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What if you suddenly had the balance of an infant? In Fail Run Mod APK, you get to have a fun time walking as if you have no sense of balance! Cross the finish line now!

Information of Fail Run

Name Fail Run
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Last version 1.6.0
Size 145.66 Mb
Category Action
Developer VOODOO
Price Free
Google Play Link
MOD Unlimited money


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About Fail Run

You probably don’t remember the first time you tried to walk when you were a baby. It’s normal to not have any sense of balance for babies because they’re still developing at that stage. But what if an adult has that lousy sense of balance? In Fail Run, you get to experience a fun game where you will need to support yourself just to cross the finish line. Encounter many obstacles and try to get to the finish line whatever it takes!

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In this game, you’ll face many challenging levels that have different obstacles in place. There will be ones where you’re on top of a vehicle, there’s a lot of toilets in the front and other hard obstacles as well. In normal times, you can easily cross these obstacles but not in Fail Run! Here, you won’t have a sense of balance at all.

Learn to Walk

All of us went through the infancy stage where we still don’t know how to talk let alone walk. During this stage, we’ll crawl just to get to different places and we cry a lot. But what if you put the sense of balance of a baby into an adult? The result is the game called Fail Run where you will need to go to the finish line filled with obstacle. But the biggest obstacle will be yourself where you must learn how to balance!

fail run mod apk

A product of VODOO, this game challenges your sense of balance as you try to walk into the finish line. Things would become more challenging as you finish more levels in this game. From having no obstacles at first to even walking across different chairs in the game. The ultimate goal is to just cross the finish line but it gets harder as time goes on. More importantly, you can unlock many skins that shows the uniforms of different jobs.


Enjoy a different type of action game today and laugh at your own mistakes!

Fail Run Features

Do you still remember the time when you use to stumble as a baby just trying to learn how to walk? Reminisce that time now in Fail Run!

Walk like an Infant – We all went through the stage of infancy where we learned many things for the first-time including walking. If you compare the walking ability of an infant to an adult, they are significantly different. But what if you erase the ability of an adult to balance himself as he walks? In Fail Run, hilarity ensues as you try to go to the finish line while balancing your character. Try to walk slowly as you go through numerous obstacles and into the finish line.

fail run apk latest version

There will be plenty of challenging obstacles you never thought would be a challenge until you lost your sense of balance! In this game, you’ll face obstacles such as numerous chairs, toilets, a wrecking ball, a car and many more. The goal every time is just to go over the finish line without falling once! Think you can conquer this difficult physics-based game? Try it today and find out!

Challenging Levels – We don’t laugh at babies struggling to walk because we all know that they’re still developing. But if you see an adult struggling to walk, you’ll be laughing in no time! In Fail Run you’ll get a fun time trying to go over otherwise harmless obstacles to cross the finish line. This is easier said than done because once you fall once, you’ll restart the level! This game is a hard one to play but it’s fun to do so.


Face Many Obstacles – Here, there are many levels that are waiting for you. Each of them presents unique challenges and obstacles such as the one with a wide gap or the one where there’s a seesaw. There are also others where you’ll go over different types of chairs! Try not to lose your balance until you go over the finish line in this funny game today. There are many obstacles that will be too difficult for you to face!

fail run apk free download

Unlock many outfits – There are also many outfits that you can unlock here. These outfits are all the uniforms of different professions such as a soldier, a boxer, a police officer, a firefighter, a plumber, a gymnast and many more. You can unlock them by completing all the levels today!

Physics-based game – Fail Run is a fun physics-based game that offer realistic gameplay. You will need to exert a lot of effort in balancing your character in this game!

Download Fail Run Mod APK – latest version

Can you cross over the finish line easily if you lose your sense of balance? Challenge yourself today in Fail Run!

Download Fail Run (145.66 Mb)


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