Among Us Mod APK 2024.6.18 (All unlocked)

Icon Among Us Mod APK 2024.6.18 (All unlocked)
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Download Among Us Mod APK Latest Version free for Android now. Experience one of the most popular online mystery games that you can enjoy anytime with friends and strangers.

Information of Among Us

Name Among Us
Compatible with Android 6.0+
Last version 2024.6.18
Size 738.52 Mb
Category Action
Developer Innersloth LLC
Price Free
Google Play Link
MOD All unlocked


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MOD Features
    • Unlocked

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About Among Us

Look out, there is an imposter Among Us…Download Among Us for Android now and enjoy one of the most popular games to hit mobile devices in this generation.

In this game, you will be part of a crew of different workers. All of you will have various tasks to complete in order to have a successful mission. However, there is one problem, one of the members is an imposter. And, this imposter has only one mission: sabotage and kill all of the other members of the crew. Will you be able to find out who the imposter is and save your crew? Or, if you are the imposter, can you kill everyone off and fulfill your mission of complete annihilation?

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In the end, this is a game to be enjoyed by players of all ages. Everything about Among Us is amazingly fun and enjoyable.

So, go ahead and download Among Us for Android now to join in the amazingly addicting mystery game. Play with friends, family, or even strangers to discover the imposter.

How to Play

Learning how to play Among Us is an easy task. The game isn’t too difficult to understand. In fact, even a child can quickly get accustomed to the game in a matter of minutes. The concept has already been stated: Find the imposter and survive.

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There are multiple ways for players to win the game, depending on their position as an imposter or a crewmate:


  • All crewmates must complete all of their tasks before the imposter has killed everyone. In the instance that a crewmember has been killed, they will become a ghost. Ghosts can still complete their tasks to claim a win for their team.
  • The imposter must be located and ejected from the map. This is done through votes. You can either initiate a vote through locating a dead body or holding an emergency meeting. Emergency meeting limits and times before initiating will vary depending on the game settings.



  • All crewmembers are killed by the imposter before the end of the game. Once, only once crewmember and the imposter remain, victory will be claimed by the imposter.
  • If all crewmembers are voted out instead of the imposter. This can be done through manipulation and quick thinking.
  • Sabotaging the game with an instant death situation, such as low oxygen levels. Sabotaging can only be done once within a limited time. But, doing so will give you a clear advantage over other players. You can either pretend to follow the emergencies brought by sabotages, or fix them yourself to gain the crewmembers’ trust.


And, there isn’t just one location for you to perform tasks, locate the imposter, or sabotage and kill others. Among Us contains three different maps with varying tasks and objectives to be completed. Here is a list of the currently available maps in the latest version of the game:

The Skeld:

This is the first and most common of the three maps. The Skeld is the small spaceship in which the different players travel in. Here, they are able to navigate to other planets, shoot down asteroids, and other things. Some of the most common missions here would be to empty out the trash, refueling your engines, shooting asteroids, and medical scans.

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However, being one of the smaller maps, it is very difficult for the imposter to roam. Many players will have various tasks in common rooms. To this extent, the imposter is almost required to think and plan out their moves.

Mira HQ:

Next on the list is the second largest map, the Mira HQ. this is an airborne base with various corridors and tightly spaced doors. The main hallway is locked out for a few seconds, once someone enters. This is a great way for the imposter to make his move by stalking one player; they can even accuse another nearby player. On the other hand, other players might see the imposter enter and instantly catch them. If you are the imposter, keep that in mind and watch your back.



The final map is a barren planet filled with molten magma across the outskirts. This map might be the largest, but isn’t too much larger than the Mira HQ. There are a few complicated tasks here and there. This is an easy place for an imposter to roam wild. But, if they aren’t careful, they’ll end up tossed into the pit of lava.


When we’re talking about the graphics of Among Us, everything is made amazingly simple, yet entertaining. The game is full of colorful 2D characters that scurry across various environments fulfilling tasks.

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Animations are also very high quality. When the imposter lands a kill on a cremate there is a short yet sweet animation to display the death. There are a variety of different death animations that everyone can enjoy. In fact, you can’t even be mad after you’ve died when it looks this good.

All in all, Among Us is one of the simplistic, yet amazingly characterized and animated games around. And, for that reason, tis game has been able to hold up for as long as it has.

Among Us Mod APK Free Download

Once all is said and done, there is only one thing left to do: get the Among Us Mod APK 2020 version for Android. With this modified APK file, you will have a plethora of additions aside from the original version.

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These additional features can include:

  • Unlock all skin
  • Unlock all pet
  • Unlock all hat

With these additional features, you’ll be able to add even more cosmetic options to the game and personalize your character.

Now, you can go ahead and download the Among Us Mod APK all unlocked as previously mentioned. Don’t waste anymore of your time to claim the best mobile game available!

Download Among Us (738.52 Mb)


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