Sniper 3D Mod APK 4.38.3 (Unlimited money and gems)

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Download Sniper 3D Mod APK unlimited money and diamonds for free now. Get the most popular free fun gun shooting game on your Android device now! Become a one-man army and eliminate all threat targets.

Information of Sniper 3D

Name Sniper 3D
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Last version 4.38.3
Size 204.39 Mb
Category Action
Developer Fun Games For Free
Price Free
Google Play Link
MOD Unlimited money and gems


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MOD Features
  • Coins increases when spent!

About Sniper 3D

If you love playing games with some shooting action, you have definitely heard about or even tried the Sniper 3D game! Needless to say, the game has a whopping over 100M fan base around the world.

Sniper 3D is a free FPS shooting game created by Fun Games for Free. With over 100M downloads, it is evident that the game is a thriller and super amazing. In the game, you engage in hunting villains and terrorists! You only need to locate a comfortable position, get your hands on a rifle, and eliminate bad guys that may cause harm to civilians. Always be ahead of the opponents to accomplish your contracts and go to higher game levels.

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With the beautiful and realistic 3D graphics and superb animations, a player becomes a part of the game. This makes the game more interesting – with realistic people, cars, buildings, streets, etc. You get a chance to fight global wars on crime and become the best sniper assassin. Download Sniper 3D, get a gun, shoot and kill them all in hundreds of thrilling missions!

The Fun of Becoming a Professional Sniper

Without a doubt, assassins and professional snipers are always a widely discussed topic around the world. They feature in dangerous peace-keeping missions across the globe that may never come out in the public. If you are a fan of the fascinating action that snipers offer, download Sniper 3D today and experience the fun of becoming a professional sniper!

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This game is a shooting game with a first-person perspective. A gamer acquires the role of a sniper assassin whose sole objective is to destroy and eliminate the targets as assigned. The mission system is made up of a list that a player may perform sequentially by selecting any course of action. For beginners, the journey to becoming the best sniper is not a walk in the park! It would be best if you handle the low-reward quests first to get used to the higher-level tasks.

Notably, you will face various challenges where you need to be fast enough to pull the trigger and kill the villain before it’s too late. Without successfully finishing the missions, you will not advance to higher levels. To enhance gameplay, you should ensure that you upgrade your weapon to the most powerful and efficient. Get Sniper 3D and eliminate city enemies with a single shot!


Key Features of Sniper 3D

Even with user-friendly controls that are truly immersive, fast-paced multiplayer game series, and the ability to unlock and upgrade guns, the game has other exciting features. Here are some breathtaking features that will make you download the game today.

sniper 3d apk latest version

Supports Free Online and Offline Play – it is really remarkable that the Sniper 3D game supports online and offline modes. The offline mode ensures that players can enjoy the game with a vast range of missions without an internet connection. On the other hand, the online mode helps gamers to compete for achievements and best skills against other gamers around the world via the internet. This is made possible by the multiplayer online feature of the game.

Simple Controls – Unlike most shooter games, Sniper 3D game has fairly simple controls. a gamer only needs to swipe the screen to either side to adjust the reticle onto the target and press shoot!

At times the crosshair may be affected by the wind and vibrate, making it hard for the player to adjust. If the target to be eliminated is in close range, the effect may not much. if the target is further away, you may have to zoom in to attain accuracy. If you miss and the villain runs away, it will be very hard for you to hit him with the subsequent shots. Once you have hit a target, a slow-motion replay of the bullet hitting the target pops up. You can exit the relay by hitting the ‘Continue’ button.

sniper 3d apk free download

Classic Weapons – the game features a wide array of classic weapons. You can choose the best rifle among the hunting rifle, a gun Glock, the awesome assault mp5, or the colt in the armory! The entire arsenal in the game is unlockable and can be used to enhance participation, especially in difficult levels of the game. There are about a thousand rounds of ammunition, assault rifles, best Sniper rifles, Pistols, shotguns, etc. What is more interesting is the feature that allows a gamer to upgrade and buy different weapons with gold coins. For instance, you can upgrade different parts of your riffle including the ammo, caliber, and grip, to acquire bullets that inflict more damage to your targets.


Extraordinary Sniper Challenges – the game offers hundreds of spectacular missions. They range from saving the President, saving state secrets from rogue agents, taking out terrorists, suicide bombers, drug traffickers, thugs, corrupt cops, city criminals, etc. Success in each mission leads to another extra extraordinary challenge. The most impressive thing about these missions is that they are not repeated. They are random new challenges that test the flawlessness of the gamer in shooting and eliminating the assigned targets. Since the game creates various situations with differing challenges, a player must apply sniper skills to complete the set objectives, any failure notwithstanding!

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Ultra-Realistic 3D Graphics and Sound – the Sniper 3D game ensure that the gamer experiences a feeling of a real sniper with realistic 3D graphics. Everything from the smallest things like cars, poles, bus bays, to skyscrapers, and even reflections of light are HD quality. Another praiseworthy feature courtesy of the 3D graphics is the reaction of the targets is extremely genuine when the bullets hit them. The soundtracks in the game are a great plus. There are also gunshot sounds and creams of people when the sniper assassin strikes!

Download Sniper 3D Mod APK – Unlimited money and diamonds

With the latest sniper 3D Mod APK, you can get much more than in the earlier release. With the sniper 3D Mod APK unlimited diamonds, gems, money, coins and version, you can have unlimited weapon purchases and upgrades. Get the sniper 3D Mod APK today and have all guns unlocked!

Download Sniper 3D (204.39 Mb)


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