Punch Hero Mod APK 1.3.8 (Unlimited money, cash)

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Download Punch Hero Mod APK Unlimited money and cash latest version and enjoy adrenaline-packed boxing. It tests your punching skills and reflexes against some of the toughest opponents.

Information of Punch Hero

Name Punch Hero
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 1.3.8
Size 27 MB
Category Action
Developer GAMEVIL
Price Free
MOD Unlimited money, cash


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MOD Features
  • Unlimited money

Note: requires root device

About Punch Hero

Punch Hero is a boxing game that requires more than just raw power to win matches. You need perfect timing and reflexes to land punches on your opponent and come out victorious.

The game features some of the most intense 3D graphics that make the gaming experience more authentic. You can feel every punch you deliver and every hit that you take.

If you want a game that delivers fast-paced action and gives you an adrenaline rush, download Punch Hero APK for Android. It has dynamic characters and realistic gameplay.

An Immersive Gaming Experience

This game puts you in the shoes of a boxer faced with tough opponents. You need to strategize and use your power and reflexes to the fullest to win matches.

The characters are incredibly dynamic. At some point, you will have to fight samurais, soccer players, and even the souls of dead pirates! This dynamism & unpredictability make the game super engaging.

punch hero mod apk

When you start, you will have a few characters to choose from. Fortunately, you can customize them to your liking. You can even purchase new clothes and accessories for them using the virtual money you earn by winning matches.

Punch Hero is, without a doubt, one of the best boxing games out there. It has amazing graphics, exciting gameplay, and a high replay value. Download it now and start enjoying some intense boxing action.

Collect Skills and Experience Points! 

You will start your boxing career at a Training Center. Here, you will be able to learn different skills and techniques that will help you in your matches. You can also collect experience points (XP) stored in the Skill Store.

The more XP you have, the faster you will level up. As you level up, you will access more challenging matches. So, keep playing and collecting XP to progress through the game.

Overall, you will need to put in a lot of effort to become the Punch Hero champion. The game is not easy, but it is definitely worth playing.


Unleash Your Boxing Skills on Your Opponents!

Once you are ready, you can start participating in matches. You will be matched up against opponents of similar skill levels.

punch hero mod apk download

Remember to use the skills and techniques you learned at the Training Center. Time your punches perfectly and unleash your boxing fury on your opponents. Win matches to progress through the game and become the ultimate Punch Hero champion!

You must punch where it hurts the most. Timing is essential if you want to win matches. Always ensure that your punches are well-aimed and perfectly timed.

Outstanding Features of Punch Hero APK

  • Adrenaline-Packed Boxing Action. This game is characterized by its fast-paced and intense action. Be prepared to face some tough opponents. You will apply different tactics, including uppercuts, swift jabs, knockout punches, and more. Just do whatever it takes to win the match!
  • Intense 3D Graphics. The graphics in this game are some of the best that you will see in a boxing game. They are highly detailed and perfectly capture the intensity of the action. Every punch and every hit feels real.
  • Customizable Characters. This game has a costume shop, which allows you to purchase clothes and accessories for your characters. You can also change their hairstyles, hair color, and more. This feature adds a lot of personality to the game.
  • High Replay Value. The game is designed in such a way that it can be played repeatedly. There are many matches to participate in, and each one is unique. You can also collect different items, which adds to the replay value.
punch hero mod apk 2022
  • Add Your Face. This game allows you to add a unique face to one of the characters. This feature is optional, but it is a nice touch. It makes the game even more personal. You can also create a challenger from scratch in the Challenger Registry and fight them in the virtual ring!


Unique Game Modes

Punch Hero APK allows you to participate in a variety of game modes, including:

  • Arcade Mode. This mode is perfect for casual players. You will participate in matches against different opponents. The goal is to win as many matches as possible and follow all the rules to the letter.
  • Amateur Mode. This is the best mode for beginners. It allows you to get the basics of the game before participating in more difficult matches.
  • Professional Mode. This mode is for more experienced players. The matches are tougher, and there are no rules to follow. You can do whatever you want to win the match!
  • Graveyard Mode. This mode takes place in the Gamecenter. You will go head-on against some of the best players in the world. The aim is to defeat as many opponents as possible.

Punch Hero MOD APK Download

If you want 100% control of your gameplay, you should get the Punch Hero MOD APK for Android. This modded version has these outstanding features:

  • Punch Hero MOD APK Unlimited Money and Cash. With this mod, you will have unlimited money to spend, meaning you can upgrade your characters to their full potential and become the ultimate boxing champion!
punch hero mod apk unlimited money
  • Punch Hero MOD APK Unlock All Characters. This game has a lots of characters to choose from. However, most of them are locked at the beginning of the game. With this mod, you will unlock all of them and use any character you want!
  • No Ads. The Punch Hero MOD APK 2023 for Android will give you an uninterrupted boxing experience. You will not see annoying ads fighting against fierce adversaries.


Punch Hero is an adrenaline-pumping boxing game optimized for flawless, intense action. With its outstanding features and game modes, it will surely keep you coming back for more!

Download Punch Hero (27 MB)


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