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Download Runescape for Android now and enjoy the intricate mechanics of the game as you endeavor to defeat your enemies. Be part of this great intriguing MMORPG game! 

Information of RuneScape

Name RuneScape
Compatible with Android 8.0+
Last version RuneScape_936_4_1_8
Size 97.24 Mb
Category Role playing
Developer Jagex Games Studio
Price Free
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About RuneScape

If you know anyone who loves playing MMORPG genres, you should tell them to download and play the RuneScape game. Without a doubt, this game will kill that gamer’s boredom with its interesting characters and full adrenaline battle. The team at Jagex Games Studio developed this game and it becomes one of the special role-playing games to enjoy. Download the RuneScape game now and compete against players around the world.

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The setting of this game is in the world of Gielinor, an alien world where the gamer has to survive the battles against various villains and monsters. Remarkably, the game is compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, Linux, and Android and is available in Google Play Store. Since its birth in 2001, the game has been download by over 250M gamers. With the new version, the gamers will have to return to the world of Gielinor once more and overcome all evil forces.

Explore Gielinor World

The RuneScape games offer thrilling action including fighting accessing the Slayer Tower and fighting monsters in the dungeons of Daemonheim. Indeed, the journey into the Sixth Age of Gielinor and discover the best fantasy of the MMORPG open world. The storyline of this amazing game revolves around the world of Gielinor. The character in the game needs to make friends with a rich roster of notable NPC characters. This will make them win over the vengeful gods and villains.

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The environment includes black clouds that darken during gameplay. The story also includes looming wars between various communities in the Gielinor world. What is interesting is that the character should make friends with friendly rogues and lovable companions. As the gamer, you need to get up and fight using a sharp blade as the main weapon. You also should upgrade your tactical skills since the world out there has no mercy. You will face an unimaginable array of epic foes including demons, dragons, rock monsters, serpents, nightmares, etc.


RuneScape Features

This game is for gamers who can enhance their tactical skills to survive in an alien setting. There is a raging war and you have to fight battles and notwithstanding the graving fear of monsters! Here are some of the amazing features that make the whole experience in the entire RuneScape game interesting

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Stunning 3D graphics & HD Resolution – to bring out a vivid image of the Gielinor world, the creators of the game ensured that they used amazing and cool 3D Graphics and environments. RuneScape game runs on minimalist 3D graphics that offer an attractive setting to gamers. The scenery provides a colorful depiction of the enemies that are in different wars. The entire action, movement, and reactions of characters and other animated elements in the game are smooth and in HD resolution.

Thrilling action – unlike games in the same genre, RuneScape has a vast range of missions for you to complete. Particularly, you simply take an avatar around a world plagued with raging enemies. While here, you can engage in all sorts of actions, including killing monsters to get a few coins and trading with other players. Moreover, you can upgrade your skills to ensure that you win over your enemies. You will need to fight epic bosses in battles through various raiding encounters.

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The game offers various setting such as the Theatre of Blood and Chambers of Xeric. To make the action more daunting, you will face undead dragons, tyrannous vampires, and volcanic monstrosities. Help Yanni Sallika or uncover the mystery cause of the distressing plague in West Ardougne as part of the thrilling action.


Easy Controls – the game features simplistic controls. You do not have to be a master gamer to learn the controls of the RuneScape game. This is an enormous game with controls that are based on touch gestures on the onscreen of your device. This way, you can move your character as well as performing various tricks. In addition, you can just tap an object to perform a context action. According to the developers, the game also has cross-platform gameplay. This simply means that you will be able to play on the same account and the same type of control, whether you play on a desktop or a mobile device.

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Explore Gielinor – RuneScape game continues to thrill MMORPG gamers with magic-packed adventure as they explore the Gielinor world. For instance, the character can be the first one to transverse Fossil Island and unravel its lost and precious history. Additionally, you will need to map the brave barren wastes of the Kharidian desert and the heated tropics of the Karamjan jungle. You will also have dozens of unique striking locations such as the tranquil harbors of Catherby and the medieval city of Burthorpe. During gameplay, you will be able to own a port and run a farm. You will have to trade in The Grand Exchange and make more coins for the upgrade of other game features.

Download the Runescape Mod APK Latest Version – Unlimited Gielinor Wars

With the Runescape Mod Apk, you have access to the unlimited and thrilling action set in the Gielinor world. Download the Runescape Mod Apk Latest Version and enjoy playing the latest Mod MMORPG game.

Download RuneScape (97.24 Mb)


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