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Download Wheelie Challenge Mod APK Unlimited money Latest version for hair-raising wheelie challenges. You balance your bike while circumventing crazy obstacles & terrains.

Information of Wheelie Challenge

Name Wheelie Challenge
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Last version 1.55
Size 41 MB
Category Racing
Developer Tomico
Price Free
Google Play Link
MOD Unlimited money


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MOD Features
  • No ads

About Wheelie Challenge

Are you looking willing to test your balancing skills in a crazy world? If yes, download Wheelie Challenge APK for Android. This is a challenging game where you will ride a bike without letting the front wheel touch the ground.

While that sounds like an easy-peasy task, you will soon realize that is not the case. With crazy obstacles in your way and a seemingly endless path ahead of you, keeping the front wheel aloft will be nothing short of challenging.

wheelie challenge mod apk

You will have to overcome your fears and keep going for as long as possible to emerge victorious. The game features multiple locations, all unique in their way. You will have to conquer them all if you want to be the best bike rider in the world.

Wheelie Challenge APK - Background Story

Riding a bike is simple, right? But what if you add the element of keeping your front wheel off the ground? The task might sound like a piece of cake. However, it is more difficult than you can imagine.

This technique is called a wheelie and is used by the most skilled bikers to show off their skills. It started as a way to impress the crowd and is now used by professional bike riders in wheelie challenges.

The first wheelie was performed by Daniel J. Canary in 1890. Since then, this technique has been used in different races, from BMX to Motocross.

Needless to say, the best bikers in the world have mastered it and can perform wheelies without thinking twice about it. Can you do the same? Do you want to test your mettle? If yes, download Wheelie Challenge APK and start riding your bike.

Highly Immersive Gameplay/ Game Mechanics

This game will test your balancing skills and force you to think quickly on your feet. The controls are simple, but mastering them takes time. Just tap the screen to make your bike go forward and release it to prevent falling off. 

wheelie challenge mod apk download

The secret is mastering the controls of the rear brakes, throttle, and steering. You have to be quick with these things so that you don't flip over or fall off the bike in front of everyone else.

As we've mentioned above, you must always keep your front wheel up. This simple yet exhilarating gameplay will keep you hooked for hours and will have you second-guessing your skills every time you play.

Outstanding Features of Wheelie Challenge APK 

  • Simple Controls. This game is focused on delivering immersive and exhilarating gameplay, which is why its controls are simple. It has a tap-to-go mechanism and steering controls.
  • Multiple Locations. You will play in different locations, from busy city streets to snow-filled tracks. Each is different from the others and will pose a unique challenge for you.
  • Numerous Levels. This game features numerous levels which will force you to use your brain to the limit. You must be quick with your movements to emerge victorious in every level of this game.
  • Risky Challenges. If you love taking risks and performing challenges that seem impossible, then this game is perfect for you. It features insane obstacles that are designed to test your skills as a bike rider.
  • Carry a Passenger. On some levels, you will carry a passenger on the back of your bike. This changes the way you ride and will add an extra challenge to the gameplay. It changes the inertia and balance of your bike, forcing you to think differently.
  • Make the Longest Wheelie. The longer you can keep your front wheel off the ground, the more points you will earn. The best players in this game can complete insane wheelies over many miles. Do you have what it takes?
  • Diverse Motorcycles & Bicycles. This game offers a variety of motorcycle and bicycle options. Each has different stats and can be upgraded to make them more powerful. This way, you can keep playing even after mastering the basic controls.


wheelie challenge mod apk unlimited money
  • Beautiful & Simplistic Graphics. The graphics of this game are designed to be simple and beautiful. You can see everything clearly on the screen and focus on the gameplay instead of being distracted by fancy animations or effects.

Pros and Cons of Wheelie Challenge APK


  • Realistic inertia that makes riding and balancing more challenging
  • Multiple levels that will test your skills to the limit
  • Beautiful graphics and simple controls
  • Smooth animations for a flawless gaming experience
  • Numerous customization options, including helmets and outfits


  • The graphics are too basic for players who fancy flashy graphics and effects

Proven Tips for Playing Wheelie Challenge APK 

  • Master the rear brake and throttle controls. These are the most critical parts of this game, as they will allow you to keep your balance and avoid falling off the bike. Ensure you practice these controls before taking on tough challenges.
  • Use your judgment to determine the best route for each level. Always try to take on obstacles at an angle for better balance and handling. Similarly, you should avoid taking sharp turns since they will make it harder to control your bike.
  • Choose a motorcycle or bicycle suitable for the level you are playing. If there are many obstacles at the level, a bike with good acceleration and agility is ideal. If there are long jumps, choose one with better speed and handling.
  • Focus on earning as many points as possible. You can do this by completing crazy stunts and outmaneuvering your opponents. Use the points you earn to upgrade your bike and unlock new costumes, accessories, and more.


wheelie challenge mod apk terbaru
  • Practice makes perfect! Keep playing this game until you have mastered all its levels and challenges. With perseverance, you will eventually become an expert in controlling a motorbike or bicycle.

Wheelie Challenge MOD APK Download

The original game has several limitations that can limit your enjoyment. Fortunately, you can download Wheelie Challenge MOD APK for Android to unlock better gaming features. They include:

  • Wheelie Challenge MOD APK Unlimited Money. This MOD APK will enable you to unlock every level without spending real-world money. You can also purchase premium accessories, upgrades, and more using virtual cash. This way, you can gain an edge over your competitors in no time.
  • No Ads. You can play this game without annoying advertisements popping up at random intervals. This will free up more space on your screen and allow you to focus on the gameplay.
  • All Bikes Are Unlocked. You can use any bike you want without needing to unlock it first. This will allow you to choose the best options for each level and challenge.


Wheelie Challenge is an entertaining and challenging game for Android devices. It requires you to balance your motorbike or bicycle on challenging routes and avoid obstacles.

The game has several levels that are progressively more difficult, and it allows you to upgrade your stats and buy new accessories. This way, you can always stay competitive and win every race.

To take your gameplay to the next level, I recommend downloading Wheelie Challenge MOD APK for Android. With this MOD, you will enjoy all the game's features without limitations or ads.

Download Wheelie Challenge (41 MB)


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