Merge Animals 3D Mod APK 1.8.12 (Unlimited money)

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Download Merge Animals 3D - Mutant race MOD APK unlocked everything - Latest version and merge animals to create a mutant runner. You’ll access labs where you can merge DNA to create a unique animal.

Information of Merge Animals 3D

Name Merge Animals 3D
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 1.8.12
Size 121.20 Mb
Category Action
Developer SayGames Ltd
Price Free
Google Play Link
MOD Unlimited money


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MOD Features
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About Merge Animals 3D

Merge Animals 3D is an action game offered by SayGames Limited. It is set in a dynamic environment where you’ll have access to various facilities that can help you to create unique mutant runners.

Your primary goal will be to merge DNAs and create an animal mutant that will help you win the mutant race. It involves creativity, crazy science, and strategic thinking. Every step you make should be error-proof to ensure that you get the best results!

merge animals 3d mod apk latest version

While this game will be fun, you can expect several instances of horror, shock, and frustration. But this diversity is what makes this game unique.

Even better, you can now enjoy the gameplay on your smartphone! Just download Merge Animals 3D – Use science and strategy to Merge Animals for Android and start your experimentation.

Become a Scientist Now!

Downloading Merge Animals 3D sends you directly to the world of research and experimentation. You will have access to laboratories where you extract and merge DNAs to make unique creatures that will serve your needs hassle-free.

merge animals 3d mod apk free upgrade

Fortunately, you’ll have a bank with different animals that you can use in your experiments. You should aim to get specific traits from many different animals and combine them to form one powerful creature.

In this game, only the fittest will survive! As such, you have to make your creature hardy, fast, and flexible enough to outshine competitors.

Race the Mutant Race to Become the Ultimate Hero

The Mutant Race is a competition where the player with the strongest mutant will prove their worth. They’ll be able to make a name for themselves and show what they can do as a scientist-mutant.

It is one thing to create a creature that is powerful enough, but it’s an entirely different story when you have to test them out on the track! Your new mutant has to be tested in terms of speed, endurance, and flexibility.

merge animals 3d mod apk unlimited money

You don’t have to worry if your creation doesn’t pass the first few trials. You can use the power-ups provided to help you out! Keep on racing until you’ve proven yourself to become the ultimate racer.


The racing will have more than 20 levels for you to conquer. Each level has a specific mission that will test your skills. Ensure that you equip your runner well in the lab by merging various genetic variations that will bring the best out of them during the race. This way, you'll be sure of surviving the fierce competition.

Study the Game and Modify Your Mutant

When creating your mutant in the laboratory, you'll have the chance to observe various obstacles that it'll encounter in the running track. This gives you a chance to inject DNA from more than 10 animals to create genetic variations that will help overcome every obstacle.

merge animals 3d mod apk free shopping

For example, you can give your runner wings like those of eagles or legs like those of a hare. This way, it will be able to fly above obstacles and run fast past the competitors.

Other features that you can incorporate include the arms of a spider, a neck of a giraffe, and a rabbit's feet. This way, the competitor will scale over obstacles and stretch the neck past the finish line, thus becoming the heroic winner!

Superior Graphics and Sound Systems

The game has superior graphics that will bring out the best in every gaming moment. It also offers an ultra-realistic sound effect so players can immerse themselves in this action-packed race.

merge animals 3d mod apk

Its quality is further enhanced with the use of 3D technology which allows for fluid integration of creatures and obstacles, thus making everything more realistic than ever.

The scientist in you will enjoy the eye-catching labs equipped with everything necessary for research. The game also offers the chance to see preview videos of each mutant that you create.

Unique Features of Merge Animals 3D APK

  • Easy Controls. The game uses only three buttons. This makes it easier to play even for children who are just learning how to play mobile games. Jump and shoot buttons allow the player to run faster, jump higher, and win over obstacles with ease. Power-ups can help you out when you get stuck so you can overcome any gatekeeper in your way.
  • More than 10 Unique Environments. The game has more than 10 different environments for you to enjoy. These include the Jungle, Ice Land, Desert City, and Ancient Ruins.


merge animals 3d apk
  • More than 10 Mutants to Mix and Merge. The game offers enough DNA to create more than 100 genetic variations. It also offers power-ups like magnets and energy boosters which make it easier for players to win.
  • Free-to-play Elements. The game is free to download whether it's on Android devices or iPhones. It has more than 1 million downloads worldwide which show how popular it has become since its release.

Download Animals 3D MOD APK Free Upgrade

Merge mutant animals 3D MOD APK unlocked all is the best choice for all kinds of players, especially those who are looking for a challenging game with awesome graphics. It allows gamers to enjoy the game without having to pay anything at all.

Additionally, Merge Animals MOD APK unlimited money ensures that players will never run out of DNA and power-ups. It also allows players to unlock new characters and upgrade their abilities without paying anything in return.

merge animals 3d mod apk unlocked all

Merge Animals 3D MOD APK free shopping is currently available for download on various online platforms. Ensure that you get it from reliable websites for the ultimate gaming experience.


Merge Animals 3D APK will surely keep you glued to your smartphone screen as you race and play. The game has everything needed for an enjoyable experience, from great graphics, sounds, and easy controls.

Download the APK today and start creating your ideal runner mutant. It brings out the scientist in you as you try to mix and merge different animals' DNA to create powerful mutants. Merging allows you to win over all your opponents and cross the finish line with confidence!

Download Merge Animals 3D (121.20 Mb)


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