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Download Police Stories APK Mod Latest version and counter a destructive mafia out to decimate the city. It is fast-paced third-person gameplay with dynamic missions.

Information of Police Stories

Name Police Stories
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 1.3
Size 92.43 Mb
Category Action
Developer TSGStudio
Price Free
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MOD Features
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About Police Stories

Police Stories is a third-person shooter game offered by TSGStudio. It is set in a bustling metropolitan city that is being terrorized by a destructive mafia.

You play as a police officer tasked with handling the mafia's rampage. The gameplay will be characterized by fierce shooting escapades as you try to take down the mafia. Always remember the mafias are equally armed and won't hesitate to kill you.

police stories apk

Fortunately, you will have rifles and other police gear at your disposal. You must step up and save the city. Download Police Stories APK for Android and exterminate the criminals. It is approximately 100MB and optimized for Android 5.0 and above.

Fast-Paced Gameplay

This game is all about action. You will be dropped right into the heat of the fight. There is no time to waste since you must end the mafia's reign of terror before it's too late.

You will have a police car at your disposal to travel around the city. However, the criminals also have vehicles, making it a dangerous chase.

Always ensure you drive carefully not to crash your car. If you do, your car will be destroyed, significantly dragging your mission.

As you proceed with the gameplay, you can collect treasures & other resources to improve your firepower. You must also be strategic in your gameplay since some levels will require stealth to complete.

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Overall, this game is super challenging and requires a high level of hand-eye coordination to master. You must notice weird changes in your surroundings and take out the mafia before they get to you.

A Modern Port City Awaits You

This game is set in a modern port city. The graphics are super good, and you can see the buildings and other structures in the distance.

The mafia gang is keen to take control of the port since it is a lucrative business. You must put an end to their destruction by any means necessary.

Fortunately, the city is well-endowed with modern infrastructure. You will have no problem navigating your way around. The asphalt roads are smooth, and you can quickly travel from one place to another.

police stories apk mod

Whatever you do, always ensure you keep an eye on your six. The mafia is not afraid to shoot at you from behind. As such, you must be extra careful not to let your guard down.


Numerous Containers Complicate Missions

The ports are full of containers that can complicate your missions. The mafia will use these containers as hiding spots and emerge to shoot at you when least expected.

You must always be on high alert to stand a chance against them. The good thing is that you can use these containers to your advantage.

For example, you can take cover and return fire when the time is right. But always be cautious since the mafia will also use this opportunity to flank you.

Lots of Vehicles to Use

This game features lots of vehicles, both for you and the mafia. The police car is quite fast, and you can use it to quickly travel around the city.

police stories apk latest version

You will also have helicopter backups in some missions. The helicopters are quite powerful and can help you take down the mafia in a short time.

These vehicles add an unrivaled level of excitement to the game. You must try different tactics to see which one works best for you. But always be careful! The mafia is also armed with vehicles that can give you a run for your money.

Numerous Weapons to Explore

This game features many weapons that you can use to take down the mafia. The police department is well-equipped with the latest firearms.

Some of these weapons include pistols, machine guns, sniper rifles, and grenades. You must experiment with different weapons to see which one suits your playstyle.

Besides, you can upgrade your weapons to make them more effective. The upgrades will give you an edge over the mafia and help you take down their leaders quickly.

Unique Features of Police Stories APK

  • Auto-Aim Feature. This game comes with an auto-aim feature that simplifies your gameplay. The feature is quite handy, especially when you are surrounded by the mafia. You can use it to take down multiple enemies quickly without putting yourself in danger. The auto-aim is not perfect, but it will help you a great deal, especially in challenging missions.
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  • Destructible Environment. This game features a destructible environment. You can use this to your advantage and take down the mafia quickly. The destructible environment will also help you create cover when under fire.
  • Realistic Physics. This game features realistic physics that adds an element of realism to the game. The bullets will behave as expected, and the explosions will be powerful. The realistic physics make the game quite enjoyable and add to its appeal.
  • Challenging Missions. The missions in this game are challenging. They will test your skills and tactics. But the rewards are worth it. You can use the money you earn to upgrade your weapons and buy new ones.
  • Superior Graphics. This game features superior graphics that are quite pleasing to the eye. The environment is well-detailed, and the characters look realistic. The buildings, roads, containers, and vehicles are all authentic.
  • Exciting Sound Effects. The gunshots, explosions, and sirens all sound realistic. The sound effects give the game a complete and immersive feeling.
  • Many Levels to Explore. This game features many levels that you can explore. Each level is different, and you must use different tactics to complete them. The mafia will also get tougher as you progress through the levels.
  • Simple Controls. The controls in this game are straightforward. You can use them to quickly learn the ropes and start playing the game.


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  • Perform Stunts. You can use your police cars to perform stunts. For example, you can jump over a ramp and fly past obstacles in adrenaline-pumping escapades.

Police Stories APK MOD

The original game contains ads that can be super annoying. But the Police Stories APK MOD will remove them.

The MOD also comes with unlimited money. You can use these treasures & coins to buy sophisticated weapons and increase your chances of cleansing the city off the criminals.  The MOD is quite handy, and it will give you a significant advantage over the mafia.


Police Stories is a fast-paced game that challenges you to save your port city from deadly criminals. You will use different tactics and weapons to complete your missions. The game is quite enjoyable, and the MOD will give you an edge over the mafia.

Download Police Stories (92.43 Mb)


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