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Download Drift Hunters Mod APK Unlimited money Latest version for an exhilarating drifting experience. It features stunning tracks, legendary cars, and beautiful town maps.

Information of Drift Hunters

Name Drift Hunters
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 1.5.7
Size 397.06 Mb
Category Racing
Developer Ilya Kaminetsky
Price Free
Google Play Link
MOD Unlimited money


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MOD Features
  • Unlimited money
  • No ads

About Drift Hunters

Drift Hunters APK is a drifting game challenging you to become the best drifter in town. This game includes legendary vehicles, including Evo, S30Z, S14, FRS, CLA, GT500, and R35. Collect these cars and own the best garage in the city.

The game also features many tracks to compete on, ranging from abandoned towns and docks to beaches and mountains. Each environment offers a different experience, requiring you to adapt your driving style to the terrain.

drift hunters mod apk

Even better, the game's graphics are incredibly realistic and immersive, making you feel like you're drifting through the streets. You will see detailed cars, amazing effects, and authentic weather conditions.

These features combine to make Drift Hunters APK an engrossing drifting game. If you love drifting, you'll enjoy this game for hours.

Drift Hunters APK - Background Story 

Drifting is an extreme sport that tests your ability to control your vehicle while racing at high speeds. It involves drifting through corners and achieving high speeds, all while maintaining control of your car.

The game's history goes back to the late 1960s when Japanese driving schools started to use racing techniques in their curriculum. These techniques were later refined and became known as drifting, eventually evolving into full-fledged motorsport.

The game has since become popular globally and has a large, dedicated fan base. It guarantees an adrenaline-pumping and challenging experience. It was designed with advanced physics, ensuring an unrivaled drift experience.

Exceptional Features of Drift Hunters APK

  • 25+ Drift Cars. Driving the same car for an extended period can get a little boring. Fortunately, Drift Hunters APK offers a wide range of stunning cars. You can try out a variety of vehicles to find one that suits your needs.
drift hunters mod apk download
  • Tune Your Car. This game allows you to upgrade your cars in various ways. You can change the rims, stickers, and paint to change the car's appearance. You can also upgrade its performance by upgrading its parts.
  • Realistic Drift Physics. Every element of this game is designed using advanced physics to make the game as realistic and authentic as possible. The turns, skids, burnouts, and drifts are all carefully designed to deliver the best drifting experience. Even cars handle differently, depending on their weight and size.
  • Choose from Many Tracks. The game features a variety of unique tracks for you to test out your drifting skills. You can choose from winding mountain roads to long stretches of coastlines and beautiful towns. This diversity allows you to explore different environments and adds an extra challenge to the game.
  • Collect Drift Points. You will get points based on the time you spend drifting and your performance. The more points you get, the better your cars will become. Collect drift points to unlock new tracks, vehicles, and upgrades in this exciting game.
  • Super Authentic Sounds. This game also features realistic, high-quality sound effects to make the experience as immersive as possible. You will hear screeching tires, roaring engines, and crashing metal to faithfully recreate the thrill of driving a car at high speeds.

Drift Hunters APK vs. Supra Drift 3D APK - Comparison

Drifting is a thrilling pastime, and Drift Hunters APK and Supra Drift 3D are great games that offer the ultimate drifting experience.


drift hunters mod apk unlimited money

However, there are distinct differences between them. For example, while both games feature incredible graphics, Drift Hunters offers more detailed visuals with realistic effects, environments, and weather conditions. In this section, we will compare these games based on these points:

  • Visuals and Graphics

For any drift game, visuals and graphics are of the utmost importance. They bring out the thrill and excitement of the game by making it look as realistic as possible. As such, you must always consider the game's visuals before downloading it.

In this regard, Drift Hunters is superior to Supra Drift 3D. It offers highly advanced graphics with realistic textures, effects, and weather conditions. You can even see the changes in car handling depending on how wet or dry the track is.

On the other hand, Supra Drift is set in a confined, open-air space, with little environmental variation. In addition, its visuals are not particularly detailed and do not have many effects or weather conditions.

