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Download Train to Gensan MOD APK Unlimited ducks new version and engage in exciting battles with zombies. It boasts unique 2D graphics and superior weapons for optimum enjoyment.

Information of Train to Gensan

Name Train to Gensan
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Last version 10.6
Size 71.45 Mb
Category Action
Developer TATAY
Price Free
Google Play Link
MOD Unlimited ducks
Download Now
MOD Features

Mod Features:

  • Unlimited ducks
  • No ads

About Train to Gensan

Train of Gensan is an action game that challenges you to win battles and gather treasures. The app by Tatay offers a collection of weapons that you can use to exterminate your enemies. Even better, you can upgrade the weapons for better outcomes. 

The game also features ducks and other cartoonish characters that add to the game’s entertaining nature. It is set in 2D graphics and soothing sound systems that guarantee an immersive gaming experience.

train to gensan mod apk

If you’re looking for a game that blends casual and action gaming features, download Train to Gensan for Android. You will have a fast-paced gaming escapade in a relatively relaxed gaming background.

An Interesting Plot of the Train to Gensan

In this game, you will play as a grandma headed to her son’s Birthday. She is looking to board a train to Gensan Province.

Unfortunately, the train is infected by the Bantot Virus. This scary virus has the potential to turn human beings into zombies.

As such, grandma’s journey will be characterized by endless zombies. You must use every technique at your disposal to eliminate them and get to your destination safely.

An Immersive Gameplay

Your survival in this game depends on your ability to use the right weapons at the right time. To this end, you will have several guns to pick from, including machine guns, flame throwers, MP5, and pipe bombs.

In the beginning, eliminating zombies will be a walk in the park. However, the mission becomes harder as the levels go up. You will need to make quick decisions and strike swiftly if you are to win this game.

While the Zombies look ordinary, they are far from it. You can defeat them by shooting on different body parts such as heads, hands, and legs. For instance, if a zombie is firing guns with his head, shoot off his hand. You should take note that zombies are fast learners.

train to gensan mod apk download

When you realize that zombies are acquiring shields, you should also level up! It is time to upgrade your weapons from a basic pistol to sophisticated machine guns. Always remember that the ammo is limited. As such, you should make every shot count.

Fortunately, you will earn some cash as you progress through levels. These will help you upgrade your weapons and unlock new ones for more fun. Additionally, you can use in-app purchases to unlock unique features. It cost $0.99 - $17.99 per item.

Simple yet Fulfilling 2-D Graphics

Train to Gensan offers simple yet fulfilling 2-D graphics. You will enjoy playing this game because it features beautifully designed places, characters, and soundtracks.

Even though the game challenges you to kill zombies, some parts are cartoonish. This makes it perfect for all ages!

The enemies in the game appear suddenly and run towards you with a frightening speed. However, your weapons will not let them get too close before you take them down!

Shoot off their limbs to disable them quickly and blast their heads for instant death. This is one of the reasons why this game is so addictive!

Highly Intuitive User Interface

The user interface gives all the details you need about the game in a simple-to-understand manner. It allows you to track your score, kills, and even the zombies you have eliminated.

train to gensan mod apk new version

It also includes a short description of each weapon for added convenience. You should always check your health bar. The more it diminishes, the higher your chance of being eliminated.

Simple Controls

The gameplay is straightforward. To begin, you will tap on your device's screen. To move forward and backward, you will tap the sideways buttons.

Even better, the game has a dedicated button to shoot. Tap it whenever you want to eliminate zombies. Once you eliminate the enemies, tap the screen to keep moving forward.

You can also pause the game. This way, you can take short breaks to strategize your next move or refill your life bar.

It is all about timing. You need to strike at the right moment to prevent the zombies from reaching you. Still, if you are fast enough, you can kill them before they get into your range!

Download Train to Gensan MOD APK 2023

If you want more exciting gameplay, you should download Game Train to Gensan MOD APK. It offers the following outstanding features:

  • Train to Gensan MOD APK Unlimited Ducks. This modded feature comes with unlimited ducks. Use them to get more power and win all levels easily!
  • Unlimited Coins. This modded feature will allow you to upgrade your weapons and unlock new ones without worrying about coins.
train to gensan mod apk for android
  • Train to Gensan MOD APK Unlock All Levels. No need to wait until you complete certain missions. This modded feature allows you to unlock all levels for added fun.
  • No Ads. This feature eliminates ads so you can enjoy playing the game without unnecessary interruptions.


Train to Gensan is a fun game that will help you unleash your fighting spirit! It features simple yet addictive 2D gameplay. Most of all, it gives you money and power-ups to strengthen yourself against zombies!

If you are looking for more skills upgrades, you should download Train to Gensan MOD APK 2023 today. It allows you to play without spending too much time and money completing missions.

Download Train to Gensan (71.45 Mb)

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