Polywar Mod APK 2.2.3 (Unlimited money)

Icon Polywar Mod APK 2.2.3 (Unlimited money)
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Download Polywar Mod APK Unlimited money latest version and enjoy a fierce 3D shooter game. It allows you to customize your weapons and acquire powerful arsenals!

Information of Polywar

Name Polywar
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 2.2.3
Size 444.64 Mb
Category Action
Developer Azur Interactive Games Limited
Price Free
Google Play Link
MOD Unlimited money
Download Now
MOD Features
  • Unlock gun

About Polywar

Polywar APK is an immersive shooter game by Azur Interactive Games Limited. It is a free action game available on Android devices (5.0+).

The game's objective is to participate in shooting escapades and collect rewards. You will have different targets to achieve at every new level. The more you accomplish, the better your chances of unlocking powerful weapons.

polywar mod apk

Additionally, the game features super-realistic graphics that adds life to the gameplay. You will see destructible environments and AI-controlled enemies. You will also get to use a variety of maps, each with its unique hazards.

If you're looking for a proven way to engage your mind and have fun, this is the right game! It is highly intuitive, and its controls are blissful!

An Immersive Gaming Experience

The Polywar APK has many missions that come with high-level dynamism. There are different maps to keep the player interested. The developers have also incorporated a marketplace where you can buy and upgrade your weapons.

The entire game is designed to give you an immersive experience. The graphics are top-notch, and the gameplay is quite fluid. There are no hiccups whatsoever! You will be able to play the game for many hours without feeling bored.

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Additionally, this game is quite satisfying and rewarding. You will enjoy seeing your progress as you accomplish different missions. Every task you complete will be met with a sense of achievement.

How to Play Polywar Game 

Playing this game is undemanding. You will fight with other online players in an arena-style setting. Fortunately, you will have diverse weapons that you can use to complete your missions.

In the beginning, you will have a few unlocked weapons. However, as you progress, you will be able to use different types of weapons. Some will be more powerful than others.

polywar mod apk unlimited money

This weapon diversity empowers you to devise different tactics. You can use long-range weapons to snipe your enemies from afar. Alternatively, you can go for close-quarter combat using shotguns and machine guns. The choice is yours!

Upgrade Your Weapon

This game offers several methods of weapon upgrades. Here are some of the most common modifications you can use to improve your winning chances:

  • Choose the Right Ammunition

In this game, you will have different types of ammunition to choose from. Each has unique features that can be exploited in different situations.

polywar mod apk latest version

For instance, some have increased penetration power while others explode on impact. As such, you should learn the strengths and weaknesses of each before using them in battle.

  • Use a Silencer

This addition is critical as it reduces the noise your gun emits. It will make it harder for your enemies to spot you. There are several silencers in the game, each with different noise-reduction capabilities.

  • Trinkets That Help You Survive

Apart from weapons, you will also find different trinkets in the game. These are objects that offer you additional benefits such as increased health or faster reload times.

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You can equip these trinkets by going to the "Inventory" section of the game. Here, you will see all the trinkets you have collected. You can then select the ones you want to use and equip them for your character.

  • Install a Scope

This is a sure way to improve your accuracy. You will be able to hit targets from afar with pinpoint accuracy. There are different types of scopes available, each with different magnification levels.

Unique Features of Polywar APK

  • Become an Accurate Sniper! In this game, your accuracy level will determine your success. The more accurate you are, the better your chances of winning. You should take your time to master the controls and get used to the game mechanics.
  • Weapons with Cool Features. In this game, you will have uniquely effective weapons. Some outstanding characteristics include recoil, sight magnification, standard & tactical reloading, and smoke from the barrel.
  • Action-Packed Shooting Escapades. This game is designed for fast-paced action. You will have to be on your toes at all times if you want to survive the battle.
  • Comfortable Controls. The good thing is that the controls are quite responsive, so you won't have any problem maneuvering your character.
polywar mod menu
  • An Active Community. You will find an active and helpful community of players on the game's official website. They are always willing to offer tips and advice on how to improve your gameplay.
  • A World of Exciting Adventures. This game is set in a vast open world with different terrains. You will never get bored as there is always something new to explore.
  • Team Mode & Duels. In addition to the single-player mode, you can also engage in team battles or duels with other players. This will test your skills and tactics to the limit.
  • High FPS. The game's high FPS rate ensures that you enjoy a smooth and lag-free gaming experience. It is also light and takes up very little storage space on your device.

Polywar MOD APK Download 

The Polywar MOD APK for android is highly enhanced to offer you an unforgettable gaming experience. You will enjoy these benefits:

  • Polywar MOD APK Unlimited Money. This application gives you an unlimited supply of in-game currency. You can use this money to buy the best weapons and upgrades.
polywar mod apk for android
  • Polywar MOD APK Unlimited Health. This app gives you an infinite amount of health, so you can keep on fighting even when things get tough.
  • Polywar MOD APK Free Shopping. You can buy anything you want in the game without spending a dime. This feature ensures that you are fully equipped for battle.
  • No Ads. The Polywar MOD menu is clutter-free! You will not see badgering ads when enjoying your shooting escapades!


Do you love shooting games? Do you like being in control of the action? If so, then you will love Polywar. This game offers you an opportunity to engage in fast-paced shooting escapades. It also gives you a chance to show off your skills and tactics.

Download Polywar (444.64 Mb)

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