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Download Tekken Mod APK Unlimited money Latest version and enjoy an extraordinary fighting game on your mobile. It has a unique combat system that will send your heart pounding!

Information of Tekken

Name Tekken
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 1.5
Size 188 MB
Category Action
Developer BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe
Price Free
MOD Unlimited money
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About Tekken

Tekken has been one of the most celebrated fighting franchises in video game history. The series has been going strong since its first entry in arcades back in the early ‘90s. It’s seen multiple releases on consoles and PC, with each new installment adding more to the Tekken formula.

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Now, the series is making its way to mobile with Tekken for Android. The game features the same over-the-top fighting action that Tekken is known for, along with a unique combat system that’s been designed specifically for mobile devices.

Tekken for Android is a free-to-play game, and it features in-app purchases. However, you can disable these if you don’t want to be bothered by them.

To enjoy the game optimally, you should have an Android 5.0 device with 2 GB of RAM. Tekken will also take up about 1.5 GB of storage space on your device.

Why Download Tekken APK for Android?

If you love fighting games, then Tekken is a must-download. The game features all of the over-the-top action that you’ve come to expect from the franchise.

It integrates new gaming mechanics specially devised for Android devices, which results in an experience that’s unique to the platform. It is super-fast-paced and exciting, and you’ll be engaged for hours on end.

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Additionally, this game has exceptionally bright graphics and runs smoothly on most devices. You won’t find many mobile games that look as good as Tekken. Its original goodness has been replicated on mobile!

An Extraordinary Story Mode Gameplay

This game lets you explore the Tekken world like the pro you are! The best part is that you can enjoy the whole story mode without having to shell out a single dime.

You will join some of the most admired fighters in the world of Tekken, including Kazuya Mishima, Nina Williams, and more. You will face fierce adversaries, but you will also get to develop your fighting style by customizing your characters.

As you progress through the story mode, you will gradually uncover the mysteries surrounding the King of Iron Fist Tournament. Along the way, you will also experience some of the most iconic Tekken moments.

Build Specialist Teams

As you navigate the map-based campaigns, you will encounter other players. You can either fight them or recruit them to join your team.

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You can have several characters in your team, and you can switch between them at any time during combat. This adds an extra layer of strategy to the game, as you must carefully select the right team for each situation.

The specialias+E13ed characters will have unique abilities that can turn the tide of battle. Make sure to use them wisely!

Outstanding Features of Tekken APK 

  • Many Dynamic Characters. You will find 20+ Tekken characters in this game, including Paul, Panda, Nina, Law, Xiaoyu, and Kazuya. You can select your favorite fighter and take them into battle.
  • Become a Dojo Master. In Tekken, you can create your dojo. Once you have built your dojo, you can invite other players to join you. You can also visit other players’ dojos and challenge them to fight.
  • Upgrade and Level-Up Your Gameplay. There are many ways to improve your gameplay in Tekken. You can level up your characters, upgrade their abilities, and purchase new equipment. You can also use in-game currency to get an edge over your opponents.
  • Regularly Updated Content. The developers of Tekken regularly release new content and updates. This keeps the game fresh and exciting. You can expect new characters, stages, and features regularly.
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  • Intuitive Controls. The controls in Tekken have been designed specifically for mobile devices. They are easy to use and intuitive. You will be able to perform all of the moves with ease.
  • 20+ Special Moves. Each character in Tekken has its own unique set of special moves. You can use these moves to take down your opponents quickly.
  • Exceptional Graphics & Sound Systems. Everything about Tekken is realistic, from the graphics to the sound effects. You will see and feel every punch, kick, and blow.

Many Game Modes to Explore

This game has many different game modes that you can enjoy, including:

  • Story Mode Missions. These are campaign-themed missions that you can play solo or with friends. You will need to complete various objectives to progress through the story.
  • Dojo Challenges. These are special challenges that you can take on to earn rewards. You will need to use your fighting skills to defeat powerful opponents.
  • Online Versus Battles. You can battle other players from all around the world in real-time. There are many different modes to choose from, including Ranked Matches and Arcade Battles.
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  • Live Events. These are special events that you can participate in to earn rewards. The events change regularly, so you will always have something new to do.

Additionally, the game has an achievement board where you can track your progress. This way, you will always know what you need to do to improve your skills. It can also you choose your team members carefully, as each one has different strengths and weaknesses.

There are also tons of customization options available. You can change the appearance of your characters, equipment, and dojo. This allows you to create a unique gaming experience that is tailored to your preferences.

Tekken MOD APK Download

If you want uninterrupted, action-packed, and competitive gameplay, you should download the Tekken MOD APK OBB file. Upon installation, you will enjoy these features:

  • Tekken MOD APK Unlimited Money. This version of the game gives you an unlimited amount of in-game currency. You can use this currency to purchase upgrades, new equipment, and other items.
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  • Tekken MOD APK All Characters Unlocked. In this version of the game, all of the Tekken characters will be unlocked from the start. You can select any fighter that you want and take them into battle.
  • No Ads. This Tekken MOD APK 2023 does not have any ads. This way, you can build your team and participate in battles without distractions.
  • Tekken MOD APK Offline. This MOD lets you play the game offline. You will not need an internet connection to enjoy the game. However, you will not access the online multiplayer game option.


Tekken is an exciting and competitive mobile game. It has many different features that make it stand out from other games in the genre.

You can expect regular updates, intuitive controls, and beautiful graphics. With the Tekken MOD APK for Android, you will access unlimited resources and all of the game's content.

Download Tekken (188 MB)

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