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Download FGO JP APK Mod 2.61.5 Latest version for intense card-based battles. You will have powerful weapons, unique skills, and many cards to help you in the gameplay.

Information of FGO JP

Compatible with Android 4.1+
Last version 2.61.5
Size 80.40 Mb
Category Role playing
Developer Aniplex Inc.
Price Free
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About FGO JP

FJO JP APK 2023 is a Japanese action game that pits you against other players in fast-paced card-based battles. The game features a deck of cards, each with unique skills and abilities.

You will use the cards to invoke the power of servants, who will fight on your behalf in turn-based battles. These creatures are lethal and ready to exterminate all your foes.

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The game also features a unique resource system, which allows you to power up your cards with special items. These items can be found in the randomly generated dungeons.

Ensure you explore the dungeons thoroughly to find the best items to help you win the battle. This way, you will not be constrained by resources. Overall, you can expect an agile and action-packed game that will keep you on your toes at all times.

What FGO JP Game is All About

This game by Aniplex Inc is based on a popular Fate/stay night visual novel. The novel has been made into an anime series, movies, and games. It is set in a parallel world where there are powerful beings known as servants.

These servants fight on behalf of their masters in a Holy Grail War. The winner of this war gets their wish granted by the Holy Grail.

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In the FGO JP game, you take on the role of a master. You will summon servants to fight for you in card-based battles. There are many servants to choose from, each with its unique skills and abilities.

You must strategize carefully to ensure you have the right mix of servants to defeat your opponents. It offers several classes of servants, including Sabers, Archers, Lancers, and Sanker.

Ensure you choose the right class of servant to counter your opponent’s class. For example, if your opponent has summoned a Saber, you should counter with an Archer (Archer is stronger than Saber).

Highly Engaging Gameplay

FGO JP APK features highly engaging and fast-paced gameplay. The card-based battles are easy to pick up but difficult to master. You must think carefully about your moves and strategize accordingly.

In the game, you will play Shirou Emiya. This is a young boy who dreams of becoming a hero of justice. However, he is not very powerful and is often ridiculed by others.

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One day, he gets dragged into the Holy Grail War. He now has the power to save humanity from extinction. However, he will not have it all smooth. Many opponents will challenge him and try to stop him from winning the Holy Grail War.

To ensure you are successful, you must summon powerful servants to fight on your behalf. These creatures are based on historical and literary figures. They possess extraordinary powers that can help you win the battle.

Other Special Features of FJO JP APK for Android

  • Many Events Quests to Try. This game features many events and quests for you to try. You can earn rewards by completing these events and quests. They include Flame Contaminated City Fuyuki, Chaldea Gate, and Hundred Years of the Evil Dragon Orleans.
  • Save Humanity's Future. This game has many servants that you can use to save humanity's future and give people hope. You must be ready for the epic challenges that stand in your way.
  • 60+ Japanese Voice Actors. This game features more than 60 Japanese voice actors. They have lent their voices to the servants in the game. This includes famous names such as Ayako Kawasumi, Rie Takahashi, and Hiroshi Kamiya.
fgo jp apk for android
  • An Irresistible Gameplay. FGO JP APK is a free-to-play game that offers an immersive and engaging experience. The fast-paced gameplay, strategic depth, and beautiful graphics make it a must-play game for all fans of the Fate/stay night visual novel.
  • Advanced Graphics and Sound Systems. This game features beautiful graphics and sound systems. The servants look like their anime counterparts. The voice acting is top-notch, and the music is catchy and fits the game's theme perfectly.
  • Lots of In-Game Treasures. This game has many in-game treasures for you to collect. These treasures can be used to improve your servants' abilities. You can also use them to buy new servants and items.
  • Upgrade Your Characters. This game allows you to upgrade your servants. You can level them up and improve their skills. You can also change their class to make them more powerful. For example, Sanker is the strongest class, and Saber is the weakest class.


This MOD is designed to help you earn resources hassle-free. You can get unlimited resources such as money and treasures to help you upgrade your servants. These items will help you progress through the game faster and easier.

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Additionally, this MOD is lightweight, ensuring you don’t have to worry about lag. It doesn't require rooting, and it is compatible with most Android devices.


FGO JP APK is an excellent game for all Fate/stay night visual novel fans. It features beautiful graphics, top-notch voice acting, and engaging gameplay.

The missions are varied and offer a challenge. You can also upgrade your servants to make them more powerful.

If you want enhanced gameplay, you can download the MOD version. This version gives you unlimited resources, allowing you to upgrade your servants quickly. Additionally, it is light and you can be sure of lag-free gameplay.

Download FGO JP (80.40 Mb)

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