Torque Offroad Mod APK 1.1.5 (Unlimited money, gold)

Icon Torque Offroad Mod APK 1.1.5 (Unlimited money, gold)
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Download Torque Offroad Mod APK Unlimited money, gold Latest version and explore vast off-road terrains with modified cars. It has 3D graphics and realistic driving mechanics for optimum fun.

Information of Torque Offroad

Name Torque Offroad
Compatible with Android 5.1+
Last version 1.1.5
Size 360.79 Mb
Category Racing
Developer PixFlood
Price Free
Google Play Link
MOD Unlimited money, gold
Download Now
MOD Features
  • No ads

About Torque Offroad

Torque Offroad APK is a realistic driving game offered by PixFlood. It challenges you to customize your car and take it to the off-road tracks for a spin.

The game's controls are responsive, making it easier for you to dodge incoming obstacles and reach the finish line fast. You will use the on-screen buttons to control your car's throttle and brakes.

torque offroad mod apk

Additionally, this game is set in different locations, including deserts, mountains, and forests. This provides you with a varied gameplay experience. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, you will surely enjoy playing this game.

How to Play Torque Offroad Game

This game takes you out of your comfort zone and challenges you to explore the challenging off-road tracks. How well you handle the offroad-associated difficulties determines how far you can go in the game.

The primary objective is to maneuver through every challenge thrown at you. Be it crossing flooded rivers, navigating hilly terrains, or using rocky roads, you should do it all without damaging your car.

torque offroad mod apk download

Fortunately, the game will reward your handsomely every time you complete a mission. You should use this money to upgrade your car, allowing you to take on more thrilling challenges.

Customize Your Car

You're not restricted to a single car in this game. Instead, you can buy different cars and modify them to your liking. For instance, you can change the paint job, add decals, or install new parts.

You have complete freedom to make your car stand out from the rest. Here are a few ways to modify your car for the better:

  • Change Suspension. You can lift your car's suspension to make it better suited for the off-road tracks. However, ensure it doesn't lose its stability.
  • Replace Tires. The tires play a significant role in your car's off-roading performance. Be sure to choose the right ones for the specific terrain you're driving on. Sturdier tires will withstand more wear and tear.
  • Change Traction Mode. This game allows you to change your car's traction mode. This is useful when you're driving on slippery surfaces.

Many other modification options are available, and you should experiment and find the perfect setup for your vehicle.

torque offroad mod apk unlimited money and gold

This high-level customization is a critical aspect of the game as it allows you to take on different challenges. Some routes may be difficult to navigate with a standard car. Thus, you must be willing to make the necessary changes to your vehicle.

What are the Features of the Torque Offroad Game?

  • A Memorable Off-Road Experience. This game is designed to offer a unique gaming experience. It simulates off-road driving conditions perfectly, making it seem like you're driving in the real world.
  • Dynamic Obstacles. The game's tracks are filled with diverse obstacles, such as boulders, logs, and rivers. You must use your skills to navigate these challenges without damaging your car.
  • Realistic Driving Mechanics. This game features realistic driving mechanics. The cars behave as they would in the real world. For example, cars with a lower ground clearance will have a hard time crossing obstacles.
  • A Vast Open-World Environment. This game is quite relaxing, and you can take your time to explore the different tracks. There's no rush, and you can drive at your own pace. It will be super refreshing as you navigate barren lands with unpolluted air.
torque offroad mod apk latest version
  • Lots of Tracks. Torque offroad game allows you to explore different tracks, each offering a unique challenge. The obstacles are quite unpredictable, making the game more exciting. You can expect a new experience every time you take on a different track.
  • A lot of Customization Options. This game provides you with complete freedom to modify your car. You can install different parts, change the paint job, or add decals. There are many options available, and you can experiment until you find the perfect setup for your car.
  • Memorable Learning Experiences. This game will also expose you to different off-road driving techniques. You will quickly learn how to navigate different terrains without damaging your car. This is an essential skill that you can use in the real world.

Superior Graphics and Sound Systems

This game's 3D graphics are quite realistic, and the sound system is top-notch. You will feel as if you're driving in the real world thanks to its fantastic audio-visuals.

torque offroad mod apk for android

Additionally, the game's controls are quite intuitive, and you will quickly get used to them. The developers have done an excellent job of making this game easy to play. You won't have to worry about complex menus or controls.

Torque Offroad MOD APK Download 

If you are looking for ways to further improve your gameplay, download the Torque Offroad MOD APK 2023. This modified version of the game comes with several useful features that can give you a significant advantage, including:

  • Torque Offroad MOD APK Unlimited Money and Gold. This game is about earning money and using it to upgrade your car. The MOD APK provides you with an unlimited amount of in-game currency, ensuring you quickly become the best driver on the track.
  • Torque Offroad MOD APK Unlocked Vehicles. This game has many different vehicles you can use to explore rough tracks. The MOD APK unlocks all of the game's vehicles, so you can try them out and find your favorite.
torque offroad mod apk 2022
  • Torque Offroad MOD APK No Ads. This game is free of advertisements, and you won't have to worry about annoying pop-ups interrupting your gameplay. You can enjoy an uninterrupted gaming experience thanks to the MOD APK.
  • Torque Offroad MOD APK Improved Graphics. The game's visuals are quite impressive, but they can be even better. The MOD APK enhances the game's graphics and makes them even more realistic. You will be blown away by the game's updated visuals.


Torque Offroad is an excellent off-roading game that can provide you with hours of enjoyment. It has many different tracks, vehicles, and challenges that you can take on. The game's controls are super intuitive, and the visuals highly realistic.

You can also download the Torque Offroad MOD APK for Android to improve your gameplay. This modified game has several helpful features, such as unlimited money, unlocked vehicles, and no ads.

Download Torque Offroad (360.79 Mb)

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