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What do you do if you’re stranded on an island? You build a paradise for yourself! In Craft Island Mod APK, chop numerous trees and build fences, houses, bridges and more!

Information of Craft Island

Name Craft Island
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 1.13.4
Size 148.98 Mb
Category Action
Developer HOMA GAMES
Price Free
Google Play Link
MOD Unlimited money


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MOD Features
  • Unlimited money

About Craft Island

There are a lot of things you can do to have fun in an island. There’s also plenty of games involving islands right now. So, if ever you want to create an entire island by yourself, try Craft Island now. Here, you’ll chop a lot of trees so you can create an island you can call your home. Create additional lands, bridges, houses and go to different worlds!

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This amazing crafting game lets you roam around freely to chop trees that you can convert to coins. Use these coins to expand your island and be able to get more trees. Increase your level so you can unlock different structures and double your rewards! There’s a whole lot of fun you can have while creating an island for yourself in this game. Join the fun now and become an island owner.

Create an Island

There are many fun survival games available to play right now. These are games that always include islands which you can live on for a while. But Craft Island differs from these games because it’s primarily a crafting game which means that you won’t need to survive. You’ll just enjoy chopping trees in the island and expanding the island itself. Aside from that, you’ll just need to craft different structures inside the island.

craft island mod apk

You can create a lot of structures in this game created by Homa Games. But most of the time, you’ll just spend it cutting trees and converting them to coins. But more than that, you can truly build an island for yourself in here with numerus bridges, houses and other structures. Most of all, you’ll enjoy a game where you can craft anything you want!


Highlights of Craft Island

Do you love crafting anything and chopping trees? If so, we may have found the perfect game for you. It’s called Craft Island and here are its highlights:

A Crafting Game – There are a lot of crafting sandbox games now thanks to the popularity and success of Minecraft. But with so many of these games available, some people might be looking for something else. Craft Island offers that unique gameplay that you’ve been looking for! Here, you don’t have to worry about monsters creeping on you. You also don’t need to watch out for your hunger and fatigue.

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You just need to chop numerous trees and build an island that spans wide. In this perfect crafting game, you’ll need a lot of trees if you want to create a huge island! To achieve this, you first need to chop all the trees in your area that spawns automatically. Then, convert them into the wood generator so that you can get coins. Lastly, you’ll use these coins to expand your island as well as build different structures!

Chop woods – In this game, you’ll spend the 90% of the time chopping down trees. Thankfully, the trees respawn after a few minutes. But if you want to have more lumber, you’ll need to get more lumber fast, you’ll need to expand your land so that more trees may grow. This is how you can earn money and increase your level in this fun game. However, you need to be prepared to chop a lot of trees as that would be the majority of the game.


Convert wood to coins – In Craft Island, you’ll also need to convert wood to coins if you want to progress. To do this, you just need to chop some trees and head over to the wood generator to convert them into coins. Or you can covert your trees to lumber that you can use to create structures in your island. The choice is yours in this game! Try to keep a balance with your chopped trees at all times.

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Erect structures and expand your island – The goal of this game is to create beautiful islands for you! You can do this by continuously chopping down trees and erecting structures such as houses, buildings, bridges and more. You can also move on to other islands after leveling up a certain amount. You just need to repeat these processes to finish the game!

Interesting graphics - Craft Island has 3D graphics and elements that makes it enjoyable to play. Indulge your chopping abilities in this game now and make the ultimate island.

Download Craft Island Mod APK – Unlimited money

Create an island paradise now by chopping trees and expanding your land! Download Craft Island now to join in on the fun.

Download Craft Island (148.98 Mb)


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