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Download Drag King Mod APK Unlimited money Thailand racing game for exhilarating gameplay. It features beautiful tracks, world-class race cars, and exciting customization options.

Information of Drag King

Name Drag King
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 2.0.2
Size 43.3 MB
Category Racing
Developer TDMgame
Price Free
Google Play Link
MOD Unlimited money


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MOD Features
  • No ads

About Drag King

Drag King 201 Thailand APK is a racing game developed by TMDgame Studios. The game simulates Thailand's famous Drag Race events, where players compete against each other while performing unique stunts.

The game offers a variety of drag cars and tracks with stunning graphics & realistic physics. In addition, players can customize their vehicles with a wide range of parts and accessories.

drag king mod apk

With its intense gameplay, Drag King 201m is a must-try for racing game enthusiasts in Thailand and beyond. It has an element of adventure, ensuring that every race will be a thrilling experience.

Why Download Drag King Racing Game?

This game is dramatic and exciting, guaranteeing a thrilling experience every time you play. It was designed to truly capture the essence of Thailand's Drag Race events. Every race is a unique opportunity to showcase your skills and show off your customized ride.

The well-simulated terrains sink you into the race, ensuring your savor every twist and turn. It feels like you're truly in a drag race. If you are a racing fan, Drag King 201m is worth checking out.

drag king mod apk download

It is lightweight (43MB) and doesn't require a lot of storage space, making it easy to download and enjoy. It is also optimized for Android 5.0+, ensuring lag-free gameplay. Download Drag King 201m APK for Android and experience heart-pounding drag racing in Thailand.

New Drag Cars to Explore

One of the main attractions of Drag King APK is its diverse selection of drag cars. The game's vehicles are distinctly unique. They look like basic bikes from the superficial level, but once you start playing, they reveal their racing power.

They are beautifully designed, ensuring that they stand out on the track. Players can also customize their cars with various parts and accessories, allowing for even more unique options.

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Ensure you choose unique colors and designs for your car to truly stand out and impress fellow racers. This will showcase your personality and style as you race against the competition.

Exciting Tracks to Race On

Drag King 201m offers stunning tracks, designed to simulate Thailand's real-life drag racing events. Each track is unique, with exciting twists that force you to be on your toes during every race.


The sideways are decorated with sponsor banners, including Yamaha, Nexus, Air Asia, and many more real-life brands featured in the game. This way, it captures a realistic racing experience.

drag king mod apk latest version

Players will also enjoy authentic asphalt tracks. The background visuals also make it feel like you're truly in a Thailand drag race, immersing yourself in the game's world. Take on each track with your customized car and unleash the beastly power of your ride.

Showcase Stunts to Earn Coins

Not only do players compete to win races, but they can also earn coins by performing stunts. These stunts range from wheelies to burnouts, adding a unique element of excitement to the game.

Earn enough coins, and you can use them for further customizations or unlocking new cars. Show off your skills and impress fellow racers as you perform stunts in the middle of a race.

Choose Your Playstyle/Mode

Drag King 201m also offers various modes for different playstyles. There is a career mode where players work their way up the ranks, participating in numerous races to become the ultimate drag king champion.

drag king mod apk for android

Additionally, you can choose the difficulty level for each race to challenge yourself and improve your racing skills. For casual players, there is also an introductory easy mode where you can just choose your track and car to race without any pressure or competition. This allows for more relaxed gameplay and a chance to practice your racing techniques.

As you progress, you can participate in more sophisticated events and races. The game also offers daily challenges, keeping players engaged and constantly striving to improve their racing skills.

Other Unique Features of Drag King APK

  • Realistic Stats. This game features realistic stats for each car, accurately showcasing its power and performance. You can see max speed, gear, accelerator, and car weight. This allows players to strategize and choose the best vehicle for a particular track.
drag king mod apk thailand
  • Upgrade Your Vehicles. This game also offers the option to upgrade vehicles, allowing you to improve their performance and make them even more powerful on the track.
  • Compete with Real Players. Drag King 201m also allows players to compete with real players online, adding a new level of excitement and competition. Show off your racing skills as you go head-to-head with other players.
  • Realistic Signal Systems. As you hold the clutch, you must be keen to wait for the green light before starting a race. The game also features realistic signal systems, making it feel like a true drag racing experience.
  • Monitor Your Speed. As you race, you must keep an eye on the RPM section. When it turns red, touch the plus icon to achieve maximum speed. This increases the thrill and excitement of each race, as players must strategize and use their car's power effectively.
  • Well-Detailed 3D Graphics. Everything from the tracks to the cars is rendered in realistic 3D graphics, immersing players in the drag racing world. So, rev up your engines and prepare for a thrilling ride with Drag King 201m.


drag king apk
  • Exciting Sound Systems. The game ensures you can truly feel the roar of your engine with its realistic sound effects. It also features an electronic music soundtrack, adding to the energetic atmosphere of each race. Additionally, all collisions and crashes have realistic sound effects, enhancing the gameplay experience.

Drag King MOD APK Download

If you want to enjoy the game without limitations, you can download the Drag King MOD APK Unlimited Money version. This version offers enough resources for players to fully customize and upgrade their cars, making them even more powerful on the track.

Besides, the Drag King MOD APK for Android removes ads, ensuring a seamless and uninterrupted racing experience. Race to victory and perform stunning stunts as you dominate the track.


Drag King 201m provides an exciting and thrilling drag racing experience, with customizable cars and various game modes. It also offers realistic graphics and sound effects, immersing players in the world of drag racing.

Upgrade your vehicles and compete with other real players as you strive to become the ultimate Drag King champion. Alternatively, you can download the Drag King MOD APK for unlimited resources and ad-free gameplay. Gear up and get ready for a thrilling ride with Drag King 201m.

Download Drag King (43.3 MB)


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