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Download Perfect Lie Mod APK Unlimited money Latest version and play to become the best liar in the world. You must overcome challenges and create believable lies to win.

Information of Perfect Lie

Name Perfect Lie
Compatible with Android 5.1+
Last version 6.2.1
Size 153.33 Mb
Category Casual
Developer Supersonic Studios LTD
Price Free
Google Play Link
MOD Unlimited money
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MOD Features
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About Perfect Lie

Perfect Lie APK is a casual game offered by Supersonic Studios LTD. It has unique gameplay where players must create the best lies to get out of sticky situations. Lies can be chosen from provided options or created by the player.

At each level, players will face different challenges and must come up with convincing lies to succeed. However, if the lie is too unbelievable or if players are caught in their lies, they will fail the level.

perfect lie mod apk

Besides, you risk destroying relationships with other characters in the game if your lies are discovered. As such, players must carefully plan and strategize before creating their lies.

If you're looking for a casual yet challenging game, download Perfect Lie APK for Android. It is only 168MB and works with Android 5.1 and up devices.

Perfect Lie APK - Storyline

This game was inspired by Pinocchio, the famous Italian tale about a wooden puppet who wants to become a real boy. Like Pinocchio, players in Perfect Lie must learn how to navigate life by telling convincing lies.

This starts after a fairy grandmother curses the player character. She directs him that the curse will only be lifted if he becomes the best liar in the world. Players must then embark on a journey to improve their lying skills and break the curse.

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At the start, this will be complicated since you have a conscience that will remind you to tell the truth. But as players overcome challenges with lies, they will learn how to deceive more easily and effectively.

Choose the Best Decisions

This game makes you more of an observer than a character in the game. You will be faced with various decisions and must choose wisely to succeed.

Your primary goal will be to do everything within your power to not get caught in a lie. This means you must evaluate the situation, choose the best lie, and stick to it without inconsistency.

perfect lie mod apk unlimited money

But at the same time, you must also consider how your lies will affect relationships with other characters. Will they forgive and forget, or will they never trust you again? Never take a risk too high if it means losing valuable relationships.

Different Methods to Play the Game

This game offers several ways to play. They include:

  • Playing Pranks

Pranks will involve setting up a situation where you must create and execute a convincing lie to fool others. For example, you can prank your teachers by doing something that will make them suffer as a consequence, then lie to them about it.

A perfect example would be to place glue/chalk on a teacher's seat and then lie about it when they get angry. This will test your ability to come up with quick and believable lies on the spot.

perfect lie mod apk latest version

Ensure you are not caught in the prank or risk getting in trouble. Your teachers or friends will not spare you if they find out the truth.

  • Become a Con Artist

In this mode, you can test your skills in becoming a professional liar and con artist. This will involve deceiving others to get what you want, whether it be money or material possessions.

You can earn a lot of money and improve your lying abilities through this mode. Just make sure to use it ethically and not harm anyone in the process.

  • Telling Lies

How smart can you be in creating and telling lies? This mode requires that you come up with lies in various situations, such as faking your parent's signature and lying about being sick to skip school.

perfect lie mod apk for android

You must be mischievous but careful not to get caught in your lies. You can even plan and come up with a complete backstory to make your lies more believable.

  • Have an Affair

This game is not all about harmless pranks or lies. This mode allows you to test your skills in lying to have an extramarital affair without getting caught by your significant other.

You must come up with convincing lies and excuses, such as telling them you have work or family commitments when meeting up with your lover. Remember to also cover your tracks, like hiding messages or deleting call logs.

It will take a lot of skill and effort to successfully hide an affair, but remember – is not only morally wrong, it can also harm the people you love. As such, you should be ready for the consequences if caught.

  • Become the Ring Leader of Naughty Students

In this mode, players can become the ringleader of a group of naughty students who lie and their way through school.

perfect lie mod apk 2022

You must organize and plan your deceitful actions, such as on tests or skipping classes. It will require high influence and strategic thinking to pull off these lies without getting caught.

You can do the unthinkable and become the ultimate school prankster! For example, you can bunk classes, in exams and even pull off a school break-in without getting suspended.

Other Features of the Perfect Lie Game

  • Simple Controls. This game is easy to navigate and control, allowing players to quickly start playing. Choices and decisions are presented clearly and straightforwardly.
  • Realistic Scenarios. The game features various believable scenarios that players can experience and navigate through with their lies. These range from everyday situations like lying about being sick to more complex circumstances like in relationships.
perfect lie mod apk download 2022
  • Cool Graphics. The game has a sleek and visually appealing design, immersing players in the experience of lying and deceit. The characters and settings are realistic and well-simulated. Its cartoony design adds a light-hearted aspect to the game, making it appropriate for all ages.
  • Endless Possibilities. With various modes and scenarios, the game offers endless possibilities for players to test their lying abilities. Plus, they can replay certain situations to improve their skills and come up with even better lies.
  • Affordable In-App Purchases ($2.99 - $5.99 per item). If you find yourself needing a little extra help in the game, you can purchase items to help you plan and execute your lies more effectively.

Perfect Lie MOD APK Download

The Perfect Lie MOD APK Unlimited Money version allows players unlimited resources and in-game money. This gives them an advantage in becoming successful liars, as they can buy any items or tools they need without limitations.

perfect lie apk

It accelerates their progress in the game and allows them to experience all its features fully. This way, they can become the ultimate master of deceit and manipulation.


The Perfect Lie MOD APK offers a thrilling and entertaining experience for players, allowing them to test and improve their lying abilities in various scenarios. It also features simple controls, realistic situations, cool graphics, and endless possibilities.

Additionally, the Perfect Lie MOD APK for Android allows players to have unlimited resources and money, giving them a leg up in becoming successful liars. Download it and help your character rise to the top of the deceitful world.

Download Perfect Lie (153.33 Mb)

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