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Download My Talking Tom Friends Mod APK Unlimited money and diamonds Latest version and have fun with your buddies. You must undertake numerous activities to keep them happy & fulfilled.

Information of My Talking Tom Friends

Name My Talking Tom Friends
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version
Size 139.29 Mb
Category Casual
Developer Outfit7 Limited
Price Free
Google Play Link
MOD Unlimited money, diamonds


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MOD Features
  • Unlimited Money (Free purchase)

About My Talking Tom Friends

My Talking Tom Friends is a fun-filled game offered by Outfit7 Limited. It introduces an all-new Talking Tom and his friends ready to take the world by storm.

You'll be obliged to look after them, feed them, help them grow, and most critically keep them happy. To do that you must undertake various activities like playing mini-games, feeding them their favorite food, decorating their home, and much more.

download my talking tom friends mod apk

The game also allows you to interact with your friends in several ways. You can chat with them, exchange gifts, and even have pillow fights. This way, you can be sure to have fun and enjoy every minute you spend with your Talking Tom Friends.

Highly Exciting Gameplay

This game features 6 friends, including Tom, Hank, Angela, Becca, Ginger, and Ben. If you are a fan of Outfit7, you must have played My Talking Tom and Angela, in which you get to take care of a virtual pet.

The gameplay is more or less similar in My Talking Tom Friends, but it is a lot more exciting because now you have 6 friends to take care of instead of one.

Also, the game features a lot of new things to do. Most of these activities are based on real-life scenarios and are bound to keep you engaged for hours on end. As such, you can expect a cascade of never-ending fun and excitement.

An Overview of Activities to Undertake

This game simulates real-life emotions. Your friends can be happy, hungry, angry, playful, or sleepy. You must keep an eye on their emotions and undertake the required activity to make them feel better.

my talking tom friends mod apk

For instance, if Tom is hungry, you must feed him his favorite food. Similarly, if Angela is angry, you must give her a gift or play a mini-game with her to cheer her up. Here are a few activities you can undertake in the game:

  • Showcase Fashions

You can buy your friends unique outfits and hairstyles from the in-game store and make them look their best. You can even buy fashionable accessories like glasses and shoes to add a touch of class.

You can let them dance and sing popular songs to show off their moves and talents. This will bring out the best in their fashions. For example, a Cinderella dress for Angela or hip-hop looks for Hank.


  • Decorate Their Home

You can make your friends feel at home by furnishing and decorating your house according to their taste. You can buy new furniture, wallpapers, carpets, and other things from the store and give their home a makeover.

my talking tom friends mod apk android

Additionally, you can keep your friends entertained by setting up game rooms with video games. This way, they can have fun and stay happy.

  • Feed Them Their Favorite Food

You must make sure to feed your friends their favorite food, ensuring they stay healthy and happy. You can buy food from the store and cook it yourself or have it delivered.

If need be, you can take your friends out to eat at their favorite restaurant. This way, they can enjoy a variety of foods and have a good time.

You'll be amazed at how real they will be with their reactions. If they don't love the food, they'll show it on their face.

  • Take Trips to Town

You can take your friends on trips to the town and have a good time. You can explore different places, meet new people, and make new friends.

my talking tom friends mod apk versi terbaru

Most importantly, you can go shopping with your friends and buy them new clothes, shoes, and other things. This way, they can stay up-to-date with the latest fashion trends.

  • Play Mini-Games

You can play a variety of mini-games with your friends to have fun. These games are designed to test your skills and reflexes.

Some of the games you can play include catapult, target practice, and memory. These games are not only fun but also help you bond with your friends.

Collect Coins

You will require a lot of money to buy things for your friends. You can earn money by completing tasks and playing mini-games. Additionally, you can buy coins with real money ($0.99 - $99.99 per item).

my talking tom friends mod apk 2022

This money will also come in handy when customizing your friends' looks with the latest clothes and accessories. You can also use it to buy them new furniture and home decor items.


Authentic Graphics & Sound Systems

This game is the epitome of authenticity. Everything in it, from the graphics to the sound systems, is top-notch.

The characters look real and are designed with a lot of detail. The same goes for the environments, which are also rich in detail and color.

As for the sound systems, they are super realistic. The background music is soothing and does a great job setting the mood. Additionally, the sound effects are spot-on and add to the realism.

My Talking Tom Friends MOD APK Download

My Talking Tom Friends MOD APK 2024 has been modified to eliminate the need for in-app purchases. It offers everything you need to progress, including:

my talking tom friends apk
  • My Talking Tom Friends MOD APK Unlimited Money. This MOD is generous with money and will let you buy anything without running bankrupt. You can use the money to buy clothes, shoes, home decor items, and more for your friends.
  • My Talking Tom Friends MOD APK Unlocked All Characters. This will give you access to all the characters from the start. Whether you want to play with Hank, Angela, Ginger, or any other character, you can do so without unlocking them first.
  • All Levels Unlocked. My Talking Tom Friends MOD APK unlimited diamonds will also let you progress through the levels without having to complete the previous ones. You can start from any level you want and play at your own pace.
  • No Ads. This is a huge relief since ads can be annoying, especially when you're in the middle of a game. With My Talking Tom Friends MOD APK Unlimited Coins, you won't be pestered by ads.
  • My Talking Tom Friends MOD APK Unlocked Everything. This MOD gives you an open playground and lets you enjoy the game to the fullest. You can do whatever you want without restrictions.


My Talking Tom Friends MOD APK is a great game that's perfect for those who love to take care of virtual pets. It's packed with features and offers hours of entertainment.

With the My Talking Tom Friends MOD APK, you can enjoy the game even more as it gives you access to everything. You don't have to worry about running out of money or unlocking characters.

Download My Talking Tom Friends (139.29 Mb)


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