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Download Lofi Cam APK Mod for Android and create/shoot high-quality retro-style photos. It perfectly simulates the effect of the revolutionary CCD digital cameras.

Information of Lofi Cam

Name Lofi Cam
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 1.4
Size 42 MB
Category Entertainment
Developer Changsha
Price Free


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MOD Features
  • No ads

About Lofi Cam

LoFi APK is a unique app that takes you back to the golden age of analog photography. It helps you recollect the look & feel of traditional Lomo cameras, bringing to life the aesthetic of vintage photography.

As such, this application is a gem to individuals who grew up in the 70s, 80s, and 90s. Using LoFi Cam APK, you can turn any digital photo into a nostalgic piece of art. It comes with several filters that expertly simulate the traditional effects of film photography, including saturated colors, soft color shifts, and grainy noir-style images.

lofi cam apk

Even better, the application is minimalistic, making it easy to operate even for those not heavily into photography. All you need to do is select the image of your choice, choose a filter, and start editing. You can also take a picture directly from the application, saving you the importing hassle.

Overall, this application is your go-to if you are looking to capture the classic look of film photography. It is easy to use and produces stunning results, making it a definite must-have for any aspiring photographer. Download LoFi APK today and transform your digital photos into retro pieces of art.

Why LoFi Cam APK Download?

While human beings are diverse, most of us love photography. It is the undisputed way to remember fun moments and keep them alive forever. However, taking pictures with a digital camera can be dull at times.

Fortunately, technology can help us spice up our photos. And that’s where LoFi Cam APK comes in. It offers a range of filters that can turn any image into a timeless piece of art. It revolutionizes how we use digital photos, bringing something special into the mix.

lofi cam apk download

This application is undoubtedly the best way to create or take photos with a vintage touch. It is straightforward, allowing users of all ages and experience levels to use it hassle-free.

Additionally, LoFi Cam APK is lightweight and compatible with most Android devices. It consumes minimal battery power, ensuring users can use it on vacation, hiking, or any other outdoor activity. Download it today and bring an old-fashioned twist to all your pictures.

How to Use Lo-Fi Cam APK?

The operation module of LoFi Cam APK is straightforward. It comes with a basic user interface, allowing people of all ages to use it without any prior experience.

First, download and install the application on your Android device. After that, you can take a picture directly from the app or import one from your gallery. Once you select it, it is time to choose the desired filter.


The application comes with several filters that simulate the traditional effects of film photography. It also offers more modern options like black/white and sepia tones – all of which give your photos a unique touch.

lofi cam apk mod

Once you are done editing, you can save the image to your device or share it with friends. It’s that simple, and there are no complex menus or complicated settings.

Numerous Photo Effects Are Available

This application comes with numerous filters and photo effects, including:

  • Exposure. This filter adds a subtle amount of light to your photos, making them look brighter and more vibrant.
  • Contrast. This filter increases the contrast between dark and bright areas in the image, giving it a unique texture.
  • Vignette. This effectively eliminates the sharp edges that appear in most digital photos, making them look softer and dreamier.
  • Temperature. This filter changes the color temperature of your photos, giving them a warmer or cooler look.
  • Noise. This adds grainy noise to the image, simulating traditional film photography from the 70s, 80s, and 90s.
  • Blur. This effect blurs out certain parts of the image, creating a unique artistic look. It also allows you to focus on specific elements.

What are the Unique Features of LoFi Cam APK for Android?

  • Countdown Feature. This unique feature allows you to set a timer before taking a picture. It helps you ensure your photos are perfect, eliminating any unwanted movement or blur.
lofi cam apk latest version
  • Smooth Zooming Capabilities. You can use the zoom feature to get closer to an object. It allows you to capture close-up shots of any object with ease. This way, you can get the perfect photo for social media or other platforms.
  • Share Photos Instantly. This application allows you to share your photos with friends and family instantly. You can do this directly from the app, eliminating any hassle of transferring images between devices.
  • Reliable Flash System. This application ensures your photos don’t get overexposed or too dark. It comes with a reliable flash system, allowing you to take great-looking pictures in low-light conditions.
  • Easy to Import & Edit. LoFi Cam APK makes it easy to import photos from your device’s gallery and edit them with ease. Immediately after importing, you can apply any of its filters and effects to give your photos an award-winning look.
  • Allows Video Editing. The app's diversity allows people to edit videos as well. You can import and edit any video with the same filters and effects you use on photos. Additionally, this feature allows users to create unique stop-motion animations or simply add some cinematic flair to their clips.
  • Configure Dates & Times on Images. LoFi Cam APK comes with an in-built feature that allows you to configure the dates and times of your photos. This way, you can track when each image was taken, a great addition for professional photographers or avid Instagrammers.
  • Regular Updates. The developer regularly adds new features and fixes bugs. Regular updates ensure you get the best experience while using LoFi Cam APK for Android.


System Requirements & Additional Information 

This application weighs approximately 42MB. It was primarily designed for iOS devices but is also compatible with Android devices running 6.0 or higher.

lofi cam apk for android

Additionally, this application has in-app purchases and ads. These will come in handy if you want to access premium features or remove ads.

You can also opt for subscription plans. The annual subscription provides access to all premium features and removes ads. It is charged to your iTunes account, but you can cancel it anytime.

Pros & Cons of Using LoFi Cam APK Latest Version 


  • Easy-to-use user interface
  • Variety of filters, effects, and features available
  • Configure dates & times on images for easy tracking
  • Regular updates with new features and bug fixes


  • Some features require an in-app purchase
lofi cam apk 2023
  • Some ads will appear while using the app (free version)


The modified LoFi Cam APK eliminates all the hassle of in-app purchases and ads. Additionally, all the premium features and effects are unlocked, allowing you to take advantage of everything without restrictions.


LoFi Cam APK is an excellent choice for those looking to get creative with their photos and videos. It has numerous features, filters, and effects, giving you the perfect tools for creating stunning images and videos.

The modified version eliminates all the hassle of ads and in-app purchases, allowing users to get the most out of this app. Ultimately, LoFi Cam APK is well worth downloading for its easy-to-use user interface and great features.

Download Lofi Cam (42 MB)


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