SSSnaker Mod APK 1.5.0 (Unlimited money)

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Download SSSnaker MOD APK latest version and enjoy a unique shooter game with roguelite elements. It has glowing neon-style graphics and highly hypnotic sound effects.

Information of SSSnaker

Name SSSnaker
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Last version 1.5.0
Size 997.49 Mb
Category Casual
Developer Habby
Price Free
Google Play Link
MOD Unlimited money


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About SSSnaker

SSSnaker APK is a casual/arcade snake-based shooter game offered by Habby. It is inspired by the classic snake game but with a modern twist.

The game's graphics are highly unique and mesmerizing. You will be playing against a dark background filled with neon colors. This way, you can easily spot all the obstacles and traps, making it easier to dodge them.

Additionally, the game offers diverse power-ups distributed randomly on each level. Collect them to increase your speed or shoot fireballs and lasers to break through obstacles/enemies.

sssnaker mod apk

The overall game mechanics are incredibly smooth, with responsive controls, making it easier to survive in a dangerous environment. Download SSSnaker MOD APK for Android and start your roguelite adventure today.

SSSnaker APK - Background Story

If you're an arcade game enthusiast, SSSnaker APK is the perfect game. You will control a snake with supernatural powers as it explores an unknown world filled with enemies and traps. Your goal? To get as far away from danger as possible while shooting adversaries and collecting treasures.

As a nostalgic homage to the old-school snake classic, this game requires more than just speed and agility. You'll need to strategize your actions & use power-ups judiciously if you want to make it through each level unscathed and reach the goal of completing your quest.

sssnaker mod apk download

The game is creatively crafted to accommodate thrill lovers, casual players, and hardcore gamers with its numerous levels & well-designed challenges. Its facile, responsive controls and vivid backdrop create an almost hypnotic environment.

SSSnaker APK Gameplay

SSSnaker has incredibly diverse gameplay. As you progress, the game becomes increasingly more difficult with randomly generated levels. You'll be swerving through treacherous walls & enemies while collecting power-ups and shooting fireballs to make your way through.

In the beginning, you will have a short, weak snake that moves at slow speeds. However, the game provides several power-ups that allow you to increase your size and speed up. Furthermore, you can acquire special items like shields and bombs to outsmart enemies or eliminate obstructions in your path.


sssnaker mod apk unlimited money

As you progress through the game, its levels become more intricate and demanding. You must plan and react quickly to dodge hazards and enemy bullets. Every level is a real test of your skills and reflexes.

Overall, this game will astound you with its intense gameplay and unique neon-style visuals. Download SSSnaker MOD APK and start exploring the unknown today. Experience a wild adventure full of challenging obstacles, powerful enemies, and valuable treasures.

Other Outstanding Features of SSSnaker APK

  • Grow Your Snake and Blast Your Enemies. This game allows you to expand your snake's body and acquire special powers and skills. As you progress, your arsenal will expand to include powerful fireballs/ lasers to help you vanquish enemies or evade sticky situations.
  • Endless Levels of Fun. SSSnaker has a huge selection of levels, with increasing difficulty, to conquer. With each level randomly generated, you can look forward to a novel experience no matter how many times you play.
  • Lively Visuals and Sounds. The visuals will take your breath away, while the audio effects engross and transport you to another place. Every time you play the game, it will feel as if you've been transported into an arcade.
  • Dangerous Dungeons and Hidden Treasures. The game provides special items and power-ups, including rare treasures that are hidden in secret dungeons. You'll need to be brave and resourceful to find them.
sssnaker mod apk versi terbaru
  • Lots of Monsters and Big Bosses. Just when you think you've conquered the game, SSSnaker will surprise you with bigger and deadlier monsters. You'll need to employ all of your power-ups and special abilities if you want to stand a chance against these monstrous bosses.
  • Kaleidoscopic Bullet Hell. This game has brightly glowing neon bullets that will keep you on your toes. They'll make it more difficult for you to evade traps and the enemy's attacks. Besides, the lethal obstacles in some levels will test your agility and reflexes.
  • Snake-Head Collision Feature. As you progress, your snake's head will collide with walls and enemies to produce an irresistible spark. It might just help you to outsmart the most dangerous of your foes.
  • Silky Smooth Snake Slithering. The developers of SSSnaker have designed the game to be ultra-smooth and responsive, ensuring a great gaming experience. Enjoy realistic motion physics and intuitive controls that make your snake glide through levels with ease.


System Requirement and Additional Information

SSSnaker is suitable for all ages. It has been rated 3+ on the App Store/Google Play. The game requires Android 4.4+ to run smoothly, at least 2 GB of RAM, and a stable internet connection.

The game weighs 417MB and is free to play with in-app purchases. You use these purchases to get additional power-ups and items, such as shields and bombs. All in all, SSSnaker MOD APK download is the perfect game for anyone who enjoys arcade-style adventures with vibrant visuals and challenging levels.

Proven Tips and Tricks to Play SSSnaker APK Like a Pro

  • Use Your Shields and Bombs Wisely. These power-ups help you to take out large clusters of enemies in an instant, but they can be difficult to acquire. Save them for the most minacious situations.
  • Don’t Rush Through the Levels. Every level has its own set of obstacles & tricks, and it’s critical to take your time and plan out a strategy before jumping into the fray.
  • Watch Out for Lethal Traps. You must stay sharp and vigilant! Beware of the treacherous obstacles scattered throughout some levels and exercise caution to prevent dangerous situations.
sssnaker mod apk di android
  • Master The Basics of Snake Control. Understanding the mechanics of a game can be intimidating, but with practice, you will soon become proficient in using all its controls. Therefore, take your time and become well-versed in the game's particulars before jumping into it headfirst.


SSSnaker is an incredibly fun and engaging game that takes arcade gaming to the next level. With its vibrant visuals and expansive selection of levels, you can experience something new each time you play this game. Its captivating dynamics guarantee an enthralling journey no matter how many times you revisit it.

Its intuitive controls and realistic motion physics make it easy to pick up. On the other hand, its dangerous dungeons and hidden treasures provide an extra layer of excitement. Download it for a fun-filled gaming escapade.

Download SSSnaker (997.49 Mb)


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