  • Gameplay and Controls

Both Drift Hunters APK and Supra Drift 3D offer an immersive, thrilling experience. However, the controls for these games are slightly different.

drift hunters mod apk latest version

In Drifting Hunters, you will use a combination of tilting and touch controls to speed up, drift, and make turns. You can also change the camera angle to get a better view of the track. Besides, the game has in-game tutorials, making it easier to learn and master the game.

On the other hand, Supra Drift uses a mixture of touch and automatic controls. The car will automatically speed up when you enter a drift zone, making it more difficult for beginners to control their vehicles. As such, you must always be alert and on your toes to circumvent obstacles.

Overall, both games will offer exceptional drifting experiences. They let you change the camera angle, use different controls, and explore a variety of tracks. As such, your choice will depend on your personal preferences and skills.

  • Obstacle & Challenges

No matter which game you choose, you will inevitably face obstacles and challenges as you progress. These can be anything from other vehicles on the tracks to difficult weather conditions such as heavy rain or snow.

Drift Hunters is often praised for its realistic challenge levels, each presenting a unique obstacle and testing your skills. To overcome these challenges, you must plan your moves and use different techniques to maximize your speed.

drift hunters mod apk for android

On the other hand, Supra Drift 3D is often criticized for being too simplistic. While it has a variety of tracks and difficulty levels, these are focused on maintaining the car's speed rather than overcoming obstacles or mastering different drifting techniques. However, some tracks require 100% concentration as you circumvent closely-arranged obstacles and tight corners.

Overall, both games offer numerous obstacles with increasingly difficult challenges. However, we feel that Drift Hunters is the more challenging and rewarding option due to its realistic tracks, obstacles, and challenges. If you are looking for an immersive drift gaming experience, Drift Hunters is the clear winner in this matchup.


  • Car Collection and Upgrades

Supra Drift 3D only offers Toyota Supra cars, which can be customized with different paint jobs and upgrades. However, these cars are lacking in power when compared to other real-life vehicles.

In contrast, Drift Hunters APK allows you to collect and customize numerous cars, ranging from classics to modern vehicles. It offers 25+ cars to choose from, each with unique upgrades and performance.

Besides, you can customize your car with different parts, such as gears, chassis, tires, and exhaust systems. As you progress through the game, you will earn coins to invest in these upgrades and improve your performance on the tracks.

drift hunters mod apk 2022

Overall, Drift Hunters is the better option if you are looking for a wider selection of cars and customization options. The ability to use different car parts and upgrade your vehicle allows you to truly master the art of drifting. If this is important to you, then Drift Hunters is a clear winner in this matchup.

What to Expect in the Future?

Drifting games are exhilarating, making them popular among players of all ages. As such, developers will continue to introduce new, innovative features to enhance the gaming experience.

For example, future versions of Drift Hunters might add new tracks, obstacles, and challenges for players to master. They may offer augmented reality to create a more immersive experience or adopt cloud technology to let players compete against each other across different regions.

In terms of Supra Drift 3D, we might see new tracks and cars to choose from. The game could also be paired with virtual reality headsets for a truly realistic drifting experience.

drift hunters apk

Overall, both games will continue to evolve as developers look for new ways to enhance the gaming experience. Whether you prefer Drift Hunters or Supra Drift 3D, you can expect exciting new features and improvements in the years to come.

Drift Hunters MOD APK Download

The game's MOD has been modified to allow players to upgrade their cars hassle-free. It offers these unique features:

  • Drift Hunters MOD APK Unlimited Money. This MOD allows you to unlock unlimited levels and upgrade your cars for free. You can customize your cars with new parts and accessories, giving you more control over your performance on the tracks.
  • All Vehicles Are Unlocked. When playing the MOD version of Drift Hunters, you will access all 25+ cars in the game. You can choose your favorite car and equip it with different performance-enhancing parts to improve your drifting capabilities.
  • No Ads or In-App Purchases. The Drift Hunters MOD APK for Android version of the game removes ads and in-app purchases, allowing you to enjoy the experience without distraction.


Drift Hunters APK is an immersive and challenging drift gaming experience that lets you customize and upgrade your cars. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced drifter, this game offers exciting tracks and obstacles to master.

Besides, you can get the MOD to unlock unlimited levels and upgrade your cars easily. This way, you can focus on perfecting your drifting skills and achieving new records in the game.

Download Drift Hunters (397.06 Mb)


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