World Of Mystery Mod APK 1.2.4 (Unlimited money and gems)

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Download World of Mystery Mod APK Unlimited money and gems Latest version and smoke out mysteries spirits bedeviling your land. You'll detect & annihilate monsters terrorizing the citizens.

Information of World Of Mystery

Name World Of Mystery
Compatible with Android 6.0+
Last version 1.2.4
Size 316.56 Mb
Category Action
Developer Akhir Pekan Studio
Price Free
Google Play Link
MOD Unlimited money and gems
Download Now
MOD Features
  • No ads

About World Of Mystery

World of Mystery APK is an action-packed game offered by Akhir Pekan Studio. It challenges you to unmask the secrets lurking in a mysterious world. The game brings you an all-new hunting experience, challenging you to track down the supernatural forces wreaking havoc in your homeland.

You will play as a special agent, armed with powerful weapons and special abilities to hunt down enemies and save your people. The game is set in different environments ranging from urban cities to mysterious forests, all filled with dangers awaiting you at every turn.

world of mystery mod apk

Nevertheless, you must persevere and overcome all odds to save the world. Exterminate all monsters & earn treasures to aid your gameplay progression. Before you know it, you will have deciphered all the secrets this world holds.

Why World of Mystery APK Download?

Mystery-themed games are designed to bring out the detective in you. They involve unearthing hidden clues and using your mental prowess to solve puzzles. World of Mystery APK is a perfect example of this concept, as it tasks you with the mysteries bedeviling your homeland.

However, the game has a little deviation, making it even more exciting. Unlike other detective games, including Detective House Escape, Another Case Solved, Criminal Case Mysteries, and Murder in the Alps, this game introduces supernatural forces.

This twist makes the game even more enticing as you will face multiple enemies that are almost impossible to conquer. As such, you must remain vigilant and employ all your skills to defeat them.

However, you can be sure this game will bring you a unique and thrilling gaming experience. It is a great way to challenge your detective skills and push yourself to the limits. Whatever you do, ensure you complete all assigned missions to unlock more sophisticated enemies.

Gameplay & Gameplay Mechanics

World of Mystery APK is a thrilling action-packed game. It involves you tracking down monsters and supernatural forces wreaking havoc in your homeland. The game is set in multiple environments, each with its unique challenges to tackle.

world of mystery mod apk download

You will have to solve puzzles and create strategies to bring down the enemies. In each level, your mission is to annihilate all monsters while collecting treasures. There will be littered treasure chests offering you special upgrades to power your weapons.

Additionally, the game features numerous dungeons with different enemies. You must be careful when navigating new places since you can be ambushed by enemies at any moment. The key is to remain alert and devise a plan before taking on the monsters.

Even better, the game has an in-game market where you can buy potions, weapons, and other special items. This way, you can customize your character to your preference and make it more efficient in combat.

What Makes World of Mystery APK Special? 

Several outstanding features make this game stand out from the crowd. They include:

  • Quests Journal. You will have a journal that records all your missions and progress. Each activity varies in difficulty, giving you challenging puzzles & monsters to tackle.
  • More than 35 Enemies. When you join this game, you will have to battle more than 35 mysterious enemies. They are inspired by different mythologies, ensuring every opponent you face is unique and challenging.
world of mystery mod apk unlimited money
  • Strategic Combat System. The game involves a tactical combat system, where you can analyze enemy movements and use special abilities to outmaneuver them. This way, you will defeat even the toughest of monsters.
  • Beautiful Environment & Graphics. This game features stunning visuals highlighting different environments. The graphics are top-notch, captivating your attention immediately after launching the game.
  • Scary Dungeons! You'll explore numerous mysterious dungeons filled with dangerous monsters. They are depicted using frightening visuals, making the experience all the more exciting. The bends & corners are sure to give you a thrill.
  • Lots of Equipment & Swords. You will get lots of equipment and swords to help you in your fight against the monsters. They include a wooden axe, a creature's bane, and a samurai banner.
  • Simple Controls. The game has easy-to-use controls, allowing you to effortlessly maneuver your character around the map. Ensure you master the controls to enhance your chances of completing missions successfully.
  • Use Mysterydex to your Advantage. World of Mystery APK has an in-game encyclopedia, where you can find a list of monsters and their characteristics. Utilizing this feature will help you understand the enemies better and employ strategies to defeat them.
  • Unlock Unique Mounts. This game allows crazy exploration escapades with unique mounts to unlock. This will help you get around faster and accomplish various missions efficiently.

