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Download Crazy Hospital Doctor Dash Mod APK Unlimited money Latest version and manage a medical center. You will receive patients, evaluate their conditions, and treat them.

Information of Crazy Hospital Doctor Dash

Name Crazy Hospital Doctor Dash
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 1.0.67
Size 570.18 Mb
Category Casual
Developer Smart Fun Casual Games
Price Free
Google Play Link
MOD Unlimited money


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MOD Features
  • Unlimited diamonds

About Crazy Hospital Doctor Dash

Crazy Hospital Doctor Dash APK is a health management game that tests your ability to work in a pressure-filled medical environment. You just moved to Zurich and were hired as the chief administrator at a local hospital.

However, the working rationale is different from California, and you must work hard to adapt and treat the patients. You must efficiently manage a limited number of beds and resources while attending to an influx of patients with various injuries and illnesses.

crazy hospital doctor dash mod apk

Fortunately, you will have kind doctors to take you through the ropes and various tools to treat the patients. Ensure you follow the correct steps to treat them and avoid losing too many lives in your hospital.

Overall, this game will test your multitasking skills and quick thinking in a high-stakes medical environment. Download it and prove your talent as a skilled doctor in Crazy Hospital Doctor Dash APK for Android.

Design Your Medical Center

In this game, you must unleash your inner interior designer and create a comfortable hospital for your patients. Decorate the waiting room, operating rooms, treatment rooms, and more with various furniture options available.

You can also upgrade the medical equipment to make it easier for you to treat your patients quickly. Don’t forget about adding decorations to make the environment more soothing for them as well.

crazy hospital doctor dash mod apk download

Always remember that the first impression of your hospital can affect the patient’s well-being. With a comfortable and pleasant environment, they will feel more at ease as you treat them.

Treat Your Patients

You must ensure your team of doctors accurately diagnoses and treat your patients. You must coordinate the optimum use of beds and other medical equipment to treat as many patients as possible.

You must also design a reliable way to detect emergencies and prioritize them for treatment. For example, you must have a highly equipped triage room to quickly assess patients and take their vitals.

Once you detect risky abnormalities, you must quickly act and assign a doctor to treat the patient or perform surgery if necessary. Stay vigilant and keep track of your patients’ conditions to avoid losing them. This is the only way to become a successful hospital administrator.

Keep Leveling Up

Your ultimate goal is to offer the best healthcare possible for your patients. To do that, you must continuously upgrade your medical equipment and hire more talented doctors.


crazy hospital doctor dash mod apk unlimited money

However, this will require a lot of resources and money. As such, you must never let an opportunity to make money pass by. Efficiently manage your hospital’s resources and attract as many patients as possible to earn high profits.

Use these earnings to improve your medical center and provide even better healthcare. This way, your patients will be satisfied and your hospital will become the top medical center in Zurich.

Numerous Medical Equipment to Use

In Crazy Hospital Doctor Dash APK, you will have various medical equipment at your disposal. Use them to treat different injuries and illnesses, including broken bones, heart attacks, and cancer.

You can also perform surgeries with the available tools in this game. Stitch up wounds, remove tumors, or fix a broken bone with precision and accuracy. Prove your skills as a talented doctor by completing each operation without complications.

crazy hospital doctor dash mod apk latest version

Some equipment to help you perform these tasks include X-ray machines, defibrillators, and surgical tools. You will also have basic medical equipment such as stethoscopes, thermometers, and bandages.

Experience the Thrilling Medical Drama

Not only will you manage a hospital, but you will also experience intense medical drama in Crazy Hospital Doctor Dash APK. Face challenges and unexpected events that can put your patients’ lives at risk. Do your best to save them and prove your worth as a skilled doctor.

If a case is too complicated, you can call an emergency meeting with your team to find the best solution. Utilize all of your medical knowledge and work together with your team to save a patient’s life in the nick of time.

This way, you will utilize your skills as a doctor and hospital administrator to provide the best healthcare possible. You'll also guide your team toward achieving the same goal and becoming a successful medical center.

Lots of Mini-Games to Play

Besides treating patients and upgrading your hospital, you can also have fun with various mini-games in Crazy Hospital Doctor Dash APK. These are meant to offer a break from the intense medical environment, but they also enhance your abilities as a doctor.

crazy hospital doctor dash mod apk for android

Some mini-games include decorating the hospital and arranging the furniture to make it more comfortable for your patients. The coins you earn will come in handy for purchasing upgrades for your medical equipment.

Other Interesting Features of the Game

  • 100+ Gaming Levels. This game offers more than 100 levels for you to explore and experience different medical cases. Each presents a new challenge and opportunity for you to learn and improve your skills as a doctor and hospital administrator.
  • Various Characters. From doctors to nurses, there are numerous characters in the game that you can interact with. This diversity adds to the realism of the hospital environment.
  • As you progress through the game, you will have the opportunity to research and improve your efficiency in treating patients and performing operations.
  • Unique Rewards and Achievements. This game offers rewards and achievements for completing various tasks, such as successfully treating a complicated case or performing surgeries without mistakes. Accumulate these rewards to earn bragging rights among your friends.


crazy hospital doctor dash mod apk 2022
  • A Rich Peripheral Systems. This game has extensive peripheral systems, such as a hospital building system, medical staff recruitment and training system, and various upgrade options for the hospital. These features make the gameplay more in-depth and exciting.
  • Superior Graphics. This game offers stunning graphics that enhance the overall gaming experience. The characters and equipment are realistically designed, making it feel like you are truly in a hospital setting. The doctors' movements, beds, medical equipment, and patient reactions are also realistically rendered.

Crazy Hospital Doctor Dash MOD APK Download

The Crazy Hospital Doctor Dash MOD APK for Android offers better gaming features, ensuring a more exciting hospital management experience. For example, the Crazy Hospital Doctor Dash MOD APK unlimited money version allows you to easily purchase upgrades for your equipment and hospital without worrying about in-game expenses.

crazy hospital doctor dash apk

Besides, this MOD APK removes ads, enabling you to focus on treating patients and managing the hospital without interruptions. Download the Crazy Hospital Doctor Dash MOD APK to experience a realistic medical simulation game. Improve your skills as a doctor and efficiently manage a successful medical center.


Overall, Crazy Hospital Doctor Dash APK offers a fun and realistic medical simulation experience. With its various mini-games, extensive peripheral systems, and superior graphics, this game will keep you entertained for hours.

You can also enhance your gameplay with the Crazy Hospital Doctor Dash MOD APK, which offers unlimited money and ad-free features. This way, you can focus on becoming a successful doctor and hospital manager without distractions.

Download Crazy Hospital Doctor Dash (570.18 Mb)


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