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Have you always wondered what it’s like to destroy planets? Download Solar Smash Mod APK Unlimited everything today to be able to destroy various planets with different objects now!

Information of Solar Smash

Name Solar Smash
Compatible with Android 4.4w+
Last version 2.3.5
Size 154.18 Mb
Category Simulation
Developer Paradyme Games
Price Free
Google Play Link
MOD Unlimited everything


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About Solar Smash

It’s fun to experiment and destroy different things as kids. We used to play outside and conduct mini science experiments such as putting Mentos in Coke bottles. There are also a lot of times where we destroyed things out of our curiosity. But in Solar Smash, you get to try destroying different planets yourself! Watch as humanity ceases to exist thanks to different destructive objects that you’ll use to destroy it.

solar smash mod apk

Here in this game from Paradyme Games, you’ll get a taste of what it’s like to blow different planets. Here, there are quite a lot of planets that you can blow up and destroy. From our very own Earth to Mercury and to even a robot planet, there are quite a lot of planets to destroy. Or, you can create your own planet that you can destroy. Use different destructive objects to destroy planets now!

Obliterate Planets

We can have a lot of fun with experimenting and doing various things as kids. But today, we usually just play mobile games along with other players and our friends. If you want to go back to the past and try to enjoy destroying things, play Solar Smash now. This is a destruction simulation game that allows you to destroy various planets for fun! Here, you’ll start off with a lot of people and you’ll gradually destroy it using different objects of destruction.

solar smash apk latest version

You will be able to see and witness the destruction of the planet with your own eyes here. You’ll also be able to track the number of people alive and the people that were eliminated. You can destroy quite a lot of planets here from Earth to a violet planet to even a cyborg one. What’s even better is that you can create your own planet here and make it look whatever you want. Destroy these planets now and enjoy this awesome simulation game.


There are many objects of destruction you can use here which includes nuclear missiles, asteroids, lasers, black holes, alien attacks, and many more!

Solar Smash Features

Do you love experimenting and seeing destruction? You’ll be amazed with Solar Smash as you can destroy entire planets here!

Destroy Planets – As kids, we were part of many science experiments that allowed us to appreciate the subject. On our own, we tried to play with different things however dangerous they may be. Today, you can get a good feel of what it’s like to destroy things without putting yourself in danger thanks to mobile games! Solar Smash is a simulation game that lets users destroy planets themselves. If you like seeing destruction, you’ll definitely love this game.

This game is perfect for those that are fascinated by science and by the universe. As you know, our planet is vulnerable to many destructive things. Enjoy watching and destroying different planets as you track the living and the dead. In Solar Smash, you get to use different objects of destruction. From black holes, aliens, asteroids to even nuclear missiles, there’s no shortage of them! Combine many things and obliterate planets.

solar smash apk free download

Plenty of Planets – We learned early on that there are 8 planets in total in our solar system. We’ve learned a lot about how these planets move, their size, their location and the way they look. In Solar Smash, you will get to destroy up to 8 different planets in here. First, there’s our very own planet Earth that looks very realistic. Then, there are others that resemble current planets as well as made-up ones.


From violet planets to those with gas and there’s even a planet that looks like a cyborg ball! But the most amazing part is that you can completely create your own planet here! Enjoy customizing its look, color and characteristics!

Track the population – In this game, you’ll be able to track the populations of the planet you’re going to destroy. You will see in real time the remaining people that are alive and the ones that are dead.

download solar smash apk for android

Use many objects of destruction – This game is so fun because you can do a lot of damage in different planets. You can use a laser to obliterate the Earth in half. Or, you can use nuclear missiles to create a lot of damage on different planets. There are also ones where you can use the black hole, an asteroid, an alien attack, a giant octopus and many more.

Realistic animation - Solar Smash features realistic simulation that simulates the damages done in planets. Whatever you select, you can enjoy destroying the planets in different ways!

Download Solar Smash Mod APK – Latest version

Are you bored? How about blowing up a planet in Solar Smash? Download it now and try different ways to obliterate a planet.

Download Solar Smash (154.18 Mb)


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