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It’s fun playing with weapons but the real ones are dangerous. With Weaphones Gun Sim Free Vol 1, you can simulate any weapon using your device. Enjoy now!

Information of Weaphones Gun Sim Free Vol 1

Name Weaphones Gun Sim Free Vol 1
Compatible with Android 4.0+
Last version 2.4.0
Size 39M
Category Simulation
Developer OranginalPlan
Price Free
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About Weaphones Gun Sim Free Vol 1

Weapons are used by police and people to protect themselves against threats. These are used widely in movies, shows, games and in real life as well. Although people may have contradicting opinions regarding this invention, weapons look and sound cool. We can’t deny that they look cool in movies and games! If you want to try a weapon without the danger, download Weaphones Gun Sim Free Vol 1 now!

weaphones gun sim free vol 1 mod apk

This app is a simulation one that lets you use weapons just like you would in real life. There are many weapon types to choose from such as a shotgun, pistol, assault rifle, SMGs, grenades, RPG, minigun and even a crossbow. You can hold your device just like how you’d hold it and tap it to shoot. It realistically simulates the sound and the animation of the gun!

Simulate Any Weapon

It’s fun to watch people use weapons in various movies and shows. We’re so used to them now that we it’s normal to see them in movies and games. However, these weapons are dangerous in real life as they can end a life with just one bullet. Therefore, there are strict regulations when it comes to the use of weapons and authorized people are mostly only allowed to use it. But if you want to try these weapons safely, download Weaphones Gun Sim Free Vol 1 now.

weaphones gun sim free vol 1 mod apk

Here, you get to enjoy simulating a real weapon using your phone to play with friends! Play in the backyard using your tablets or phones and enjoy realistic animations and sounds. In this app, you can use plenty of weapons such as pistols, assault rifles, SMGs, light machine guns, sniper rifles, shotguns, grenades, crossbows, rpg, minigun and even a grenade launcher. The app can do a lot of thigns such as producing detailed sounds and animation.


You can also reload the app and adjust the scale, rotate, and customize it to fit your phone and hand!

Weaphones Gun Sim Free Vol 1 Features

Weapons are dangerous objects that should not be played with. However, if you want to safely try them out, you can enjoy this app.

Simulate Weapons – Guns were first used in 1364 and since then, they have been used in countless wars and combats all over the world. Today, our police and army forces are equipped with them to subdue enemy forces. However, some people use them illegally to commit crimes. This is why the use of guns are strictly prohibited for those that don’t have a license. But you have to admit, they do look and sound cool.

weaphones gun sim free vol 1 mod apk

This is why if you’re looking for a safe way to play around with guns, you need to download Weaphones Gun Sim Free Vol 1! This is a simulation app that lets you enjoy playing with guns freely and safely. You can use any device such as a tablet or a phone and the gun will show real animations and sound. It’s as close to the real thing as it gets as you can also customize it further!

Plenty of weapons to try – There are a lot of weapons available that have different uses and strengths. If you want to try them all, you can freely do so as this app has a lot of them. This includes, pistols, sniper rifles, shotguns, assault rifles, light machine guns, SMGs, grenades, C4, crossbows, minigun, RPGs and even a 40mm grenade launcher! These are weapons that you see a lot in movies, shows and in real life. The app lets you try all of this in your phone!


Realistic sound and animation – The app let you enjoy using these weapons as it simulates them just like what you see in real life. Each weapon perfectly replicates the look, design, animation and the sound that the gun would make. Also, it’s displayed in a full-screen and with a black background to give you a lot of ways to enjoy it. This means you can touch it to shoot and reload.

weaphones gun sim free vol 1 mod apk

You’ll appreciate the realistic sound, smoke, flash and recoil effects it makes!

Customize to fit your hand – You can further customize the experience by adjusting a lot of things. You can rotate it, scale it, move and flip it. Most of all, there are a lot of interactions you can do with it.

Adjustable variables – You’re also allowed to adjust these variables such as auto reloading, unlimited ammo, weapon jamming, camera flash shooting and many more.

Download Weaphones Gun Sim Free Vol 1 Mod APK – Latest version

Enjoy simulating weapons now with Weaphones Gun Sim Free Vol 1. Play with friends and have a fun time together!

Download Weaphones Gun Sim Free Vol 1 (39M)


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