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Download My Little Universe Mod APK - Unlimited money and play a game where you build your own planet! Discover items and tools and create an exceptional planet!

Information of My Little Universe

Name My Little Universe
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 2.11.3
Size 480.60 Mb
Category Casual
Developer SayGames Ltd
Price Free
Google Play Link
MOD Unlimited money


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MOD Features
  • Resources increases when spent!

About My Little Universe

At times, we often wonder how God creates the universe. Even so, some people believe the universe is a natural existence and was not created by anyone! However, in My Little Universe casual game created by Say Games Ltd, we experience many godly actions where players can create their own universe by utilizing already existing in-game resources.

Here, you will learn that creating a world isn’t easy! However, this game makes every action a whole load of fun. That is because you will discover many exciting casual actions that you should carry out to complete this world-building adventure game successfully.

my little universe mod apk unlimited money

You will need to perform lots of digging, mining, logging, smelting, crafting, construction, and some gardening to make the perfect planet. Be on the lookout during gameplay because your might have to fight off primeval monsters whose intent is to end your divine plan.

Play as the Creator of Universe

In this thrilling game, you will have the whole world in your hands! With My Little Universe game, you will play in gameplay where you play as a god and create your universe in the vast game environment. You will have to move around a planet where you will develop landmasses and make an inhabitable environment everywhere. 

You will be armed with just a pickaxe. Combined with the almighty strength of your arms, you will be able to get down to undertaking god’s work and build a world of wonders. In this addictive and original action game, you will enjoy making an entire universe that will keep you playing and creating a vast planet for more than seven days.

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You will have many in-game elements that you should use as you strive to develop a modern civilization. For example, you will have to harvest wood and deposit it into various areas to develop it. This game comes with a number of levels that you should complete to enjoy the game in its entirety.


Features of My Little Universe Game

This game comes with lots of fun and enjoyable features that make this casual game stand out.

Immerse Yourself In Many Actions – have you of late lost your humor? Well, you’ll find a lot of mirth, along with many hours of action and adventures in My Little Universe game. You will be offered a sterile planet and turn it into an inhabitable, attractive, and blooming planet that would make any god proud. There are various actions you need to perform including digging, chopping, crafting, smashing, mining, and even fighting your way to divine grace! Here, your main responsibility is making a unique universe using as many in-game items as possible.

my little universe mod apk

At the beginning of the game, there will be a little orange man on a rocket ship. However, there will be a completely glorious planet in the end. You will have built the entire planet with just your tiny orange hands! Get over 15 different types of in-game resources and spend them with a lot of wisdom to create a stunning planetary paradise!

Upgrade Your Tools – Neptune has his trident, Thor has his powerful hammer, and Captain America has an impenetrable shield! In this game, your builder hero will have a mighty pickaxe! You will use it in fighting off monsters, breaking rocks, mining for gold, chopping trees for woods, digging for minerals, and more. Ensure that you upgrade the special ax and throughout the eight different levels to enhance your divine productivity. That way, you will be able to harvest more and more resources to keep on building your planet.

Many Levels – as civilization advances under your watchful eye, you will have the chance to set up industrial amenities to smelt metal and process minerals. You will also make eight more types of weapons that will help you in your godly creations, such as an ax with eight levels of improvement as well as an exclusive Excalibur sword to invoke the fear of god into your outrageous opponents.


my little universe mod apk unlimited everything

A Vast Game Environment – My Little Universe game allows you to expand and diversify with 10 various types of in-game environments to explore, exploit, and build the planet. As you move in enigmatic ways to create your planetary paradise, you will create a vast game environment. As you traverse the surroundings, watch out for monsters including alien fungal foes, abominable snowmen, and other unfriendly enemies that are all out to stop your godly intentions.

Tap To Play Simple Controls – control the character across the in-game surroundings by simply swiping to the desired direction. To perform the various building actions, you only need to tap on the screen several times.

Simplistic 3D Graphics – this game is created with simple but attractive graphics. You will immerse yourself into gameplay with a rich soundscape combined with absorbing genre-crossing activities. Explore the entire planet and write your own creation myth.

my little universe mod apk free download

Unlimited Money – every successfully completed game level earns the player unlimited money. Make sure that you accumulate as much money as possible to unlock various in-game items and upgrade your tools without using real money!

Download My Little Universe Mod APK – Unlimited money

Download My Little Universe Mod APK and create a universe with unlimited resources. Get down to complete god’s work with in-game resources you can purchase using unlimited money.

Download My Little Universe (480.60 Mb)


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