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If you want to enjoy a fun simulation drama, download Facade Game APK Mod now. Here, you’re invited to a party by the couple who’s fighting in the house.

Information of Facade Game

Name Facade Game
Compatible with Android 5.0 +
Last version 1
Size 23 MB
Category Role playing
Developer Pavlenkovi
Price Free


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About Facade Game

There are so many fun things you can play right now for mobile. You can enjoy many categories right now like action, puzzle, simulation, racing, RPG, and many more.

You’re able to enjoy so many simulation games today, thanks to the abundance of developers. These are games that aim to provide a realistic experience for everyone. With Facade Game, you can enjoy a drama wherein you’ve been invited to a party.

facade game download android

In this game, you’ll play the role of Gonzalo, a close friend to a couple named Grace and Trip. Before you arrive at their house, you notice that they seem to be having some discussions. They have a domestic confrontation, and you’ll be in the middle of this mess today.

Here, you can either support them both or drive them apart. You can also get kicked out of the apartment for doing random things. Here, you can talk to the couple through advanced artificial intelligence processing.

Play as Gonzalo

Many simulation games are available to play now. These are fun and realistic games that provide players with the most fantastic experience ever. There are all sorts of fun simulation games that you can play right now, from racing to puzzle to RPG.

Whatever simulation game you want to play, you’ll undoubtedly enjoy your time since these are actual games. If you’re looking for a game that will surprise and keep you entertained, Facade Game is the game for you today!

facade game apk

Have you ever had a couple of friends who would always fight with each other? You’re then left to comfort them or support one or the other, or you would make matters worst ultimately.


That’s precisely the situation in this game as you’re invited to a part by your couple of friends named Grace and Trip. The couple had asked you to their apartment, and just as you’re about to enter, you hear them arguing. In this game, you’ll be able to do whatever you want with them!

You’ll act as Gonzalo, and you can either console the couple, drive them mad or make them kick you out of the apartment.

Facade Game Features

Facade Game lets you enjoy a dramatic simulation game where you can communicate with the characters.

facade game mod

Unique simulation game – If you love playing amazing games, then the simulation genre has a lot of interesting ones for you. These are games that will let you enjoy and have a good time each day.

There are so many fun simulation games that you can play today, which will let you have fun. One of the unique simulation games today is Facade Game, and it’s one where you can do whatever you want in a dramatic situation.

You’ll play Gonzalo here, which is a close friend of a couple named Trip and Grace. The couple is quarreling, leading to some of the most awkward moments you can experience in a game.

Here, you’ll be able to do whatever you want as you can interact with various objects like doors, wines, food, and more. Plus, you can talk with the couple to understand certain words that were programmed to respond to. Here, you can do whatever you want, but there are consequences.


facade game mobile

Play as Gonzalo – Simulation games are popular since they allow players to do a lot of things. In these games, players can do whatever they want, sometimes even entirely out of the story.

In Facade Game, you can enjoy a fun, dramatic game where you’ll play the role of Gonzalo. A couple has invited you to their apartment. The couple is Grace and Trip, and they’ve been quarreling ever since, but now that you’ve arrived, you’ll be in the middle of this awkward situation.

Talk with the couple – There’s no goal other than to enjoy every confrontation in this game. The game will let you do whatever you want, including talking using the chat function. Thanks to the language processing software, you’re able to tell the couple whatever you want, and they will have appropriate responses.

facade game download

Depending on what you say, you’ll either get support or get kicked out of the apartment. You can try supporting the couple, or you can randomly say whatever you want here!

Interact with objects – You can interact with the couple and various things in the apartment in this game. There are many objects here, such as doors, wines, food, tables, and many more. You can freely explore the apartment as much as you want!

Download Facade Game APK – Latest version

With Facade Game mobile, you’re able to enjoy so many fun scenarios where you can talk with the couple.

Download Facade Game (23 MB)


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