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Download Rush E Piano tiles APK Mod Latest version and play Rush E MIDI like a pro. It has many notes and an improved graphical interface for an immersive experience.

Information of Rush E Piano tiles

Name Rush E Piano tiles
Compatible with Android 5.1+
Last version 2.0.0
Size 63.62 Mb
Category Music
Developer HafidaDev
Price Free
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MOD Features
  • Unlimited money
  • Unlimited diamonds
  • No ads

About Rush E Piano tiles

Rush E Piano Tiles APK is a musical game offered by HafidaDev. It challenges you to play your favorite musical notes on the piano, be it in a particular sequence or randomly.

Unlike other piano games, this application is improved to help you play Rush E songs without a hassle. It features several notes, from low to high, and you have to tap on the tiles at the right time to play it.

rush e piano tiles apk

However, Rush E Piano Tiles APK is not just about tapping on the piano tile randomly. You must keep a close eye on its overall composition to play it correctly.

This app is perfect for both beginners and pros, as it has different difficulty levels to suit your skill level. You can start with the easiest one and try to beat your high score each time you play this game.

Rush E Piano Tiles APK - Background Story

If you are into the musical world, you must have heard of Rush E song. This is considered one of the most popular and iconic songs because of its nuances and technicalities.

However, it gained intense interest and became popular when its fans tried to play it on the piano. It is not an easy song to play, as there are a lot of notes you need to press. It is believed that it is humanly impossible to play an accurate Rush E song.

Because of its popularity and challenge, numerous Rush E piano applications have been developed. They challenge users to play Rush E songs accurately. Most of them have included unique tweaks and features to make it easier for users to play this classic song.

Rush E Piano Tiles APK is one of the popular applications offered to help this course. It has updated and improved notes, meaning you can now play this song without a glitch.

However, these improvements do not mean Rush E Piano Tiles APK is easy to play. You still need a keen eye and good hand-eye coordination to tap on the correct piano tiles at the right time.

rush e piano tiles apk download

Fortunately, the game is highly rewarding. You will earn rewards based on how close you are playing to the original Rush E song. You can use these treasures & diamonds to unlock new notes, improving your chances of playing the Rush E song more accurately.

A Unique Piano Tiles Gameplay

Piano tiles games are famous due to their unique style. Rush E Piano Tiles APK is one of the best piano tiles games because it has updated and quality notes that suit your skill level.

The game involves a free fall of black & white tiles from the top of your screen. You need to tap on the black ones every time they fall. Ensure you avoid the white ones since they will cause you to lose the rhythm.


Whenever you tap on the sailor tile, it produces a specific note. The more tiles you tap in a sequence, the higher the notes will be. If you tap all the black tiles, you'll likely get 100% accuracy of the Rush E song.

However, the game's speed can be insane! You must be agile and accurate to play it, as even a single missed tap causes you to lose the rhythm.

Even worse, some tiles may require that you hold down the screen for a few seconds. This is much harder than just tapping on a tile because it requires good hand-eye coordination and stamina.

Overall, this game is a perfect test of your musical prowess. Are you ready to take on the Rush E Piano Tiles APK challenge? Download the app and see how well you can compose this iconic song.

Unique Features of Rush E Piano Tiles APK

  • Super Cool Animations. The falling tiles are mesmerizing, and it is very satisfying to tap on those black tiles and watch them disappear. Ensure to use all the sailor moon tiles to get the best musical notes that'll earn you excellent rewards.
rush e piano tiles apk mod
  • 10+ Additional Notes. If you've ever played Don't Tap the White Tile, you'll know that the number of notes can be limited. However, Rush E Piano Tiles APK includes additional tiles to help you achieve 100% accuracy.
  • Track Your Progress. You can track your progress in this game and see how well you're performing compared to other players. You might even find some high scores that are much harder to beat.
  • Earn Rewards for Accurate Play. Rush E Piano Tiles APK is very rewarding, as you'll earn points for every accurate tap of the black tiles. Points can be redeemed in diamonds and treasures, helping unlock more notes to play the song.
  • Watch Ads for Rewards. If you're running low on diamonds and treasures, don't worry. Rush E Piano Tiles APK allows you to watch videos to get rewards that you can use for future plays. This is an ingenious way to earn points and keep playing the game.
  • Unlock New Tiles. This app allows you to unlock new notes that'll help improve your overall musical skills. This can be particularly useful for expert players who want to master this song completely.
  • Choose the Color of the Tiles. When playing the online mode, you'll not be restricted to the default black and white tiles. You can select a color you prefer, making it easier to focus on the tiles without blocking your view of them.
  • Intuitive Graphical Interface. This app has a user-friendly interface that's easy to understand. You can tap the piano tiles with ease, allowing you to focus on the rhythm of the song instead of fumbling around with controls. Besides, you will see many marine characters, including mercury, the moon, mars, and Venus.


Pros and Cons of Rush E Piano Tiles APK 


  • Rush E Piano Tiles APK is a fun and challenging game that lets you express your musical talents.
  • The graphics are improved and more detailed, making it a great way to pass the time.
  • You can unlock new tiles as you progress and improve your skills.
  • You can earn diamonds and treasures to purchase new tiles and get better rewards.
  • The game is free to download and play, making it freely accessible to anyone.


  • Rush E Piano Tiles APK may be too difficult for some players, especially those not that musically inclined.

Proven Tips for Playing Rush E Piano Tiles APK

  • Familiarize yourself with the tiles in Rush E Piano Tiles APK and learn how to play them accurately.
rush e piano tiles apk for android
  • Practice tapping on the tiles at a regular pace instead of going too slow or fast. This helps you get into the son's rhythm and master it more easily.
  • Use the rewards you earn to purchase new tiles and unlock more notes. This will help you improve your performance in Rush E Piano Tiles APK over time.
  • Watch ad videos when you need extra diamonds and treasures to unlock new tiles in Rush E Piano Tiles APK. This will help you get through more songs without spending real money.

Rush E Piano Tiles APK MOD

You can download the modified version to unlock all the app's possibilities. It lets you enjoy the game and fully utilize all the features.

Besides, this MOD removes ads, allowing you to earn lives & diamonds hassle-free. You'll not be distracted by ads and can focus on tapping the tiles accurately to achieve high scores. This makes it an exciting game that lets you express your musical talents on piano tiles.


Download Rush E Piano Tiles APK for Android and discover your musical skills! Whether you're a professional musician or you've just started, this app is an enjoyable way to pass the time and exercise your brain.

With its improved graphics, intuitive interface, and unique features, this is one of the best apps you can find today. Better yet, you can play it for free!

Download Rush E Piano tiles (63.62 Mb)


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