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Download Tap Tap Run Mod APK Unlimited money, gems Latest version and strive to become the king of running. You will start slow and gradually increase your stamina and speed.

Information of Tap Tap Run

Name Tap Tap Run
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Last version 1.17.3
Size 105.31 Mb
Category Simulation
Developer fffungame
Price Free
Google Play Link
MOD Unlimited money, gems


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MOD Features
  • Lots of diamonds, get rewarded without watching ads.

About Tap Tap Run

Tap Tap Run APK is an idle clicker game with progressive gameplay. It requires you to perform simple running actions to earn money.

When you begin the game, you will be an amateur with limited running skills. Even running 100 meters will be a challenge for you.

However, you will increase your abilities as you progress and earn more money. Eventually, you will be able to run like a professional athlete.

tap tap run mod apk

If you've been looking for the perfect running clicker game, look no further than Tap Tap Run APK for Android. It is 49MB and works 100% seamlessly with Android 4.4+ devices.

A Perfect Clicker Game for a Relaxing Experience

While most clicker games are hectic and require you to constantly be tapping the screen, Tap Tap Run is the perfect game for when you want to relax.

It has significantly simplified game mechanics that allow you to play the game with one hand. You can even play the game while lying down.

It even has an idle mode where the game will continue to run when offline. This ensures that you quickly gain skills that will catapult you to the top. Just ensure you keep unlocking special features that'll help you along the way.

Grow Your Character

As earlier mentioned, you'll start the game as a novice runner. However, you have the potential to grow into the best runner in the world. All you need is to put in the work by running as much as possible to gain more money and skills.

tap tap run mod apk unlimited diamond

Additionally, you should aim at unlocking new and sophisticated abilities that will help you in your running journey. There are endless possibilities in the game, and it all depends on how you want to play.

Some of the abilities you can unlock include:

  • Speed. You can increase your running speed to make it easier to outrun your opponents. This is the most essential ability in the game.
  • Stamina. This will enable you to run for longer periods without getting tired. This way, you can even run a marathon without breaking a sweat.
  • Jumping. You can use this ability to jump over obstacles and reach new areas quickly. It is the surest way of outsmarting your opponents and becoming the best runner in the world.


Run on Gold Treadmill to Become Rich!

This game is not only about becoming the best runner in the world but also about becoming rich. You can achieve this by running on a gold treadmill that generates money as you run.

tap tap run mod apk download

The more money you have, the easier it will be to buy new abilities and upgrades. You can even use your money to train your character to make them even better runners.

Lots of Collectibles 

As you run, you will come across collectibles that can help you grow faster. They include:

  • Shoes. For any runner, shoes are essential for a better running experience. You can use them to increase your speed, stamina, and jumping abilities. There are different types of shoes in the game, and you should aim at collecting as many as possible. 
  • Coins. These are the primary currency in the game used to buy new abilities and upgrades. Ensure you collect as many coins as possible to progress faster in the game.
  • Costumes. You can use costumes to change the appearance of your character. Some costumes even have special abilities that can help you in the game.
tap tap run mod apk versi terbaru

Your success in this game will depend on how you collect and use these items. Always be on the lookout for new items that can help you in your journey to becoming the best runner in the world.

Countless Opponents to Test Your Skills

As you run, you will come across different opponents with varying levels of skills. You should always aim at running faster than them to progress in the game.

The opponents will also provide you with an opportunity to test your newly acquired abilities. Ensure you use them wisely to outsmart and defeat your opponents. The two main opponents you'll face in this game include:

  • Usain Nut. This is one of the fastest opponents you'll come across in the game. You need to be at your best to defeat him. Always ensure you have the right abilities before you start running against him.
  • Lion. Besides running on the track, you will also come across a lion that chases you. The only way to defeat him is by using your jumping ability to escape his clutches. You can also meet a hungry bear!


tap tap run mod apk untuk android

Whoever you come across, always aim at defeating them to progress in the game. The more opponents you defeat, the closer you'll be to becoming the best runner in the world.

Simple Graphics for an Intuitive Experience

Although the graphics in this game are not the best, they are still quite good, considering it is an endless runner game. The tracks have been designed in a way that you can easily see what is coming ahead.

The characters in the game are also well-animated, making the game even more enjoyable. Overall, the graphics are quite good, and they do not affect the gameplay in any way.

Tap Tap Run MOD APK Download

While this game is fun, you may require in-app purchases to experience full gameplay. If you are uncomfortable with this, you can download the Tap Tap Run MOD APK for Android. It is a modified version of the game that comes with unlimited resources. 

tap tap run mod apk 2022

With the Tap Tap MOD APK unlimited money and gems, you will have all the shoes, abilities, and upgrades from the start. You can use these advantages to become the best runner in the world within a short time.

Even better, the Tap Tap Run MOD APK 2023 is clutter-free. It does not show any annoying ads that can ruin your gaming experience.


Tap Tap Run is an addictive idle clicker game that challenges you to become the best runner in the world. It comes with simple graphics and easy-to-understand gameplay.

The game also has lots of collectibles and opponents that you can use to test your newly acquired abilities. Even better, you can download the Tap Tap Run MOD APK for Android to get unlimited resources.

Download Tap Tap Run (105.31 Mb)


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