use your skills to eliminate enemies and call off various attacks on your village. What’s interesting is that you will be able to unlock several combat skills to defeat the enemy. Download Naruto Senki now and fight many epic battles on behalf of your village men.

Defeat Aggressors in the Battle Field

Are you up for the task of saving your village? It is often a calling to become a hero who is ready to die for other people's peace and freedom. In this game, you will get into various battle arenas where your will need to overcome enemies who are resiliently attacking your village. You will participate in dozens of duels with the best fighters. The main attention is to win and drive out people who want to pillage the village and beat the natives. There are no enough village defenders, but here is where you come in handy to save the village!

download naruto senki apk for android

You need to prove that you can climb up the hierarchy to become one of the best fighters in this Japanese action game. This way, you will be invited to more battle arenas where you will show your prowess in combat actions. The game allows you to buy additional tools and features that will make the action more enjoyable. Overcome the robber’s magical powers that can summon evil monsters. Download the game now, defend your village, protect yourself, and excel in being the ultimate peoples’ defender!


Highlights of Naruto Senki Game

The game has an entertaining yet thrilling action gameplay. Furthermore, the game offers remarkable features that make the game spectacular. Here is a highlight of some of the best features.

Thrilling Gameplay – with this game, you fight anybody. However, you should always aim to put down the monsters and enemies since it is a glorious act praised by fellow villagers. To make the game more electrifying, you can pick various characters to use as fighters during battle. The characters include Naruto (who features as the main character), Obito, Hinata, Kakashi, Sugetsu, Jugo, Itachi, Sasuke, Tsunade, Choji, Boruto, and more.

naruto senki apk all character

Notably, each character in this game has unique abilities and combat skills. Other than defeating enemies, you should also destroy 2 crystal pieces and 1 main crystal featured in the adventurous levels of the game. there is no need to worry about having an internet connection since you can play the game offline. Download Naruto Senki now and enjoy the thrilling gameplay it offers!

Anime Fighting Game – you won’t be disappointed after downloading Naruto Senki! This is a classic game that involves the best fighting mechanics ever created in the gaming space. Here, you will immerse yourself into a 2D gameplay where you select a character of choice to play as the hero in the game. There are various levels you can enjoy in this game and you can enjoy the skills of each character too.


naruto senki apk download latest version

Unlockable Variety of Characters – you can enjoy this action game whenever you want. The gameplay requires the player to eliminate every enemy with precision. However, you will also come across other troops that you must kill. Fortunately, you will also have individual helpers and troops who are always ready to help you! Was mentioned earlier, the game presents various iconic and unlockable characters like Itachi, Gaara, Hinata, Sasuke, Madara, Nagato, Shikamaru, Sarada, Obito, Tsunade, Neiji, Deidara, Kakashi, Ino, Naruto, and more.

Offline Mode – the game offers an offline gaming mode that allows gamers to enjoy it even without an internet connection. That means you can enjoy this intense game while persevering the device’s battery, which may drain faster while connected to the internet. Download Naruto Senki now and enjoy a vast variety of levels offline.

naruto senki mod apk

Enjoyable Skills Of The War Heroes – In this game, every character has a set of unique skills they often put into action during the war. For example, Naruto can perform wind attacks as well or clone Jutsu. Moreover, he can bring out Nine-Tails as the last attacking move. You had better ensure that you chose the best fighter with pro combat skills since you might suffer in the hand of your enemies who promptly bring out their finisher skills on you!

Simple Controls – Naruto Senki game allows you to enjoy full and simplistic controls. This implies that you can move around easily using the navigational pad. Besides, you can access the unique set of a character’s skills using the buttons on the right.

Download Naruto Senki Mod APK – Full character no cooldown unlimited money

Get the Naruto Senki Mod APK all character now and enjoy fun fighting gameplay now! Unlock all characters and fight using iconic characters with the best fighting skills.

Download Naruto Senki (97 MB)


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