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Cars and songs are always a great match. Experience the ultimate combination today with Beat Racing. Enjoy racing to the beat with epic music and cars now!

Information of Beat Racing

Name Beat Racing
Compatible with Android 4.4w+
Last version 2.2.2
Size 99.87 Mb
Category Music
Developer Badsnowball Limited
Price Free
Google Play Link
MOD Unlimited money


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MOD Features
  • Unlimited money

About Beat Racing

There are a ton of cars on the road today worldwide. They are considered one of the primary means of transport along with trains, motorcycles and planes. Because of this, there are many brands, types of cars and models out there today that you can buy. If you’re one of the people who love listening to music while driving, then Beat Racing is the perfect game for you. This game combines cars and songs in an impressive game.

beat racing mod apk unlimited money free download latest version

In this game from Badsnowball Limited, you’ll enjoy a game where there is music and cars. In short, you’ll traverse through different roads to collect crystals as you drive in tune to the beat! This is a unique game that takes its roots from music-inclined games like Piano Tiles and the likes. Here, you can collect different cars that produce different feelings and vibes today. This game has simply graphics and controls with fancy songs!

Enjoy a Fun Music Game

Cars have dominated the roads for decades now from the time they were invented. We can’t imagine a world without cars on the roads today since they transport us anywhere, we need to go quickly. Moreover, there are different types of cars available today that we can enjoy. Most people love listening to their favorite songs while on the car. If you do too, then you should enjoy Beat Racing!

beat racing mod apk unlimited money free download latest version

Instead of listening to music, this game lets you actively dance to the beat using cars! Think of games such as Pianista, Piano Tile and the likes and add cars to it – this is what this game is all about. Instead of selecting the right tiles to get the beat right, you’ll drive cars today to go to the right lane and collect crystals. Here, you can get high scores when you drive more accurately. Enjoy collecting a variety of cars today as you can produce different musical vibes with each one.


There are sports cars of different styles and colors as well as muscle cars you can unlock. There’s also the Agera, LaFerrari, 911 and many more fun cars to drive. This is an easy to play game!

Beat Racing Highlights

Do you listen to music while driving? If you’re one of the many people who do so, then Beat Racing is the game for you.

Race to the Beat – If you have a car today, then you’re a lucky person as you can go anywhere easily. A lot of people today enjoy the luxury of riding vehicles to go anywhere they want. There are also different types of them such as sports cars, drifting cars, public utility vehicles and more. But in Beat Racing, you’ll enjoy a different type of racing which has tracks in it. Here, you’ll enjoy a music game where you’ll race in tune to the beat.

beat racing mod apk unlimited money free download latest version

Here, you can enjoy a massive list of songs today such as Dance Monkey, Believer, Numb and many more popular ones. Here, you can play in different modes such as new, hard, and expert and you can try perfecting the game. There are also plenty of cars to drive here such as Camaro, Ocean, Reventon, 911, Agera, LaFerrari and many more. This is a fun game to play right now as you can challenge yourself.


Race through different tracks – There are so many race tracks you can race from today. But more than that, you will enjoy the beat that comes with these tracks. Here, you can enjoy plenty of songs that are popular today. These are songs that you listen to all the time such as Believer by Imagine Dragons, Dance Monkey b Tones and I and many more. There are so many new ones to choose from as the game updates the list regularly.

Use various cars – In this game, you’ll also use various cars today such as Camaro, Ocean, Reventon and many more. These are all cars available in the real world that you can enjoy in the game. Each car produces a different vibe and feeling that you can enjoy today. You can enjoy the rhythm of different tracks today to try and beat the level. There are many challenges that you need to complete to unlock the cars.

beat racing mod apk unlimited money free download latest version

Simple game controls – This game lets you utilize simple controls that involves only your one hand. You can then go sidewards by swiping your hands in the direction you wish to go. Overall, the controls aren’t that hard but the tracks become tougher as you play more levels.

Fancy graphics – The graphics in Beat Racing is truly awesome as there are neon lights everywhere. Enjoy the smooth 3D animations today.

Download Beat Racing Mod APK – Unlimited money

Have fun making your car dance to the beat in Beat Racing! Unlock many cars and tracks now.

Download Beat Racing (99.87 Mb)


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