Numerous Customization Options

The level of customization you have in this game is quite exceptional. It lets you take 100% control of your character, allowing you to modify different elements, including:

world of mystery mod apk unlimited gems
  • Gender & Skin Color. The first step in customizing your character is selecting gender & skin color. You can choose from multiple options to ensure they look exactly as you want them to.
  • Weapons & Outfits. Next, you'll equip your character with different weapons and outfits. This allows you to create the perfect warrior for battling monsters and other supernatural creatures. For example, the creature's bane is enchanted to exterminate monsters fast.
  • Special Abilities. Additionally, there are several special abilities that you can unlock to make your character more powerful. These include launching fireballs and freezing enemies in place. You can also use the Samurai banner for identification

Overall, you can expect a packed wardrobe, numerous weapons, and an exciting adventure in World of Mystery APK. This way, you'll have an incredible experience battling monsters and exploring mysterious dungeons.

System Requirements & Additional Information 

This game requires Android 6.0 and up with at least 2GB of RAM to run smoothly on compatible devices. The game weighs 174MB and is available on Google Play Store.

While the game is 100% free to download & play, it offers in-app purchases that you can use to purchase weapons and equipment. If you don't need them, you can turn off the in-app purchases in your device's settings.

world of mystery mod apk latest version

Besides, the game's HP and XP rewards facilitate your progress. Ensure you complete many missions, avoid dying, and collect treasure chests to increase your character's strength. This way, you'll maximize your chances of defeating monsters and completing the adventure.

How to Play the World of Mystery APK Game Like a Pro?

To play the World of Mystery APK game like a pro, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Never Underestimate Any Enemy. Always remember that even the weakest enemy in the game can cause much trouble when underestimated. As such, you must always be careful and observe enemy movements to devise the best strategy.
  • Ensure You Stay Alive. Death can cause trouble in this game, as it will significantly reduce your rewards. Therefore, always keep an eye on your HP and be conscious of enemy locations.
  • Collect Loot Whenever Possible. Collecting loot is one of the best ways to increase your character's power level in this game. As such, always be on the lookout for treasure chests and other items that might contain valuable loot.
  • Upgrade Your Weapons and Armor. Upgrading the equipment in this game is essential to progress further, as it increases the chances of completing missions successfully. As such, always be sure to upgrade your weapons and armor whenever possible.
  • Customization Is Key. Take advantage of this to create the perfect character and arm them with the right weapons and armor for every situation. Always remember every garment and weapon has its purpose and should be used accordingly.
world of mystery mod apk for android

These tips will help you play the game like a pro and gain enough strength to defeat every enemy in your path. Use them wisely, and you'll have an enjoyable experience exploring the weird world.

World of Mystery MOD APK Download

If you want to become the ultimate Supernatural Detective fast, ensure you download World of Mystery MOD APK OBB & install it on your device. This modified version is packed with exceptional features, including:

  • World of Mystery MOD APK Unlimited Money and Gems. With this MOD, you can easily buy the best weapons and armor for your character. This way, you can create a powerful warrior in no time.
  • All Skills Unlocked. The World of Mystery MOD APK for Android allows you to unlock all the skills in the game. This way, you can use the most powerful abilities to defeat enemies quickly.
  • No Ads or Annoying Pop-Ups. The World of Mystery MOD APK for Android removes all ads and pop-ups from the game, allowing you to play without getting distracted by annoying interruptions.


World of Mystery APK is an exceptionally fun action game with a thrilling storyline, 3D graphics, and exciting adventure. It lets you explore a weird world, battle monsters, and complete challenging missions to gain rewards.

Besides, its MOD is available to help you dominate the game. Download and install it on your device to get unlimited money, the best skills, and ad-free gameplay. You will surely have a great time playing this game.

Download World Of Mystery (316.56 Mb)

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