Wasteland Story Survival RPG Mod APK 24.04.12 (Unlimited money)

Icon Wasteland Story Survival RPG Mod APK 24.04.12 (Unlimited money)
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Download Wasteland Story Survival RPG MOD APK and enjoy a survival RPG with side-scrolling mechanics. You'll scavenge for food & weapons while fighting off enemies.

Information of Wasteland Story Survival RPG

Name Wasteland Story Survival RPG
Compatible with Android 6.0+
Last version 24.04.12
Size 245.38 Mb
Category Adventure
Developer Lunarite Studio
Price Free
Google Play Link
MOD Unlimited money


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About Wasteland Story Survival RPG

Are you ready to enter a ruthless post-apocalyptic world and prove your skills? This incredibly fast-paced survival role-playing game will put your wits, resilience, and determination to the test! It has a unique 8-bit side-scrolling style with beautifully pixelated graphics.

You will explore the wasteland while scavenging for food, weapons, and other helpful items. As you make your way, be prepared for a grueling fight against disfigured animals and zombie-like beings.

Fortunately, the developer (Lunarite Studio) has optimized the controls for guaranteed intuitiveness. However, mastering this game requires a knack for quick reflexes & perfect timing. If you desire to survive, your inner strength must never waver.

wasteland story survival rpg mod apk

Overall, you'll be in for a thrilling, mind-challenging, and adrenaline-pumping survival RPG experience with Wasteland Story Survival RPG MOD APK for Android. Download it now and see if you can survive this dreary wasteland.

Wasteland Story Survival RPG APK - Background Story

The world of Wasteland Story is a grim, dreary place. With its origin a long-forgotten mystery, the apocalypse arrived suddenly and unforgivingly, plunging the land into an uninhabitable wasteland. In this harsh wasteland, you must unleash your inner strength to survive.

Good thing you aren't alone. Many others share your struggle and can help you along the way. By uniting with other survivors, you may have a shot at survival.

With numerous weapons, armor, & special abilities, you'll have the upper hand in any battle/ journey. Ensure you utilize these tools to pave the way for surefire success. It is the only way to survive the challenges of the Wasteland Story Survival RPG MOD APK download!

Adrenaline-Pumping Gameplay 

This game guarantees a hair-raising sense of adventure. You will traverse several environments and must battle mutated creatures, zombies, & other unexpected obstacles. The key to success lies in your instantaneous reaction time and ability to make crucial judgments on a whim. 

Additionally, you can create & shape your character to reflect your personal preferences. Ensure you unlock new weapons & armor to increase your chances of survival. You must be prepared for any conceivable change in the environment and its inhabitants since they constantly evolve.

wasteland story survival rpg mod apk download

As you explore, don't forget to scoop up plenty of spoils and enchantments to aid in your endless battle against mythic adversaries. Moreover, you'll find many hidden secrets and side quests that promise great rewards. 

With its fast-paced & action-packed gameplay, Wasteland Story Survival RPG MOD APK is worthwhile. Download it now and shoot, slash, and scavenge your way to survival.

Unique Features of Wasteland Story Survival RPG APK

  • Make A Choice. In this unforgiving post-apocalyptic realm, what course of action will you take? Will you save the world, or will you just look after yourself? If you choose the former, you'll face fierce adversaries & difficult battles against unfathomable creatures. Ensure you make your decisions wisely.
  • Find Rare Items. The Wasteland Story Survival RPG APK is home to many rare (500 items) and valuable items (74 enchantments + components) that can fetch great rewards. Search the wasteland, scavenge for these treasures, and reap their benefits! They will surely pave the way for your success.
  • Craft Your Haven. To live and thrive, one must do more than defeat adversaries. You must build a haven that will protect you from harm and other dangers. By using various materials, create a haven to call home as you embark on your journey of survival.
  • Unrivaled Character Customization Options. This game boasts an impressive selection of characters, all with their own special traits & individual personalities. Choose the eyes, lashes, hair, and skin color.


