Cage Fight 3D Mod APK 1.5.5 (Unlimited money, gems)

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Download Cage Fight 3D Mod APK Unlimited money and gems Latest version to participate in fast-paced boxing matches. It allows you to recruit boxers and train them to be the ultimate champions.

Information of Cage Fight 3D

Name Cage Fight 3D
Compatible with Android 5.1+
Last version 1.5.5
Size 100.71 Mb
Category Arcade
Developer BREW GAMES
Price Free
Google Play Link
MOD Unlimited money, gems


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MOD Features
  • Unlimited money

About Cage Fight 3D

Cage Fight 3D APK is an arcade game offered by Brew Games. It puts you in the shoes of a manager of a boxing club. You will have to recruit talented boxers and train them to be the best fighters in the world.

Once you train your boxers, you will take them to different tournaments and matches to prove their worth. Ensure you equip them with the best gear, enabling them to perform to their fullest potential.

cage fight 3d mod apk

When they win, your club’s reputation will increase, and you will attract more talented boxers. With each victory, you will earn money, which you can use to improve your boxing club.

Recruit and Train

As in real life, the first step to becoming a champion is finding the right talent. In Cage Fight 3D APK, you will have to scour the streets for young boxers who have what it takes to be a champion.

You can then train them in your own boxing club. Here, you will be able to improve their skills and techniques by making them spar with other boxers in your club. The more they train, the better they will become.

You can also take them to special training events that will help boost their stats. These events will be held periodically and will give your boxers a much-needed edge in upcoming matches.

Lots of Training Facilities to Unlock

As you progress, you will unlock more training facilities for your boxers. These facilities will help them train faster and become even stronger.

cage fight 3d mod apk download

Some facilities you can unlock include a punching bag room and a gym. You will also have treadmills and other equipment to help your boxers stay in shape.

Whatever you do, always remember that good boxers win matches during training. As such, you must implement a good training regime for your boxers if you want them to be the best in the world.

Schedule Fights

Once you are confident in your boxers’ abilities, you can start scheduling fights for them. There are different tournaments and matches you can take them to.

You will have to choose the right opponents for your boxers. If you pick an opponent that is too strong, your boxers will get easily defeated. If you pick one that is too weak, your boxers will not earn much experience.


cage fight 3d mod apk unlimited money and gems

As such, you must carefully consider each match before scheduling it. Doing so will help you ensure that your boxers are always fighting opponents at their level.

Customize Your Boxers

In Cage Fight 3D APK, you can customize your boxers to make them look unique. You can change their hairstyles, gloves, and trunks. You can also add tattoos to their bodies.

Making your boxers look good is not just for vanity’s sake. It will also increase their morale, giving them a boost in upcoming matches.

Even better, you can let them wear country-themed gear to show your support for your nation. For example, a boxer can wear USA-themed or UK-themed gear. This ensures that your boxers will always look their best when they step into the ring.

Earn Money & Become the Ultimate Champion

This game is about more than just winning matches. It is also about becoming the ultimate champion by expanding your business empire. It is up to you to ensure that your boxing club becomes the best in the world.

cage fight 3d mod apk latest version

As you win matches and tournaments, you will win treasures. You can use this to improve your boxing club. You can also use it to buy new training facilities and gear for your boxers.

You can also invest your money in other businesses. For example, you can open a sports store or a gym. Doing so will help you earn even more money, which you can use to further improve your boxing club.

Other Outstanding Features of Cage Fight 3D APK

  • Well-Detailed Field of Play. This game has a well-detailed field of play. The environment is realistic, and the crowd is interactive. You can even see the different countries’ flags demonstrated in the stands. The gym area is well-partitioned, and you can see the treadmill, dumbbells, and other equipment.
  • Flexible Controls. This game is easy to control. You can choose between touchscreen controls to move your character around. All the moves and techniques are easy to perform. You can also use the on-screen buttons to punch, block, and dodge. The controls are responsive, and you will have no trouble performing the different moves.


cage fight 3d mod apk for android
  • Intense Graphics. This game has amazing graphics that make the action look realistic. The different punches and moves are flawlessly animated. As such, you will feel like you are watching a real boxing match. The environment and characters are also well-detailed. You can see the different textures and features of the different objects.
  • Realistic Audience. You will see the seats fill up with people as the match goes on. You can even hear them react to the different punches and moves. The crowd will also get louder as the match gets more intense.
  • Brightly Colored Cage & Backgrounds. This game has a brightly colored cage and backdrop. This makes the game more visually appealing. The perfect mix of colors gives the game an exciting feel.

Cage Fight 3D MOD APK Download

The original game has in-game interactive elements, some of which can be expensive. If you want to unlock all these features free of charge, you can download the Cage Fight 3D MOD APK unlimited money and gems.

cage fight 3d mod apk 2022

This will give you the resources to upgrade your equipment and training facilities. You can also use it to buy new gear for your boxers.

Additionally, the Cage Fight 3D MOD APK 2023 removes ads, ensuring you concentrate on becoming the best boxing manager ever. The interface is clutter-free, and you can access all features with ease.


Cage Fight 3D perfectly simulates the world of boxing. Its challenging gameplay, amazing graphics, and realistic crowd noise make it an immersive and exciting game. You will be glued to your screen as you try to become the best boxing manager in the world.

The Cage Fight 3D MOD APK for Android provides unlimited resources, and you can upgrade your equipment and training facilities. Additionally, it removes ads, ensuring you have an uninterrupted gaming experience.

Download Cage Fight 3D (100.71 Mb)


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