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Do you wish to live in a world where monsters exist? In Evil Hunter Tycoon Mod APK, you get to be the chief of the town. Handle the construction and the development now!

Information of Evil Hunter Tycoon

Name Evil Hunter Tycoon
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 1.374
Size 139.25 Mb
Category Simulation
Developer Super Planet
Price Free
Google Play Link
MOD Unlimited everything


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MOD Features
  • Unlimited everything

About Evil Hunter Tycoon

There are many fun RPG games you can enjoy right now. But if you want something more satisfying, then you might want to play a simulation that lets you build a town and fight monsters. If you’re a fond of playing RPGs and simulations, this game is the perfect one. In Evil Hunter Tycoon, you’re in charge of the town from the construction up to hiring hunters! There are monsters surrounding the town that you need to eradicate.

evil hunter tycoon mod apk

Published by Super Planet, this simulation game is unlike anything you’ve ever played before. It’s filled with monsters that you need to eliminate regularly. Also, you’ll create a town and you’ll become a town chief here. You can build various houses and buildings to attract more people to live in your town. Earn money the more people live here and fight monsters!

Build a Town and Hunt Monsters

RPG games have always given us the best fun all these years. But if you want a more stable game, you’ll need to find others. There are fun games that incorporate a lot of fun aspects from different games today. One of these games is called Evil Hunter Tycoon and it’s one where it allows you to create a town of your own. In this town, you are free to build an academy, enhancement forge, and tons of other facilities.

evil hunter tycoon mod apk

Create a town where hunters will freely gather and live today. Then, you can hire them to extinguish the monsters so you can earn money as well. Give them quests regularly so you can expand your town and make it incredible. The stronger hunters you can gather here, the more your town will prosper. There are a lot of dungeons and bosses you can fight in this fun game right now.


You can even battle other town’s hunters in a PVP match. In this fun game, you’ll get to get a lot of people to join your ranks!

Evil Hunter Tycoon Highlights

It’s only right that we fight monsters to gain money. In Evil Hunter Tycoon, you ge to create a utopia for hunters!

Create and Manage a Town – Creating towns have always been a fun game to play. Back when the Sims franchise were at its peak, a lot of people enjoyed going around town and customizing their houses. Now, as more and more games are offering the same features, you’re left with only a few good ones. Evil Hunter Tycoon is one of the best ones to play today which allows you to build and manage a town of your own.

evil hunter tycoon mod apk

In this game, there are monsters everywhere so people have turned to monster-hunting to make money. You’ll then create a town suitable for these hunters to live in. Your goal is to make money as more and more hunters live in your town to make money off of hunting. You’ll then build many facilities which includes the Bounty Hut, Academy, Training Ground, Sanctuary of Resurrection, Enhancement Forge and many more! Attract as many strong hunters to your town today.

Build Various Facilities – The only way to build a town is to erect various structures. Hunters won’t go to your town if you don’t have these! Take note that you’ll need materials and money to build facilities all over your town so you’ll start with a few. Here, you can erect these structures: Training Ground, Academy, Bounty Hut, Enhancement Forge and Sanctuary of Resurrection. The Training Ground is where hunters can level up through training.


evil hunter tycoon mod apk

Then, the Academy allows hunters to learn about secret skills and techniques. In the Bounty Hut, this is where you can give quests to hunters. Then, there’s the Enhancement Forge where hunters can upgrade their weapons and equipment. Lastly, at the Sanctuary, they can reincarnate endlessly.

Recruit Strong Hunters – Your town is for hunters so you need to do your best to make it as attractive as possible to get them to live there. However, there are many different hunter classes, tiers and characteristics that are unique to each hunter. You can’t choose who visits your town but you can invite the top ones using items! The more hunters there are in your town, the more money you can make.

Join Guilds and Fight in PVP Matches – You can also join guilds or create one here. Moreover, you can fight against other real players in PVP matches. Become the last one standing and earn rewards today. There are a lot of epic things to enjoy in here.

Download Evil Hunter Tycoon Mod APK – Unlimited Everything

Create the ultimate town today and invite strong hunters in Evil Hunter Tycoon! Get moving and earn money.

Download Evil Hunter Tycoon (139.25 Mb)


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