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If you like the horror game genre, Ice Scream 4 Mod APK outwitt download For Android now and help your friends escape Rod’s Factory. Escape the rogue ice cream man who kidnaps kids!

Information of Ice Scream 4

Name Ice Scream 4
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Last version 1.2.5
Size 176.08 Mb
Category Adventure
Developer Keplerians Horror Games
Price Free
Google Play Link
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MOD Features
  • Unlimited traps
  • Unlimited ammo

About Ice Scream 4

If you love the horror game genre, you already know the Ice Scream game series by Keplerians Horror Games like Ice Scream 1, 2, and 3. Download the current version of this series is the Ice Scream 4: Rod’s Factory. Rod's Factory takes us back to the evil ice cream man who kidnaps children and from whom need to escape!

download ice scream 4 apk for android

This Ice Scream 4 game saga exploits one of the usual horror resources: fear, and continues to feed it with a new chapter that takes the player to the frightening ice cream factory. Here, you have to overcome several challenges to complete the ultimate goal of saving yourself and the kidnapped children. Download Ice Scream 4 now and pay attention to escape successfully!

The Sour Ice Cream

Rod, the ice cream man seems to be very friendly towards children. However, he always has an evil plan. Through the various levels of the game, the game will have to find out where his factory is and save the day! All that is known is that he takes the kids into van, but you do not know where are taken afterward.

The game presents a situation where the evil man has some kids frozen using some sort of superpowers. Therefore, the main mission is hiding inside the van and resolving the mystery of this villain. Through different scenarios, the gamer should solve the necessary puzzles to save the frozen kids.

ice scream 4 apk latest version

In this horror game, the player controls the character from a first-person perspective. Notably, this helps the player experience real scary feelings when facing creepy objects. You will feel like you are confronting physically and cannot take your eyes off the screen to find the right path for the character. At the same time, there are unexpected happening since you don’t know what is behind the door you open.


Ice Scream 4 Features

The Ice Scream 4 is a thrilling continuation of the scary ice cream man story by Keplerians Horror Games. Gamers who have played this game can attest that it has spectacular features that make it stand out among its series labels the Ice Scream 1, 2, and 3. Here are some features.

Tools and Manipulate Objects – this game offers an adventure in which the character has to escape and carry out certain actions with stealth action to avoid being discovered by Rod. Basically, the objective is not only to escape from our captivity but also to rescue the kids captured by Rod. To help the player win over Rod easily, there are tools and manipulate objects featured in the game. All these help us to move forward and effortlessly overcome various hurdles that are in the game, inside the ice cream factory. If you want to explore more areas in the game, download Ice Scream 4 and find the necessary items in every environment.

ice scream 4 apk free download

Overcoming the Scary Elements – without a doubt, fear will run through your spine when you and your friends have been caught and caged by Rod. You will have to escape together with your friends by finding and exploring new places in the ice cream factory. You will meet scary elements as you try to escape through unclear paths. That is because this game doesn’t present a map that a player can use to navigate and escape from the factory. Download the Ice Scream 4 game and save yourself and your friends from the rogue ice cream man!


Super Abilities – in the Ice Scream 4 game, the player is the only character who can sneak from the cage and help other children escape. perform the main characters. The gamer has super abilities that help them through the whole experience while interacting with the surrounding. The player needs to be aware of the environment since it helps you know your way out of the factory and escape Rod. Even with the super abilities, it is vital to use objects in this game that you will need to win the game!

ice scream 4 mod apk

Interact With Your Surroundings – the setting of this game is very interactive. Once you escape, you will get into an environment that you should explore to find your way out of Rod’s factory. Without a clear goal and strategy on how to escape successfully, you feel as if the process is hard. For instance, you will not know what tools to look for and in most cases, manipulate objects that cannot be opened with bare hands. Specifically, the player will have to unscrew the wooden slats that are fixed on the door with nails or the screws of some tunnels.

Ice Scream 4 Mod APK Outwitt Download – Mod Menu

Download Ice Scream 4 Rod Factory Mod APK today and save your friends from the evil scary ice cream man Rod. Use game tools and objects as well as learning the surroundings to escape Rod’s ice cream factory.

Download Ice Scream 4 (176.08 Mb)


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