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Enjoy epic battles in the Slapstick Fighter Mod APK - Unlimited money game now. Fight using stickmen fighters who you have trained with unique combat skills. Knock out all your opponents!

Information of Slapstick Fighter

Name Slapstick Fighter
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 3941.7.7
Size 79.41 Mb
Category Action
Developer Cybernate Pty Ltd
Price Free
Google Play Link
MOD Unlimited money


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MOD Features
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About Slapstick Fighter

Ragdoll fighting games are gaining polarity every day. Because of that, Cybernate Pty Ltd has taken time to create and publish one of the most exciting action games for Android and iOS devices – Slapstick Fighter. This game has gained over 500,000 gamers within no time. It is specially designed as a fully-featured fighter game where the gamer should take on other fighters in a bid to knock them off their feet with superkicks and blows! You will have to learn the basic fighting moves and gain full control of your stickman during the fights.

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Using just two buttons, you will be able to control all the stickman fighters and ragdoll physics to victory. Use your ragdoll character to throw powerful punches and knock down your opponent without mercy. Ensure that you undertake training at the beginning of the game to master possible combat combinations. Also, learn how to put a block, maneuver kicks from the opponent, and conduct attacks with precision. Aim at becoming the undisputed champion despite intense and brutal gameplay!

Knock Out Your Ragdoll Opponents

This game offers thrilling and action gameplay where you use Ragdoll characters in fighting with special combat moves. Here, you need to put down your opponents with knockout kicks, powerful blows, and other ruthless fighting skills. After downloading this game, you will experience a Slapstick Fighter action that feels real, with ragdoll knockouts and big hits. You will do everything with two-button controls and be able to perform a surprising amount of fierce moves.

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Thousands of gamers are really enjoying this electrifying and physics-based fighting game. It uses tap and holds mechanisms to perform offensive and defensive moves one after the other – effortlessly! Surprisingly, the game also provides challenging levels and focuses on teaching players to adapt and play with better battle tactics through trial and error. You will notice the stunning graphics that offer realistic reflexes and movements. Download the Slapstick Fighter and experience endless unique fighting action combat scenes.


Slapstick Fighter Features

This app features physics-based fighting that stickman fighters interact realistically with a smooth environment. Unlike other stickman games where you play with stickmen, your limbs have a physical presence in the entire game. Here are the other features that make this game a must-have on your device.

Great Game Physics – the game physics herein are interactive and realistic. They make everything from the action to the game environment memorable. The exceptional graphics bring out the best from the fighting game with dynamic ragdoll stickmen fighter finishes. You have control of your character without experiencing lags or delays in reflexes or delayed movements. Notably, other fighting games miss combat physics and therefore make gameplay have sloppy controls. Here, fighting feels real due to the quality of the 3D graphics used. Download the game today and enjoy a classic display of action using smooth mechanisms that you have not seen elsewhere.

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Two Button Controls – the game features simple controls that have only 2 buttons that control your ragdoll stickmen. There is no other game in the entire genre that offers such simple controls. The deep fighting gameplay where ragdolls go against each other is very simple to play. You can play with only two fingers or thumbs. Most controls in this game are taps, making it super easy to play as one of the best tap games. Playing a fighting game has never been this easy!


Single Player Campaign – you can play in the all-time people’s favorite singe player mode to overcome various opponents. Here, you can unleash various combat skills including traditional martial arts and boxing skills. The most exciting part is that you will have to win against your challenger on the city rooftops. This doesn’t mean that you will not be able to challenge your friends in hotly contested fights in a multiplayer mode.

Unique Fighting Skills – in this game, players are able to showcase the fighting skills of their ragdoll characters. Fighting styles range from kickboxing, straight brawler, to ruthless martial arts. In addition to various fighting styles, there is a variety of equipment that makes each fight unique. Challenge your opponent and end your rivalry by finding out who has the best battle skills in this game. Pull out surprising moves with the two-button controls and put down all opponents with single hit knockouts and other powerful moves.

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Multiplayer Mode – if you are tired or bored by playing the game all by yourself, invite your friend or relative to play with you. The game allows multiple players to compete in a fight for the fittest ragdoll stickman to survive!

Unlimited Money and Diamonds – the more you win against opponents, the more coins and diamonds you accumulate. You can later unlock various fighting tactics to continue winning.

Download Slapstick Fighter MOD APK – Unlimited Money & No ads

The Slapstick Fighter Mod APK comes with unlimited money and diamonds for you to win as you overcome opponents. Don’t miss the action that the game has to offer, download the mod APK enjoy even more features.

Download Slapstick Fighter (79.41 Mb)


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