  • Be Ready for Anything. You will encounter many lethal and ill-intentioned enemies during your journey. Brace yourself as you battle through numerous action-packed levels and traverse unforgiving landscapes.
wasteland story survival rpg mod apk unlimited money
  • Recruit Companions. Connect with fellow survivors and solicit help from them. They can prove to be invaluable allies in your fight against adversity. Join forces with them to have a better chance of survival. You'll have 6 attributes & 76 perks to better equip your companions for the journey ahead.
  • Lots of Weapons and Armor. The Wasteland Story Survival RPG MOD APK download gives you access to deadly weapons and armor. They include rifles, pistols, SMGs, flame throwers, rocket launchers, mace daggers, grenades, swords, and armor. Equip your character appropriately to increase your survival chances.
  • Simple Controls. The controls are facile to decipher and use. With the mere flick of your finger, you can control characters as they attack, defend and dodge - all while switching weapons seamlessly. Be mindful that your choices will ultimately decide your destiny.
  • Beautiful Sound Effects. This game has stunning sound effects that take you to a land of post-apocalyptic fantasy. You'll hear the fire, whistles of wind, & clanging blades as if you were right there amid battle.
  • Lots of Maps. The game has numerous maps, each filled with action-packed missions and unyielding enemies. They include Wild West, Scraptown, Combat Zone, Plain of Bones, Oil Field, and Scorched Earth.

System Requirements & Additional Information

This game is optimized to work efficiently with Android 5.1 and above smartphones. It also requires users to have 200 MB of free storage space & at least 1GB RAM (we recommend 2GB+ RAM) for optimal use. 


Though the game is 100% free to download, it offers optional in-game purchases/ interactive elements ($1.99 to $19.99 per item). They can speed up game progress and grant access to additional content. Players should, however, note that these items are non-refundable & cannot be transferred between devices. 

Additionally, the game contains retro vibes with 8-bit pixel art graphics and a top-down camera angle. It also features dramatic music and an absorbing storyline that will keep you glued to the screen. Download it today and prepare for a thrilling journey in the wasteland.

Proven Tips & Tricks to Play Wasteland Story Survival RPG Game

  • Prioritize Your Quests. Put the most essential quests at the forefront of your agenda since they will yield greater rewards. Also, reserve minor, less imperative missions for afterward. This approach ensures you don't fritter away too much time or effort fruitlessly.
  • Stock Up on Resources. Accumulate and keep supplies whenever you find them. It's not guaranteed that you'll be able to get resources when the occasion arises, so it is essential to stockpile while you can. Stocking up will guarantee that there are sufficient materials for whatever situation may come your way.
  • Scout for Enemies. Discern the strategy of your adversaries & gauge their actions to prepare for any potential danger. This proactive approach will enable you to stay ahead of the game, ensuring a safer journey.
wasteland story survival rpg mod apk latest version
  • Handle Weapons with Care. To guarantee that you use the weapon safely and proficiently, ensure you fathom its controls before utilizing it.
  • Conserve Energy. Minimizing energy usage while restricting movement is critical to stay sharp and aware during challenging situations. This practice can be the difference between success and failure, making it essential for survival.
  • Utilize Your Companions. If you want to ensure your success, taking advantage of your companion's capabilities for scouting, gathering resources, and fighting against enemies is essential. To extend their effectiveness in combat, equip them with the most advanced weapons and armor accessible.


Wasteland Story Survival RPG is a thrilling game that will take you on an epic journey through the post-apocalyptic world. This game will give your brain a thorough workout with its powerful enemies, brain-teasing puzzles, and captivating quests.

Besides, its retro 8-bit pixel art graphics, absorbing storyline, and stunning sound effects will pull you in before you know it. You'll use sophisticated weapons, armor, and resources to stay alive in this hazardous wasteland.

To maximize your chances of success, use the tips & tricks provided above to build up your strength and defeat any challenge. Download the game today & prepare for a thrilling adventure!

Download Wasteland Story Survival RPG (245.38 Mb)


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