Ninja Saga Mod APK 1.3.97 (Unlimited tokens, money)

Icon Ninja Saga Mod APK 1.3.97 (Unlimited tokens, money)
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Download Ninja Saga Mod APK Unlimited tokens and money Latest version to customize your Ninjas and participate in fierce battles. It has anime-themed graphics and exciting sound systems.

Information of Ninja Saga

Name Ninja Saga
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 1.3.97
Size 39 MB
Category Role playing
Developer EMAGIST
Price Free
MOD Unlimited tokens, money


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About Ninja Saga

Ninja Saga is an anime-themed game with outstanding graphics. The storyline is based on the popular Japanese manga and anime series, Naruto. This game will take you into the world of ninjas, where you can experience firsthand the life of a ninja.

You will choose from a variety of ninjas, each with their unique skills and abilities. You can even customize your ninjas to make them more powerful. Then, you will take part in fierce battles against other ninjas.

ninja saga mod apk

Many features make Ninja Saga MOD APK exciting. For one, you can use a variety of weapons and ninjutsu techniques. You can also collect power-ups to boost your ninjas’ abilities.

Additionally, the game features PVP battles, in which you can compete against other ninjas from around the world. Download Ninja Saga APK for Android and start your ninja journey.

Ninja Saga APK - Storyline 

This game is set in Shinobi World, where ninjas live and train. However, the peace order is threatened by mysterious evil forces. Fortunately, you've just graduated from the ninja academy and are ready to protect your village.

You have several Ninjas to choose from, each with its unique skills. You will have to complete various missions, train hard, and upgrade your ninjas. This is the only way you can save the village and become the ultimate ninja. Are you ready for the challenge? Start mobilizing your ninjas now!

Highly Intense Battles

Ninja Saga MOD APK offers thrilling and highly intense battles. You will confront mysterious enemies whose identity is still unknown. This uncertainty will make the battles even more challenging and exciting.

download ninja saga mod apk

You must equip your ninjas with the right tools & ninjutsu techniques. Then, you must use your strategies wisely to defeat the enemies. Always ensure that your ninjas are in top condition before entering a battle.

You will also face other ninjas from around the world in PVP battles. These battles will test your skills and strategies to the limit. Win these battles and earn rewards that can help you upgrade your ninjas.

Customize Your Ninjas

This game gives you all the freedom to customize your ninjas. This includes choosing their names, clothes, skills, and abilities. You can even change their hairstyles to make them look more stylish.


You can also upgrade your ninjas’ weapons & ninjutsu techniques. This will help them become more powerful and better equipped for battle. Always remember to keep your ninjas well-trained, enabling them to perform their best in battle.

Even better, you can unlock pets that will help and accompany your ninjas in battle. These pets will provide valuable assistance, such as attacking enemies or healing ninjas. Choose the right pet for your ninja and make sure to keep it well-fed.

Explore the Expansive Ninja World

This game takes you to an expansive ninja world, where you can explore different villages & hidden forests. There are also many secret places that you can discover.

ninja saga mod apk offline

As you progress in the game, you will unlock new areas. Each area has its challenges, enemies, and rewards. Explore these areas and find all the hidden secrets.

You can also meet other ninjas in this vast world. You can interact with them, learn new techniques, and even engage in PVP battles. Make friends and allies with these ninjas to help you in your journey.

More importantly, you will learn Jutsu, discover the Bloodline skills, and level up your ninjas. These things will help you become the undisputed hero and protect your village.

Other Unique Features of Ninja Saga APK 

  • Build a Team. This game allows you to create a team of 3 Ninjas. Choose your skills wisely and complement each other’s strengths. This will give you an edge in battle and help you achieve victory.
  • Customize Your Avatar. Besides going into war, you can make your ninja look stylish by customizing their clothes and hairstyles. You will have a lot of options, so feel free to experiment.
  • 5 Different Ninjutsu Elements. This game features 5 different ninjutsu elements, which are Wind, Water, Fire, Earth, and Lightning. You can use these elements to create unique techniques. For example, you can use the Wind element to create a tornado.
ninja saga mod apk 2022
  • Numerous Daily Missions. This game offers many side missions to break the monotony. These missions are also a great way to earn rewards. Ensure you participate in these missions regularly to get the most out of them.
  • PVP Tournament. You can join the PVP tournament and battle other ninjas from around the world. This is a great way to showcase your skills and strategies. Win these tournaments and receive amazing rewards.
  • Blacksmith and Weapon Upgrades. This game allows you to upgrade your weapons at the blacksmith. You can also use scrolls and seals to enhance your weapons. This will make them more powerful and durable.
  • 40+ Levels to Unlock. In total, there are more than 40 levels that you can unlock in this game. Each level presents different challenges and rewards. Keep playing to unlock all the levels and enjoy the game to the fullest.
  • Regular Updates. This game is regularly updated with new features, bug fixes, and content. It adds more levels, battles, and rewards to keep you hooked. Ensure you update the game frequently to enjoy the latest features.


Ninja Saga MOD APK for Android

The Ninja Saga MOD APK OBB download offers a better gameplay experience than the original game. It provides these extraordinary features:

ninja saga mod apk obb
  • Ninja Saga MOD APK Unlimited Tokens and Money. This MOD provides unique resources that you can use to buy different items in the game, such as clothes, tools, and weapons. With this MOD, you will never run out of money.
  • Ninja Saga MOD APK Offline Gameplay. This MOD provides an offline gameplay experience, and you can enjoy the game even if you don’t have an internet connection. This is perfect for long journeys or when you want to play the game without using your data.
  • No Ads. The Ninja Saga MOD APK 2023 has been optimized for a seamless gameplay experience. It doesn’t contain intrusive ads that might interfere with your game.


Ninja Saga is a great game that you can play to pass the time. It’s an action-packed game with many dynamic levels to explore. It also allows you to interact with other ninjas and form friendships.

The Ninja Saga MOD APK provides an even better gameplay experience by giving you unlimited resources and an ad-free environment. Download it and save your village from dark forces.

Download Ninja Saga (39 MB)


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