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You’ve probably played a lot of zombie-shooting games now but Grow Zombie VIP is different! Here, you’ll need to grow and multiply your zombies and spread now!

Information of Grow Zombie VIP

Name Grow Zombie VIP
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Last version 36.7.3
Size 52.79 Mb
Category Strategy
Developer PixelStar Games
Price $0.99
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MOD Features
  1. God mode

About Grow Zombie VIP

There are too many zombie shooting games today that allow you to fight against various zombies. The usual story is that zombies have started appearing one by one and the human race is bound to be extinct. Thankfully, you’re still alive and you’re determined to save humanity from the undead. But if you’re sick of these games now, try Grow Zombie VIP! Here, you’ll take the zombie’s side as you’ll try to grow their numbers today.

grow zombie vip mod apk

Here, you need to grow zombies and conquer the world today by hunting for different species. There are many types of zombies you can awaken and hatch today so you can conquer the world. You can generate and grow zombies all the time so you can develop your research institute as well. Here, you can make the zombies stronger by upgrading them into different types. Then, you can hunt many people and even aliens in the game to grow your numbers today.

Grow the Zombies

You’ve probably seen or played a lot of zombie-shooting games by now. Zombie shooting games are fun and they allow us to enjoy different types of action scenes. But more than that, there’s nothing more enjoyable than being able to save humanity through your efforts alone. But because of that, by now you’re getting tired of the same old zombie games. What if you instead take the sides of zombies instead of humanity? In Grow Zombie VIP, you’ll be in charge of growing the zombies by infecting humans!

grow zombie vip apk free download

Published by PixelStar Games, this strategy game offers a new way to enjoy a game by combining zombies to grow and develop them. Here, you’ll get your own research center where you can generate zombie eggs and then generate zombies by combining the same ones. There are many types of zombies you can upgrade to such as Bone Zombie, Stone, Green, Bite and many more. Each of these zombies have unique strengths and stats! But the general rule is that the higher the stats, the easier it is then to hunt.


You can also unlock many Z-Virus such as Zombie Population Research, Bloodball Zombie and many more.

Grow Zombie VIP Features

There are many zombie-shooting games now, but if you’ve always wanted to be in the zombies’ side, try Grow Zombie VIP.

Develop Zombies – Even though they’re not real, zombies are some of the most popular creatures today. They’re present in many movies, shows and even various games in different platforms. We’ve now reached the point when we’re not so much afraid of them but we can tolerate them. This is now evident in the game Grow Zombie VIP as you will take on the zombies’ side! Here, your goal is to infect and conquer the entire world through zombies.

download grow zombie vip apk for android

Here, you can hatch and synthesize different zombies today. Here, you must first hatch the zombie eggs and then combine the same zombies to upgrade them. There are different types of zombies available in this game today and you can collect many of them. You can also upgrade them by making research and upgrading your lab. Then, you can hunt for prey to infect and to increase your numbers by strategizing your attack. Can you infect everyone in the world today and conquer them?


Synthesize Zombies – In this game, zombies will start as mere eggs. You can hatch the eggs in your research institute here. After that, you can then synthesize them and then combine the same ones to create an entirely new type. You can keep doing this to increase their numbers and to gain a new type. This will make your zombies even stronger as every new type increases their strength. Then, you can also enjoy buying various weapons, tanks and spacecraft to help you eliminate enemies!

grow zombie vip apk latest version

Awaken Different Zombies – There are many types of zombies that you can awaken today. Each one is unique and they have their own stats today. There are zombies like Bone, Stone Bite and many more that you can collect! You can only collect them by upgrading them and combining zombies. But for this to happen, you’ll need to hunt for aliens and mutations to aid with your research. You can also upgrade various builds such as the Red Stone, Blue Stone, Red Jewel, Black Jewel and more.

Hunt for Prey – In Grow Zombie VIP, you’ll also need to hunt for prey using your zombies today. But you need to be prepared and careful since the humans and other prey will fight back. You must deploy the best ones you have and even deploy your aircraft, tanks and other weapons!

Download Grow Zombie VIP APK – latest version

If you’re someone who loves zombies, download Grow Zombie VIP today and enjoy a different zombie game.

Download Grow Zombie VIP (52.79 Mb)


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