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Download Hot in Hollywood Mod APK Unlimited stars and energy Latest version to experience an exciting simulator game set in the glitzy world of Hollywood. It has 3D graphics & numerous challenges.

Information of Hot in Hollywood

Name Hot in Hollywood
Compatible with Android 7.0+
Last version 0.97
Size 240.82 Mb
Category Simulation
Developer SodeePI Labs, LLC.
Price Free
Google Play Link
MOD Unlimited stars, energy


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MOD Features
  • No ads

About Hot in Hollywood

In Hot in Hollywood, you play a young aspiring star trying to make it big in the entertainment industry. As you navigate this glitzy world, you will go on dates with eligible bachelors, attend red-carpet events, and build your acting career.

You will be a cast member in Hot in Hollywood, one of the hottest TV shows. You must try to balance your love life with your busy schedule. Interact with various celebrities and make connections to further your career.

hot in hollywood mod apk

Besides, you must get stylists and designers to dress you for different occasions. Show off your fashion sense and impress those around you. This way, you can climb to the top and become an A-list celebrity.

Even better, this game is super lightweight, weighing approximately 231MB. As such, you can easily install it without taking up a lot of storage space. You'll also have lag-free gameplay, especially when using Android 7.0 and above devices.

Become a Reality Star!

This game features stunning 3D graphics, making it feel like you are truly living the glamorous Hollywood lifestyle. When you join the Hot in Hollywood reality star, you will be a naive newcomer trying to make it big.

Along the way, you will participate in various challenges and tasks that can help boost your fame and career. Make sure to impress those around you with your fashion sense and charm. And don’t forget about love – find the perfect match for yourself amongst eligible bachelors.

How well you survive in this cutthroat world depends on your choices. Will you be a successful A-list celebrity, or will you crash and burn? The former should always be your goal as you work hard to advance in this exciting game.

Be Loudmouth or Everyone's BFF

This game offers various dialogue options, allowing you to choose how you want to play. Will you speak your mind at all times, or will you be everyone’s BFF and make connections with others?

Always remember to balance your love life and career as you make decisions. This will be critical since the outcome of the game depends on it. As such, be careful and always think before you act.

hot in hollywood mod apk download

Even when you choose to become a drama queen, you must remember that the Hollywood world requires tact and grace. You must strike a delicate balance between being assertive and maintaining a good rapport with those around you.


Collect Your Styling Squad

In Hot in Hollywood, you can collect and manage your talented styling squad. This includes stylists, designers, makeup artists, and hairdressers to ensure that you look flawless for events and photoshoots.

You must carefully choose the right team members to match your style and personal taste. And make sure to impress them with your fashion sense, so they want to work for you in the long run.

Dress for Events

As a Hollywood star, there will be numerous red-carpet events & photoshoots to attend. The pressure is on you to always dress to impress. As such, you must have a killer wardrobe filled with glamorous outfits.

However, that will not be enough. You must also choose the perfect outfit for each occasion, matching it with the right accessories and hairstyle. Show off your fashion prowess and ensure all eyes are on you at these events.

When you perfect the art of dressing for events, you will be able to impress not just the public but also important figures in industry. This can help boost your fame and pave the way for a successful career. It is not just about your talent – your fashion sense plays a big role in the Hollywood world.

Start Relationships

In this game, you can start relationships with eligible bachelors. These include famous actors, singers, models, and more. It is up to you whether to keep them as a fling or work towards a long-term commitment.

hot in hollywood mod apk unlimited stars

But be careful about who you choose – some may seem charming at first but can end up being bad for your reputation or career. Your love life can impact your overall success in the game, so always think before making a choice.

Make Important Connections

Networking is important in the entertainment industry, and Hot in Hollywood allows you to make valuable connections. You can meet influential figures such as producers, directors, agents, and more.

Start friendships and collaborations with them to help boost your career. It may also lead to exciting opportunities in the future.

But always remember that networking is a two-way street – don’t just think about what you can gain from them, but also how you can benefit them as well. Show your worth as a talented and hardworking individual, and they will want to work with you without a doubt.

Other Exceptional Features of Hot in Hollywood Game

  • Become Rich. This game allows you to earn money in various ways, such as roles in movies and endorsement deals. With this, you can purchase luxurious items for your character and live the glamorous life of a Hollywood star.
  • Attend Parties. Attend exclusive events and parties, from high-profile shows to casual get-togethers with friends. You can even throw parties and impress the guests with your superb hosting skills.
  • Beautiful Graphics. The 3D graphics in this game bring out the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, making your gaming experience even more realistic. You will see yourself looking fabulous in photoshoots and feeling like a true celebrity.
  • Simple Controls. The user-friendly controls make it easy for anyone to navigate and play the game seamlessly. They are designed to enhance your overall enjoyment and immerse you in the world of fame and fortune.


hot in hollywood mod apk latest version
  • Realistic Characters. The styling, facial appearances, and personalities of the characters are based on real-life Hollywood stars, adding to the game's authenticity. They look and act like the celebrities we know and love.

Hot in Hollywood MOD APK Download

The Hot in Hollywood MOD APK for Android has been improved to offer better experiences. You will have exceptional features, including:

  • Hot in Hollywood MOD APK Unlimited Stars and Energy. With this MOD, you will have unlimited resources & energy, allowing you to progress quickly in the game. You will never get tired of completing tasks and can easily purchase anything you desire.
  • No Ads. There will be no more annoying advertisements interrupting your gaming experience. You can focus on reaching stardom and living a comfortable life.
  • Everything Unlocked. All the items, clothing, and accessories will be accessible to you from the start. You can freely choose the best outfits and live your Hollywood dream without limitations.


Hot in Hollywood is the ultimate game for anyone dreaming of becoming a celebrity. It offers exciting features such as starting relationships and making critical connections, all while keeping true to the glitz and glamour of Hollywood.

The MOD APK version enhances your gaming experience even more. With unlimited resources and no-ad experience, you can progress in the game and live a luxurious life as a famous Hollywood star hassle-free.

Download Hot in Hollywood (240.82 Mb)


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