Bud Farm Idle Tycoon Mod APK 1.21.0 (Unlimited money)

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Download Bud Farm Idle Tycoon Mod APK Unlimited money Latest version for an immersive pot-farming tycoon simulation game. It features engaging storylines and rewarding gameplay.

Information of Bud Farm Idle Tycoon

Name Bud Farm Idle Tycoon
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Last version 1.21.0
Size 93.29 Mb
Category Simulation
Developer LDRLY Games
Price Free
Google Play Link
MOD Unlimited money


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MOD Features
  • Unlimited money
  • Unlimited card
  • Unlimited buds

About Bud Farm Idle Tycoon

Bud Farm Idle Tycoon is a weed-farming game where you grow and harvest hemp plants to sell dry buds. The game is based on the life of a grower and cultivator determined to become the ultimate farming tycoon.

You start with small fields where you only produce weed. As you progress through the game, you buy bigger farms with large growing spaces for producing higher grades of marijuana that fetch more profits.

bud farm idle tycoon mod apk

On your adventure, you meet various characters who will offer you challenging side-quests that earn rewards. You can also buy different decorations for your farm, which will increase your profits.

Overall, the game will test your business skills as you try out new farming strategies. You must be a team player and be ready to make difficult decisions. Download it and enter the high-stakes world of cannabis farming.

Bud Farm Idle Tycoon APK - Background Story

The world of Bud Farm Idle Tycoon has long been dominated by powerful drug cartels and underground criminal organizations. But in recent years, there has been a shift in the way that marijuana production is handled.

In Bud Farm Idle Tycoon, you begin on a beautiful island in the Pacific Northwest. Take control of Shorty, Uncle Floyd, and Dave as they try to build a cannabis empire. 

bud farm idle tycoon mod apk download

Initially, they will face a threat from a greedy billionaire determined to dislodge them and take over their land. As they grow, they will contend with competition from other players, sabotage from rival cartels, and a fluctuating market that requires careful planning and resource management.

Build a network of suppliers & customers and rise to the top of this lucrative industry. Download it and join the murky of cannabis farming today.

Outstanding Features of Bud Farm Idle Tycoon APK

  • Idle Clicker Element. This game integrates the classic elements of a clicker game with the strategic thinking required for building and managing your farm. This reduces the monotony of the game and keeps things interesting. You can take time off between playing, and your farm will continue to grow.
  • Increasing Rewards. You can increase the rewards you get from completing quests and selling items by upgrading the buildings on your farm. This makes it easy for you to make difficult decisions when faced with thorny choices.
  • Engaging Storylines. The game features fully voiced dialogues, which add to the immersive nature of the gameplay. You must engage with many characters and complete side quests to build your farm.


bud farm idle tycoon mod apk unlimited money
  • Tap to Grow. This game's controls are facile. All you need to do is tap on the screen of your device to plant, harvest, or upgrade any building on your farm. You can also use this simple process to automate certain processes on your farm and get things done while you are away.
  • Building Resources. Since making money is crucial to progressing in this game, you will need energy, coins, and other resources to unlock new upgrades on your farm. You can either wait for these resources to be replenished over time or use boosters to instantly get more of them.
  • Intense Bongo Battles. These battles provide a much-needed change of pace from the management gameplay. Here, you will have to engage rival bongo players to earn rewards and increase your influence in the game.
  • Play with Friends. This game has an epic multiplayer mode where you compete with other players to become the top weed grower. Ensure you unleash your skills and use all the resources at your disposal to outsmart and beat them.
  • Affordable In-App Purchases. You can affordably purchase premium items and boosts with real-world money ($1.99 - $99.99 per item). This makes it easy to progress faster in the game, get more resources, and unlock new upgrades.
bud farm idle tycoon mod apk latest version
  • Beautiful Graphics. This game is visually stunning, with its lush landscapes full of trees and colorful plants. The characters are rendered in 2D, making the game even more immersive than arcade clickers or farming games.

System Requirements & Additional Information

This game is compatible with Android smartphones and tablets (Android 4.4 and above). It is only 55MB, making it easy to download even on mobile data connections.

The game offers many interactive elements that make it engaging and exciting for players, including conversational dialogue and challenging battles. You can also use in-app purchases to upgrade your farm and progress faster.


Proven Tips for Playing Bud Farm Idle Tycoon APK

  • Pay close attention to the requirements for each upgrade and only focus on those that align with your long-term goals.
bud farm idle tycoon mod apk for android
  • Manage your energy wisely, as it will play a key role in determining how quickly you can progress through the game.
  • Join an active community of players and participate in discussions about strategies, challenges, and tactics.
  • Use boosters and other in-game items wisely to get ahead of the competition and earn more rewards.
  • Consider spending real-world money on premium upgrades if you want to progress quickly or unlock new content that is otherwise inaccessible.
  • Keep an eye on your progress in the game so that you know when it is time to take a break or start focusing on other tasks. This will allow you to avoid burnout and enjoy the game for longer periods.

Bud Farm Idle Tycoon MOD APK Download

The MOD game offers many unique features to revolutionize your gameplay, including:

  • Bud Farm Idle Tycoon MOD APK Unlimited Money. With this mod, you will have unlimited resources and in-game items, allowing you to quickly and easily progress through the game. You will quickly unlock new upgrades that would otherwise be inaccessible.
bud farm idle tycoon apk
  • No Ads. The Bud Farm Idle Tycoon MOD APK for Android also removes all ads from the game, allowing you to enjoy a more immersive and uninterrupted experience. This way, you can focus on building your farm and competing with other players without getting distracted by advertisements.
  • Additional Hints. This mod also comes with additional hints and tips to help you succeed in the game, including strategies for leveling up faster, earning more rewards, and optimizing your gameplay.


If you are looking for a fun, engaging farm management game with an exciting twist, Bud Farm Idle Tycoon APK is a perfect choice. It challenges you to build your weed farm and compete with other players in intense bongo battles. Download and grow the best-quality weed!

Download Bud Farm Idle Tycoon (93.29 Mb)


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