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Download Tap Tap Dino MOD APK latest version and raise powerful dinosaurs to protect your village. It encourages players to think quickly and build reliable strategies!

Information of Tap Tap Dino

Name Tap Tap Dino
Compatible with Android 4.1+
Last version 2.91
Size 53.6 MB
Category Simulation
Developer continue
Price Free
Google Play Link
MOD Unlimited money and gems


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MOD Features
  • Free upgrade (spend gold even if it's not enough)
  • No ads

About Tap Tap Dino

Tap Tap Dino APK is a strategy game where players must raise dinosaurs to protect their village from a ferocious enemy. It tests your skills and reflexes as you build your army of dinosaurs.

You will begin with a few eggs and some basic resources, which you can use to hatch the eggs and start building your dino army. You must strategize carefully to create a powerful force with varying dinosaurs with different abilities.

tap tap dino mod apk

As you progress, the gameplay becomes more complex. As such, you must level up your dinosaurs, upgrade their stats, and build a balanced team to fight against the enemy. The missions you must complete are diverse, offering varying degrees of difficulty.

Overall, this game is enjoyable for strategy fans. Its cartoonish graphics and sound design make it enjoyable for all ages. Download its latest version & build your dino army from scratch.

Tap Tap Dino APK - Background Story

The game is set in a prehistoric world where dinosaurs roam freely. Unfortunately, their home has been invaded by a mysterious enemy hell-bent on destruction and chaos. The village needs a hero, and that's where you come in!

You are tasked to recruit dinosaurs, train them, and build an army to defend your home. You will then use your team to recover a crystal stolen from the villagers. While that sounds simple enough, you must use your wits and strategic thinking to be successful.

The game tests your reflexes as well as tactical wisdom. Assemble the perfect team of dinosaurs, level them up, upgrade their stats & compete against a devious enemy hell-bent on destroying everything in its path.

Do you have what it takes to save the world from the red enemy? Download Tap Tap Dino MOD APK for Android & test your wits.

How to Play Tap Tap Dino APK?

The game's objective is to build the perfect team of dinosaurs & defend your home from evil. To start, you will hatch a few eggs and equip them with basic resources for battle.

tap tap dino mod apk download

Fortunately, the game features a clicker system that simplifies the process of hatching eggs and building your army. You will not have to worry about the tedious process of grinding resources as it all happens at a comfortable pace.


All you need is to click items on the screen, and the game will take care of the rest. With multiple levels in each stage, you must level up your army, build a balanced team, and equip them with powerful items to fight off the enemy.

Additionally, you should take care of eggs & protect the young ones from danger. Keep them safe, and they will become powerful warriors in no time. This way, you will be on track to bring peace back to the world.

Unique Features of Tap Tap Dino APK

  • Evolve Your Dinosaurs. Regularly tapping on several items on your screen will fill your dinosaur's status bar. Once it's full, you can evolve the dinosaur with a single tap. This will give them new stats & abilities that will increase their power in battle.
  • Recover the Crystal. When the enemy attacked your village, they stole a valuable crystal. Every mission you complete will bring you one step closer to recovering it. As such, you must ensure your team is well-equipped & prepared to fight the enemy.
  • Beautiful 3D Graphics. Tap Tap Dino APK features cartoonish yet stunning visuals with immersive and detailed character designs. The colorful environments will keep you engaged as you explore the prehistoric world of dinosaurs.
  • Multiple Levels & Missions. This game offers various levels with different objectives for each stage. You must complete all the missions to progress in the game. Fight off waves of enemies, protect young eggs, and upgrade your dino army for a shot at victory.
  • Lots of Obstacles to Overcome. The game features many obstacles that will test your wits & reflexes. From puzzles to boss fights, you must use all the resources at your disposal and defeat the enemy with smart tactics to be successful.
tap tap dino mod apk latest version
  • Find Eggs & Hatch Them. The game features random egg locations that you must find & hatch. The eggs will give you new dinosaurs that you can train, equipping them with exceptional abilities.
  • Collect Gold and Jewels. With gold and jewels, you can upgrade your dino army and bring them to the next level. Collect as many of these resources as possible throughout your journey and use them to enhance your experience.
  • Simple Controls. The game is designed with tap-based controls to simplify the process. Players can tap items on their screen for specific resources & command their army with a single tap. The game also features drag-and-drop options for moving characters around the map.
  • Hypnotic Sound Effects. The game has an upbeat soundtrack and sound effects to keep you engaged. With excellent audio quality, you will enjoy every moment of your journey in the Tap Tap Dino MOD APK download.


System Requirements and Additional Information

The game is available for Android 4.1+ operating systems. It requires a minimum of 200MB of storage space and at least 1GB RAM to run smoothly. The game also offers regular updates with bug fixes, performance enhancements, and new levels.

Additionally, this game is 100% free to play, ensuring an enjoyable experience without paying anything. It has a cartoonish feel, making it ideal for all age groups.

How to Play Tap Tap Dino Like A Pro - Proven Tips & Strategies

To become a pro in Tap Tap Dino, you must utilize the resources at your disposal. Here are some proven tips & strategies to help you out:

tap tap dino mod apk for android
  • Upgrade Your Dinos. Regularly upgrade to improve their stats & give them new abilities to fight off the enemy.
  • Strategize. Take your time and plan out your moves on each stage. You must use the resources at hand to properly strategize and defeat the enemies using smart tactics.
  • Adapt to the Environment. Be sure to take in all the game elements and adjust your strategy accordingly. Different stages have different objectives, and you must adapt your playstyle quickly to complete each mission successfully.


Tap Tap Dino MOD APK download is a fun and engaging game that takes you back to the prehistoric world of dinosaurs. It has multiple levels with different objectives, ensuring an entertaining experience from start to finish.

With simple controls, excellent graphics, and mesmerizing sound effects, Tap Tap Dino is one of the top games to explore. It'll challenge your wits & reflexes and keep you hooked with its unique levels.

Download Tap Tap Dino (53.6 MB)


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