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Make choices that influence your destiny in the afterlife! Download Destiny Run Mod APK and enjoy gameplay where you become either a good or an evil angel!

Information of Destiny Run

Name Destiny Run
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 2.4.0
Size 192.45 Mb
Category Action
Developer VOODOO
Price Free
Google Play Link
MOD Unlimited money


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About Destiny Run

VOODOO Android game developers are at it again with yet another captivating game. The Destiny Run game is an action game that provokes your ability to make choices between good or evil. Despite the choices you make, you still play on to the finish line. You will make various unlimited points for being a good angel or being an evil angel. The gameplay is engaging and addictive with various items to collect and transform your character into a cute righteous angel or a gigantic evil angel.

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Immerse yourself into classic gameplay with lots of levels to play and enjoy making the choices that affect your future. Will become an angel of peace and good deeds or you will choose to be the devil's fearless and evil angel? It is your choice to make! Despite the choice you make, the game will offer you plenty of collectible items that make the game interesting. As you collect the various items, you will immensely transform your character.

Don’t Fail to Make the Best Choices

Make the best choices for your life and decide your destiny. Be an angel and fly to heaven or be a devil and go to hell! You should decide your fate! So, you will need to decide whether you are a good person or a naughty one. You will not wisely make a divine decision that will have an impact in your lifetime and after it! In this amazing game, your soul will find its place!

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If you ever thought about where you will go in your afterlife, then you need to play this game. Within a short time into the gameplay, you will be able to see your character get to the ultimate afterlife destination – heaven or hell. This game is themed with a judgment day where the gods or devils will judge your choices. It doesn’t matter whether you are a celebrity, a student, an imposter, a doctor, rich or poor! There is only one essential judgment that makes you merciful or wicked. Download the game now and experience gameplay where justice awaits!


Highlights of the Destiny Run Game

This game is the latest simulation of the afterlife choices that we make. Here, you will enjoy playing with a character that makes it to heaven or hell courtesy of the choice they make. Below are some features that make the game interesting!

Entertaining Gameplay – in this game, the player will choose the sides of the evil devil or the righteous angels. The game allows you to select sides at the start of the game. Whichever side you choose, you will be able to collect plenty of items that will make you grow bigger and acquire wings. Every item you collect will be vital in your journey since they will give you angel points or devil points, which are equal to a certain amount of unlimited money.

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The wings you gain on your way to the finish line will help you fly the character to the ultimate ruler angel of the side you selected. Here, you will be able to make a grand reward of multiplied points. Moreover, the overall angel in heaven or hell will be holding a treasure box with plenty of gold coins!

Simple Controls – will you choose to become an angel or a demon? Do you want to explore where your choices will take you? Don’t worry because you can discover what heaven or hell has to offer with simple controls. You just need to swipe the character to the right or left to avoid the obstacles place throughout the runway.


Don’t forget about the many items you can collect by moving the character over the items. The forward movement is automatic and shod not worry you to move the character towards the finish line. Besides, the character will fly towards the gigantic angel of the side they choose to earn multiplied points and be gifted with gold coin rewards.

Many Levels – there are various levels that come with different challenges. However, the gameplay doesn’t change so much because the main goal remains to choose your destiny, running on a runway, collecting various collectible items, and getting to your final destination. You will have so many items that you can collect including angel wings, shields, attires, books, and more!

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Plenty of Rewards - for every level successfully completed, you will get unlimited money. Besides, you will get multiplied money at the finish line. Gold coins rewards are waiting for you at the finish line too. The game allows you to make more money by watching ad videos.

Simplistic Graphics & Electrifying Sounds – the game comes with intriguing 3D graphics that bring out a beautiful game environment. You will be fascinated to see the angel fly while the angels fly to the finish line. In addition, you will be stimulated by some cool music tracks as you play.

Download Destiny Run Mod APK – Unlocked Skins

Download the Destiny Run Mod APK and enjoy gameplay where you make heaven or hell choice! Unlock various skins for your angels!

Download Destiny Run (192.45 Mb)


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