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Tiny Run 3D is an action-packed masterpiece by MondayOFF that you should have on your device. Download this game and play to overcome various obstacles for survival.

Information of Tiny Run 3D

Name Tiny Run 3D
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Last version 1.8
Size 96.77 Mb
Category Casual
Developer MondayOFF
Price Free
Google Play Link
MOD Unlimited gold
Download Now
MOD Features
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About Tiny Run 3D

If you love action games where you have to survive using an animal as the main character, the Tiny Run is the game you should download. The game offers awesome animated action where you control the queen ant and servant ants to maneuver various obstacles and survive. Over 500, 000 gamers around the world are playing this game now.

tiny run 3d mod apk

The team at MondayOFF created Tiny Run 3D with an aim of entertaining the player with a stealth endless animated action involving ants. The graphics of the game are very realistic and every movement and action is smooth. This game requires the device to have an Android 4.4 OS and above. Download the game now and prove that you can play this simple and running game to become the best survivor.

Tiny Run 3D Gameplay

The main goal in this game is to survive with your ant character to get to the end of the runway successfully. As you move down the runway, you should get in contact with groups of ants. Influence them to follow you as their queen by getting in their group. This ensures that you mutate from a tiny ant to a giant ant within no time. Ensure to safeguard the group of ants behind you through the obstacles as you go down the path. Notably, the mutation happens twice down the runway. So, make other ants follow you in large numbers so that you can mutate easily. The gameplay automatically facilitates the mutation.

tiny run 3d apk free download

Near the end of the runway, you collect bars of gold from runaway characters and complete various gold statutes. Actually, there are various structures you can create with the collected gold including a gold Christmas tree, ant queen stature, a tower, etc. you should collect as much gold as possible to complete the gold structure easily and fast. Overall, this forms the second major goal of the game. The game interface displays the level of gold accumulated before you start the next level. Get the game now, survive various obstacles, collect bars of gold and immortalize the queen ant with a gold statute.

Tiny Run 3D Features

Just like other games created by MondayOFF, you get to enjoy thrilling gameplay in the Tiny Run 3D game. You must be keen to overcome various killer obstacles to help your ant character survive. More to this, the game has other features that stand out as follows.

tiny run 3d apk latest version

Killer Obstacles – the runway, where the ant has to go through to get to victory, has several obstacles that may harm or kill your ant characters. These obstacles include a rolling ball with Insecticide, magnified sunburns, vehicles, large footsteps, giant hammers killing ants and spilling insecticide all over the runway. You have to avoid all these things to survive to the end. By the virtual of being a queen ant, the servant ants will forge forward to remove mobile obstacles for you.

Stunning Action – the game features an exciting storyline with ants as the main characters. You have to go through the many obstacles to survive, mutate to huge a huge ant, and finish every level in style. You need a huge following by other ants for the mutation to take effect smoothly. To finish each level, you need to collect bars of gold to complete a predetermined statute or structure. There is a celebration background sound when you sail through the dangerous runway successfully.

download tiny run 3d apk for android

Cool 3D Graphics – the game features simple 3D graphics that make the game environment realistic and stand out. The magnificent graphics facilitate the smooth motion of the ants. Also, the eye-catching, lifelike and instant mutation is automatic and noticeable at various stages of each level. While snatching gold from some little guys running away with it, the action is super awesome.

Easy Controls – the game comes with very easy controls. Beginners can easily learn the movement within a second since the game prompts you how to move the characters at the very beginning. You need to swipe the screen to the left or right to avoid ramming into obstacles. Note that the forward movement to the character is automatic. You don’t have to press any button to trigger mutation of the queen ant either.

tiny run 3d apk download 2021

Unlimited Collectible Items – the game has two main collectible items; groups of ants and bars of gold. As you go down the runway, you need to collect various groups of ants to help in the mutation of the character queen ant. Moreover, you need to collect unlimited gold pieces to construct the various gold structures.

Download Tiny Run 3D Mod APK – Unlimited Gold

With the Tiny Run 3D Mod APK latest version, you get to collect unlimited gold. Download the Tiny Run 3D Mod APK free and enjoy the great pack of joy that the game has to offer!

Download Tiny Run 3D (96.77 Mb)

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